Friday, July 19, 2013

Fuck the Chuck

I drove out to the Chuck this evening after work.  It had been six months or so since my last visit.  Because, like, I hate the Chuck.  I hate everything about it.  I hated my visit tonight.

After a mere 1 hour wait, I was promptly seated at a $1/2 table.  It became immediately clear I was in the Wild, Wild West.  Nearly every pot was bet and three bet pre flop.  Most flops cost between $20 and $60 to see.  Tons of limp calling $20, $40, $60 and showing down with hands like 58, Q8, et cetera.  My favorite hand:  guy three bets to $40 preflop.  Gets two callers.  Flop comes down JQ7.  Two players make it to showdown.  Player 2 shows AK and wins with A high.  Original 3-better mucks.  Um.  What the fuck is he three betting to $40 with that can't beat AK on that board?  AT?

Shortly after the hand above, a young guy fired a $400 river bluff which was picked off by a 30 year old Russian who had flopped a set of 5's.  Young guy promptly rebought for $300 and proceeded to attempt to get another jackass with a poker hoodie and glasses to "flip" preflop for stacks.  The discussion lasted a solid 15 minutes before they backed down.

In the meantime, Russian had built a $1,300 stack, showing down 5 sets in an hour and a half.  I, on the other hand, had yet to play a hand (aside from completing a small blind or two).  I was totally card dead.  I did get AT one hand, but folded it on the cutoff after a raise and a re-raise.

Finally, after nearly two hours of mucking, I looked down at AA on the button.  My stack was $270.  Russian raises to $10.  The blinds look disinterested.  I decided to just call (if I had three bet, I think my range would have been too narrow to get any action whatsoever based on my play to that point.  Plus, I'll take AA heads up any day).

Flop comes down 576 (two spades).  Russian leads for $20.  I raise to $60.  He calls.

Turn is a jack of hearts.  He checks.   There is approximately $140 in the pot.  I bet $100.  Russian raises to $200.   Fuck. Me.  I'm faced with calling my last $100 to win $440.   I stick it in.  Russian shows 89 for the flopped nuts.  Stacked first hand played.  Good night.



  1. Look at it this way: if you had 3bet it, the way it sounds, he would have called. Same result. Welcome to the Chuck :-(

    1. Was sort of disappointed in myself I couldn't get away from it. But I couldn't fold it for $100. Perhaps if I had just called the flop, and exercised some pot control, I would have had enough behind on the turn to get away from it after the check raise.

      Crazy table, though (which is why I didn't rebuy). Even Russian commented at one point - "this table is insane."

    2. P3 - really enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting.


  2. 5 sets in an 1.5 hours?
    Is that even legal in poker?
    is that even possible in poker?

    Last night I played at a pretty crazy table (which of course was horribly mild by Chuck standards I guess) and everyone's favorite play was the limp re-raise.
    Saw it from UTG 4 times and once UTG+4 once (though he got lucky and his AA was against a late position KK to make that power move possible).

  3. I was thinking my table was crazy last night until I heard what was going on at The Chuck. I guess in reality mine was just more purely aggro than just stoopid crazy, the way your table appeared to be.

    The variance shoots up astronomically at a table like the one you were at. You were just on the wrong side and got el crappo from the poker gods. You might wish to reconsider sending them holiday cards this December.

  4. Sorry about the AA hand, ugh.

    But let me get this straight. Less than a week back from a week's vacation in Vegas, you go to a poker room you hate just to play some more poker?