Sunday, July 14, 2013

Game Over

At McCarran awaiting the noon flight back to WDC.  A great trip was capped by a great night playing poker with fellow blogger grrouchie, whose blog (Confessions of a Local Fish) is linked on the blog roll to the right.  While a thorough trip report will be forthcoming over the next several days,  I wanted some comments on one hand that took place last night:

Villain is a local.  According to grrouchie, he is a pit boss.  Mid-50's.  Loud.  Sat down and asked the dealer for a copy of the rules (e.g., flush beats a straight... Trips beats two pair...).  My impression - gentleman likes to gamble. Villain straddles $5 from the button.  One caller and the action gets to me.  I look down at KT spades and raise to $17.  Villain calls.

Flop is 4 7 9.  I bet $20.  Villain calls.

Turn is a red K.  I bet $32.  Villain again quickly calls.

River blanks.  I bet $40.  Villain tanks and raises to $140.

To steal a phrase from Poker Meister - what what you do?



  1. I KNOW I KNOW!!

    Also, saw the pick of your 750 stack on FB and thought "really wish I didn't have to leave"

    Glad everything worked out well. In the long run Bally's turned out to be a great suggestion for both of us despite us stumbling out of the gate.

  2. With about 325 in the pot, asking me to call 100 to win 425 is oKK.

  3. $226 in the pot and you're debating calling $100 more... it's hard to determine because you don't describe the draws / texture of the board. Assuming it's a rainbow board, villain is on a wide range, clearly, based on his "gambly" tendencies. I'm going to try to put him on a range, but I'm not really sure how to fit it for this guy:
    56, 68, 9x (including K9), 44, 77, 99. AK, KQ, KJ are likely folding to the flop bet, though AK may not. Does he 3bet?

    A raise on the river is fairly unique to non-nut / non-strong hands. Is this a guy who is capable of bluff raising the river?

    Ultimately, I think your hand is fairly hidden, hitting it on the turn, but you've 3barrelled and he is not only not going away but he's raising on the river. I have to presume his raise is much more value-oriented than bluff-oriented, so I'm leaning towards folding.

    It should be noted that I'm hating folding. If I fold, he has 56, if I call he shows me K9.

    1. First off, I think I lay down too easily in these situations as a general matter.

      On this hand, given his button straddle and flat call of my preflop raise, and my general impression of him as a gambler, I really felt like he was floating me the entire ride. By the river, it was possible he (a) defended his straddle and had flopped a random two pair (7 9; 4 9), or (b) was bluffing. It was impossible (for me at least) to put him on any kind of range (based on all the factors above). I tanked a bit, but in the end, resisted my usual tendency to fold. I thought based on this particular villain, the beads around his neck . . . asking for a copy of the rules of the game . . . the 5 dollar straddle . . . and is line in general, that a bluff was too big a part of his range in this spot to ignore. Plus the fact that it was "only" $100 more.

      I called. He mucked.

    2. 226 or 326 in the pot Poker Meister?

    3. Sorry - you're correct; $326.
      1 (SB) + 2 (BB) + 5 (straddle) + 5 (limper) + 17 (raise) + 12 (straddle call) = 42
      20 (bet) + 20 (call) = 40
      32 (bet) + 32 (call) = 64
      40 (bet) + 140 (raise) = 180 (I missed the $100 on top - duh!)
      42 + 40 + 64 + 180 = $326

      $100 to win $326 makes the call a bit more palatable; less than 30% of the time you need to be right to make this a profitable call. Still not loving the call but this definitely pushes the scale in favor of calling.

  4. The key to me is the quick call on the turn. He had to know the K was probably a good card for you but he made the call anyway. If he is sitting on a made set or even 2 pair, I gotta think he reraises you because so many people will insta shove TPTK in that situartion. Instead he doesn't tank, he makes a quick call. That to me says drawing hand. When the river missed he took a shot to steal the pot. I would hope to call that one based on his quick call on the turn. Nicely played sir.

    1. Yeah, his line sort of didn't make too much sense to me. I sort of agree with you - if he had a strong hand, I sort of would have expected the check raise before the river.

      Good luck in Vegas this week!