Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend in the Desert

Labor Day Weekend is one of my favorite times to be in Vegas.  In addition to a full slate of bases each day, college football is on the board Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Plus, you can squeeze in some NFL futures action just under the bell (Jets UNDER 5.5 anyone?). 
My flight is booked for Wednesday morning, with a return on Sunday.  Depositions on Tuesday and related travel will prevent spending Sunday in Paradise (which sucks since Sabbath is playing the MGM that night . . .).
I locked down a room at the PH for the 4 nights.  The price was right -- $38 Saturday night, and comped the remaining three days.  I guess my MLife card will remain holstered this trip.
grrouchie, I can't be sure, but I think I hear the tables at Bally's calling . . .


  1. Damn - close but no banana. Too bad you couldn't leave on Monday.

    Not sure about the Black Sabbath concert. I think I am leaning more toward "no" at this time.

  2. i took the raiders over 5.5 win was even.also the falcons and bengals to go2 the super bowl. falcon +800 and gals+1600.

    1. I have to look a bit closer this trip. Last month, nothing really looked all that good. Thought about Houston for the AFC, but couldn't pull the trigger.

      Last year, I had N.O. and Balt for their respective divisions. Went 1-1 . . .

    2. nice. i try and take teams that r 10-1 or worse. although this year i took the falcons at 8-1. just think it is a good bet. now they r 11-1 ,so i should of waited .lol. also 4 a future nba , i took the lakers to win the west at 100-1.

    3. When I got to town on July 4th, the dodgers were 12-1 for the NL (unless I was really, really drunk when I first checked the lines). I loved the play. I waited 6 days to place the bet, and the line was 6-1. I passed.

      The only play on the board I liked last month was the Rays at 22-1 for the WS. But, since I already have a rather big bet on them to hit the OVER 86, I didn't want to push my luck . . .

    4. true i hear ya. also i mistyped the lakers r 100-1 to win the finals. oops. at these odds r on sportsbook.com. that is where i play poker too. also,check out freesportsbet.com. it is a free betting site. they have contests like streak 4 the cash on espn and such. hagd.

  3. I really want to see Sabbath but I haven't looked at prices yet and I'm fairly certain I'll be priced out with current living conditions.
    However, I will be seeing Green Jelly next week for $5 - that show should be just as good right?

    I just sent myself an email to look at my rotation for that week and see what I have available.
    However, I haven't lost my sock-roll yet so I'm sensing that you could be correct.