Friday, July 12, 2013

The Aria Daily

Gus Hansen was hanging out at Aria today (skin tight Full Tilt shirt and all).  Every Hand Revealed is quite possibly my favorite poker book.  It's the inspiration for this piss-poor post detailing my play at the Aria daily today (or, as I'm publishing this Friday morning....yesterday).

The Aria daily started at 1:00 pm.  10,000 chips, 30 minute levels.  10 tables were dedicated to the tournament.  A list of alternates were worked in over the course of the afternoon.  Eventually, a total of 151 runners were seated.

Level 1: 25/50

First hand played - AK clubs.  Middle position raises to $150 and gets a call.  I'm on the button and three-bet to $625.  One caller.   Flop is 8 T 9.  It's checked to me and I bet $1,050.  Player on my right check raises to $2,500.  It's immediately evident that I'm not playing the 2:00 pm at Showboat. Fold.  Good start.

Level 2:  $50/$100

I call $250 with AQ in middle position.  5 to the flop of KJ9.  Under the gun continues for $350.  I call with my broadway draw and over.  Next to act raises to $1,500.  Fold.  Stack down to $7,500 and already feeling abused.

Limp 5 ways from the button with A4 clubs.  Flop is checked around and turn puts up a second club.  I call $300 on the turn.  River gives me the nuts.  I bet $700 into $1,400.   No callers.  Stack $8,500.

Level 3: $100/200

AA under the gun.  Nice.  Open the action for $700.  Folds to the big blind who calls.  Flop is KQJ with two diamonds.  Delightful.  Check, check.  Turn is another K.  I bet $1,200 and get called.  Feel sick.  River is a black 7.  Check, check and I scoop.  Stack $10,100.

Level 4: $25/200/400

JJ on the button.  It's raised to $700 and after two callers, I opt to flat.  Flop is 8 K 2 with two hearts.  It checks to me and I fire $1,700.  Original raiser calls.  Turn is the 8 of hearts.  Checks to me and I check.  River blanks.  Villain leads for $1,500 and I snap.  Villain has the K high flush and I was toast the entire hand. Stack $4,500.

Two hand later, I look down at KK.  A limp and a raise to $650.  I three bet to $1,350.  Fold.  Fold.  Stack $5,800.

A series  of A4...A2 ... A3....Q5....47.... over the course of a level and a half.  Infuriating.   I'm blinded down to $4,500.

I fold T 4 from the big blind after a $1,200 raise.  Flop comes 4 4 T and gets action. Fuck. Me.

A 3....Q2.....58 ... Blinded to $3,700.

Level 6: $50/300/600.

Shove time.

After a series if shit hands, I look down at KK.  Sweet.  I shove.  TT calls.  Cowboys hold up.  Stack is 8,200.

Same level - AA.  I raise two limpers to 2,500.  Fold.  Fold.  Stack 9,400.

Level 7: $75/400/800.

Card dead again.  I win one pot when my K high from the big blind wins at showdown against a limper and the small blind.

Level 8: 100/600/1,200.   Stack is 8,600.  Still in deep shit.

A constant barrage of unquestionably unplayable hands.  Finally, after getting blinded down to 6,200, I look down at J 8 spades in the big blind.  One limper and the small blind completes.  Flop is K63 (two spades).  Small blind checks, I shove.  Limper folds, and small blind calls .... With the K.  No spade comes.  Do so.  Out in 68th place.

Disappointing run.  I feel like I may have come out to aggressive in the first level, which put me in an immediate hole.  But regardless, given the cards I had most of the day, I don't think it made any difference.

PS.  For those wondering about my diet . . . Today began with a Muscle Milk and coffee.  During first break at the tournament, I had a protein bar.  After I busted, I stopped by Todd English for a beer and a bowl of the braised roast beef chili.  Finally, at 1:00 am, I picked up a lobster Cobb salad from Avenue 24.


  1. PS: IPad is giving me trouble editing the post. Wanted to add that I felt OK shoving that draw. I needed to start scooping chips, and I thought I had decent fold equity at the time given my stack size. Plus, I obviously had outs. Seemed like as good an opportunity as any I had had to gain some chips.

    Going back to play the Daily again this afternoon

  2. Pete, I understand your decision at the end. Here is a different point of view. With Level 8: 100/600/1,200. So the pot has 3,900 and you have ~5,000 left. Small Blind checks after flop. I'd check and see what the limper does. If he checks you get a free card. You get to see what the Small Blind does after the turn card and before you act. Let's say you fold that hand on the turn or river. In the next few hands, since you were the big blind, you have a chance to move all-in with a lot of information about the players who will have to act before you.

    Good luck!

  3. Food sounds much better today. I also read on facebook that you were at Gordon Ramsey Steak. Man card and acknowledgement of not being over the hill restored.

  4. This has nothing to do with your post.... but....

    Tomorrow around 10 am I'll be catching Pacific Rim with some friends from work.
    After that I'll probably remain out all day playing poker (provided I don't blow all my money too quickly) and would love to meet up with you whenever you get a chance.

    Depending on when You'll be hitting up rooms I'll probably play at Red Rock for a bit (depending on how bad the games look) before heading down to the strip-o-rooney.

    Let me know what you'll be up to so we can drink and sling some cards