Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pete Peters and the Binions' Poker Classic

Saturday.  Vegas day 3.  After a quick workout, I cabbed downtown to Binions for the 2:00 poker classic.  $125 buy in.  20,000 chips and 30 minute levels.  I started out with a nice run of premium hands - KK, AK, TT, KK, AQ - and actually managed to get paid off.  For some reason, poker seems so much easier when you have big starting hands...

I also managed to avoid some early pitfalls.  Near the end of my early heater, I looked down at AJ diamonds.  I raised 3x and got one call from the older rock directly to my left.  The flop came down Js 3d 8d.  Bingo!  I bet out (I had been betting aggressively up to this point) and rock raises me.  Um. Ok.  Quite possible he thinks I'm full of shit given how active I had been.  But rock didn't strike me as the type of guy to raise me with air.  I call.  Turn is the 3c.  I check to rock.  He fires 3/4 pot.  I'm not getting anywhere near the odds to call on my flush draw, and I don't think rock is firing like this without top pair beat.  I fold.  He shows JJ.  He may have cost himself some value by firing the turn there, because if the river is a diamond, I'm going to donate some chips!

A few hands later, it was my turn with JJ.  UTG raises 3x.  While I'm debating whether to smooth call and play my JJ small or repop from the button, UTG+1 re-raises to 10x.  My JJ hits the muck, while UTG calls.  UTG shows AK and the fellow to his left shows KK.  Flop came out T-high, and I thanked the poker gods that UTG+1 didn't just smooth call because I likely would have found a world of hurt with my jacks.

By the first break, I had chipped up to $44,000 and was feeling good about myself.  And then, in one hand, it all came crashing down.  With $40,000 chips and blinds at 500/1,000, I look down at KK for the third time.  After a limper, I raise to $4,500.   Small blind calls as does limper.  There is $14,500 in the pot, and the flop comes 5s 6s 5d.  It checks to me and I fire 10,550.  Small blind check-raise-shoves for approximately $30,000.  Set of 66's?  Spade draw?  Over pair?  Limper gets out of the way and the action is back on me.  $55,000 or so in the pot and it costs me $20,000 to call.  I've already committed 35% of my stack to this hand.  While his action was aggressive, I really thought there was too much I was beating on that flop to fold.  I call and villain shows A5.  Um.  Nice hand, sir.   I mean, if you are gonna play A 5 for 4.5x preflop, you might as well do it from out of position.  Whatever.  It's poker.

After the hand, I was down to $8,000 and never recovered....  Finished 78th out of 166.

Fortunately, I had a 3-0 sweep on the bases (bringing my trip record to 6-1) and ended the day in the black.


  1. "For some reason, poker seems so much easier when you have big starting hands..."

    I stole this quote to my facebook and my twitter, with your blog link - great line...

  2. Sounds like you had a chance to settle down a tad by the time you wrote this. Flippin' bad luck that the cards would smack him like that on such a horrific play.

  3. I understand the call with KK. He can show up with a ton of overpairs in that spot. It's somewhat hard to put him on 56, A5, 45, etc. Do you have any background on SB that would have perhaps helped you with your decision?

    1. Not really. He had been quiet to that point. He was also in the 9 seat (9handed table) and I was in the 2 seat and really could not even see him most of the tournament.

      Vegas caught up with my ass yesterday. After 4 days of 3:00am and adult beverages I felt like shit all day. Did nothing and was asleep by 8:00. Bounce back Monday.

  4. Hi P Cube,

    What does the last two posts tell you... You are way better at the devil's game than the actual game of poker!

    Hmmm... live donkaments (calling a 3B with A5os), what can I say, we cannot live with 'em and we cannot live without 'em!

    Do you think at the end of that K's hand would 27K stack (assuming you folded there) be a better stack and would have given you a better chance to run deep in the tournament? If yes, then I would say let's reconsider the decision of calling there (though I understand that the 1:3 pot odds is hard to ignore).

    As you broke it down correctly flush draw, a boat, an over pair and a lucky 5 are the possibilites for that aggression. If I don't have the suited K then insta fold. If I do have the suited K then the two outter along with a backdoor flush draw might be tempting to make the call. Stepping outside the box I would say the hands that are beating us (as he is showing the agression) outweigh the hands we beat.

    Run good and have a good time.