Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vegas Quickie

I'm two days in, and I'm taking it slow.  Pacing ... It's all about pacing.

I played my first session of the trip last night at MGM.  It went swimmingly.  I dropped $200.  I may never win at poker again.

About an hour or so in, a certain blogger, who shall go unnamed (hint:  his name has 3 letters, which are OBR) stopped by.  When the seat next to ORB opened up, I took a table change and got the chance to humiliate myself with my poker play in front of yet another member of the blogosphere.   It was really a slow bleed.  I flopped about twelve OESD's and missed on everyone.  I got 10 or so small pocket pairs and couldn't flop a single set.  There was really only one hand that ended up costing me any real coin:

I limp in from middle position with A9.  A mistake from the start.  I knew this at the time.  We go three to the flop, including the club kid on my left, who had just sat down and didn't even have his chips yet.  Flop comes out 9 high, two hearts.  It's checked to me and I bet a little less than pot.  Club kid calls (other guy folds).  Turn blanks.  I lead out again.  Club kid calls.  I really think he's on a draw.  River is a J.  I check to let him bluff at the draw.  He bets $35.  I call.  He flips J9.  I grimace.  He says:  "did I river you?"  You think?  Good game.

The table quickly degenerated into Bingo with people shoving stacks with small pocket pairs and small suited aces.  I had had enough.  I bid goodbye to ORB and headed across the street to degen a bit at the Excalibur.

I quickly found a $10 table with a personality-less dealer, and ran my buy-in up $100 or so.  About 30 minutes in, my MLife card was still sitting on the table and the pit boss had not even swung by.  Fucken tilting!  I left and headed across the moat to The Big Apple bar for some sweet, sweet Devils Game.  During the course of 40 minutes, I hit quads 4 times, and quickly won back my MGM buy in.


Heading downtown shortly to play the 2:00 at Binnions.  OBR said it was a good tournament.  He also said I would likely cash it (maybe i mis-heard that last part).


  1. Hoping that the Binion's tourney goes "swimmingly" for you... :)

  2. In Las Vegas even the bad sounds good.

  3. ORB here...you missed the most fun part of the nite for me. My very last hand--and it was going to be my very last hand of the nite regardless of the outcome--I flopped a set of 9's. I thought it was great that I filled up on the turn. Only thing was, the guy I was up against had flopped two pair and the second King on the board gave him a bigger boat than mine. Buy buy stack.

    At least you lasted longer at Binions today than I did.

    Poker is a stupid game.

    1. I hear dem good machines are where it's at.