Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still Alive in the Desert

Tuesday.  Day 6.  The beginning of the back stretch.  Down a mere $200 for the trip and feeling good.

Yesterday morning began with a trip to the MGM pool at 9:00 am.  Utter chaos.  Kids running around .... Splashing in the water.... Flapping around the lazy river with no regard to the personal space of a certain refined gentlemen named Pete.  Savages.  All of them.   By 11:00 am I had reached my limit.  I quickly made haste to the pool at Signature.   There, I chilled in the water, frosty beer(s) in hand, until 2:00 pm.  A decent start to the day.

After a quick lunch I placed the two bases bets that hit my system - the Rays and Pirates.  The Pirates were even money, and I made a simple $100 bet.  The Rays were -160, and I said to the guy behind the counter, "#794 to win $100."  Somehow, from that, the guy gave me a ticket for a $120 bet on the Rays (which would pay off at $75 at the -160).  Huh?  Fuck it.  I just hit the play again for another $120.   I love the Rays anyhow.  In the end, the Rays won and the Pirates lost (despite out hitting the A's 12-3... Right side, wrong result.  Shit happens).  A one - one split, but I ended up making a little cash thanks to the teller's error...

I was planning on meeting a friend over at Mandalay Bay in the evening, but it didn't work out.  So, I headed over to the MGM poker room to play some hands.  I ended up booking a small $75 profit over the course of 2 hours.  I'll take it.  I played tight.  Maybe too tight (at one point, I folded AQ from the small blind after a $12 raise and 4 callers.... bad poker?) and only saw a handful of hands.  Only two were of any significance.

The first hand:  after two limpers I raised AA to $15 from the hijack. Both limpers called.  Flop was a delightful 8 2 A rainbow.  The second limper, who was sitting on about $130, looked like he wanted to bet the flop, but ultimately checked.  I checked as well.  Turn put a second diamond on the board.  It checked again to second limper who bet $35.  I raised to $95.  Early position folds, and second limper shoves.  I snapped and quickly showed my bullets.  After a club on the river, villain just mucked and left the table.

The very next hand I look down at TT (off soot ...).  After a middle position raise to $10, I decided to flat, and the button calls as well.  The flop came out 8 high and middle position leads for $15.  Call.  Call.  Turn blanks and MP shuts down.  I bet out $40 and button calls.  Shit.  I check the river and button checks back and flips JJ.  Good game.

After poker, I got stuck $37 on two glasses of Cabernet and went on tilt.

Then, it was off to the Excalibur for some black jack.  Despite the smell, the Excalibur actually has a pit with $10 black jack at 3/2.  Sort of a rarity these days.  I sat down and grinded small: $15 to $25 hands.... After two shoes, I left with a small $100 profit and called it a night from gaming.

Then I went back to Michael Mina's Pub at MGM and got stuck $18 on two Bud Lite draughts.   Around this time, TBC sent me a text that he was playing downtown.  Unfortunately, Pete Peters is old.  And, despite possible impressions otherwise, Pete needs some structure in his life.  Midnight is no time for impromptu trips down town.  Pete needs plans in advance.  Pete also doesn't wake up at 6;00 pm.  Rather, by 6:00 pm, Pete has often lived a nearly full day.  This makes it hard to ever meet up with TBC.   But there are still 5 days left.  Maybe one of these days Pete and TBC can put a plan in action.

PS - grouche, if you are around one of these nights, hit me up...


  1. "After poker, I got stuck $37 on two glasses of Cabernet and went on tilt."

    Thus we see a fundament difference between us: PPP $37 = two cabernets. lightning36 $37 = 37 drinks.

    1. Any Cabernet worth drinking comes with a price!

  2. For 37 bucks I would expect it to have come with a happy ending. Did I miss something in your post, I didn't notice that. 4 days and counting until I finally get there.