Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Suffering

Monday morning.  Feeling the pain yet again after another insane weekend.
I left work Thursday afternoon and headed out to Merriweather Post for the OAR show.  After checking in to the hotel down the road from the venue, it was off to happy hour at the local Clydes.  $3 Miller Lites are hard to pass up.
I got to the show around 7:30, a solid hour before the headliners took the stage.  After grabbing another adult beverage, I found a sweet spot in front of the stage:

I was able to hold the spot on the rail for the first hour or so.  But, ultimately, as it always does, the need for another beverage outweighed the desire to be first row. 

Friday morning was . . . rough.  Fortunately, I had already decided to take off from work to head down to AC, which I promptly did, at the crack of 11:00 am...  I arrived at Showboat around 2:00. 
I'm almost at the point where I feel like abandoning my loyalty to Caesars.  In fact, if not for the Horseshoe opening in Baltimore next summer, I'm pretty sure I would.  First, with a few exceptions (like the Augustus tower at Caesars Vegas and the Waterfront Tower at Harrah's AC), most of the casinos are crap.  I'm hesitant to even touch anything in the rooms half the time.  Even places like the PH, which I sort of like, are sliding down hill quickly.  Try getting up early on a Saturday morning and playing some VP at the PH.  See who approaches you first -- a waitress with coffee or a hooker still on the prowl from the night before.  I really don't need to have a handful of awkward conversations with various whores before 9:30 am when I'm trying to rack up some sweet, sweet tier credits.
Perhaps more importantly, I think the Caesars properties have the worst VP and slot hold in both Vegas and AC.  Playing at any Caesars property is like flushing hundreds down the drain.  I've played enough the past few years to rule out variance/coincidence.  My last trip in Vegas, for example, most of my VP play was at MGM, Aria and Bellagio.  Over the course of nearly a week and a half, I basically came out even at the MGM properties.  I hit lots of big hands -- flopped monsters on the hundred hand machines and quads at Bonus Poker nearly twenty times.  In contrast, on two of the days, I decided to play over at PH, Flamingo, Bally's and Paris.  I lost over $1,500 in a small fraction of the time.  In fact, if not for hitting four-deuces over at the Piano Bar at Harrah's (for a cool $250), the damage would have been even worse.
AC is no different.  Playing at the Showboat is like lighting money on fire.  Likewise, I can't remember the last time I actually won anything of note at Harrah's.  But, on those rare occasions that I play at Borgata or Revel, I've faired far, far better.
This trip was more of the same.  Upon my arrival, I went directly over to Revel to use some "resort dollars" on lunch at Village Whiskey.  On my way out, I stopped to play some slots.  In 40 minutes, I was up $220.
Then it was back to Showboat.   Before I even realized it, and without hitting so much as one decent hand, I was $600 in the hole.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just a slow and steady loss of credits.
The poker room at Showboat was dead Friday night.  Apparently, everyone was at Revel playing "high hand jackpot," as the room is closing in the next few weeks, and Revel is giving away the bad beat jackpot through hourly high hand bonuses.  I decided to pass on sitting on my ass for hours trying to limp with pocket pairs in hopes of hitting bingo . . .  Instead, I grabbed a steak and some decent wine and called it a night.
The next morning, I decided to fuck the Boat (notwithstanding my comped room) and went directly to Borgata.  Once again, within a few hours, I was up over $350 on slots and VP.  The hand of the day -- a flopped Royal w/Deuce on the hundred hand machine for $150:
A few minutes later, I hit a straight flush on single hand triple bonus for $100 over at B Bar while enjoying a comped beverage. 
Ultimately, as is often the case, I gave nearly all of the profit back to the Borgata and walked out just better than even.  But, still, it provided a solid five hours of fun and cost me nothing.  Break even + free beer +$26 in comps is +EV in my book.   I think it's possibly time to give my AC action to Borgata once again...
Saturday night, I finally made it around to the poker table.  I sat down at a $1/2 NL over at Harrah's at around 9:00.    Over the course of an entirely unremarkable 3 hours, I made $187, without hardly ever having to even show down a hand.  It was one of those nights were the game just felt easy.  I could have kept playing, but was getting tired and wanted to head over to Amada at Revel for some wine before last call.

All in all, I ended the weekend down around $150, which is an easy price to pay for two days of degeneracy.  I'm hoping my play over at Borgata will bring my weekend room rates down to a reasonable number, particularly once fall comes around.    I need 600 more tier credits to hit Diamond at Caesars for another year, which I'll certainly get before the end of December.  But, in the meantime, when I stop over at AC on the way to the Jets games this football season, I think Borgata will be home base.


  1. I don't really understand all of the reward tiers and such as I play no pit games. Can't you go to Borgata and essentially get their higher card (black) since you are a diamond card holder? Other than a few perks (discounted rooms, etc.) is it really worth the diamond status or are their material perks that I am just not aware of?

    1. Diamond status really just saves you time at check-in, cab stands, restaurants, etc. You basically don't have to wait on lines. And, for any one who's checked into a hotel in Vegas at 5:00 in the afternoon knows, that can save you a solid hour or so of aggravation. it also gets you free lounge access (free food and drinks), free parking and some other perks (free diamond dinner every year, etc). It's not really worth much on its own, but I gamble enough to hit it every year, and figure it's worth focusing on one company (to get a top tier card) as opposed to spreading play around.

      Really, what matters most is your average daily theoretical play. That's what gets you comped/discounted rooms, which is really what I'm interested in.

      As for Borgata Black . . . I did trade up for it. But, as mentioned, the card alone really is worthless accept for parking, check in and lounge access.

  2. I enjoy reading about your Degen trips.
    Makes me long for when I was a tourist again!

  3. I am of lowly platinum status at Caesar's but even that has many of the same advantages as diamond. I especially appreciated it my last trip to Las Vegas when the check in line was a mile long but in the platinum line I was in and out in a few minutes. Comped rooms have pretty much disappeared for me (I have not been gambling nearly as much the past 18 months due to work obligations) but my brother is now the one getting the comped rooms.

    Great report. While you led the carefree single life of concerts, gambling and drinking, I helped install an A/C unit for my daughter, went grocery shopping, did misc other tasks for my family. Needless to say I feed off of hearing about your trips.

    1. Vegas actually treats Platinum just as good as Diamond. Different story in AC . . . Platinum is basically worthless in that town...

  4. And for your slower readers....OAR?


    1. O.A.R . . . a/k/a Of a Revolution . . . You've heard their stuff...

  5. Where do you think the best Video poker on the strip is? I used to like the Barbary and even Bill's was okay. I have been known to take a cab to the Palms or the monorail to the old Hilton. The bar machines at the Second City bar at the flamingo have been okay if you can stand to touch them.