Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pete Peters and Year One of the Rumble

It was approximately one year ago that I got some semi-life changing news.  I blogged about it here:
Pete P Peters and the Big D.

Shit happens.  And you just have to deal with it.  There are far worse things in life.  This, I certainly recognize.  In fact, in retrospect, it was a blessing.

In response, I made changes.  And, within 3 months, through a combination of diet, exercise and minimal oral medication (no insulin), I was able to get my AC1 (the average measure of blood sugar over a period of months) down to 5.8, which is basically in the normal range.
A full year has now passed.  I still work out 5 to 6 days a week (including weights and running about 40 to 50 miles a month).  My diet remains very tight.  Almost always less than 100 grams of carbs a day.  Lots of lean meat, fruit, vegetables, salads, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, et cetera . . .  With de minimus exceptions, I haven't had sugar in a year.  Yes, no desert or unhealthy snacks in a year . . .     Also, no pasta in a year . . .  No pizza in a year . . .  No juice in a year . . . No bagels in a year.  Basically, everything I use to like to eat, I haven't had in a year.  And, frankly, it's not all that bad.

Sure, there are moments where it's depressing to think about never eating ice cream or a burrito again.  Like, ever.  And sure, on occasion, there are days where I'm at a coffee shop getting a beverage and I feel like giving my left nut for a blue berry muffin.  But that passes. 
The one area I've slipped since my diagnosis is drinking.  Last September, I basically gave it up all together.  Now, I'm back to enjoying some adult beverage on the weekend, particularly while out at a ball game or the casino.  However, I drink only Miller Lite (with its 3.5 grams of carbs) or red wine, neither of which seem to have any material negative impact.  Sure, it sucks not to be able to go to a brewery and "walk the line."  It's worse when I have to take shit from this guy threatening to pull my "man card" for drinking swine.  But, again, that's life.  And it's better than nothing . . .
This week was my one year check up.  I was a little concerned having just recently gotten back from ten days of Vegas degeneracy.  But even then, despite an ample amount of Miller Lites and Cabernets, my diet was otherwise quite good.  As soon as I arrived in town, I filled the hotel refrigerator plain Chobani, almonds and Muscle Milk:
Lunch every day was a salad, usually with grilled chicken or seared ahi:

Dinner consisted of steaks, grilled fish or sushi, and vegetables.  This, combined with an hour or so in the gym nearly every day of the trip, seemed to minimize the effects of the daily degeneracy. 
And, a year after diagnosis, my AC1 is 5.6.  Still basically perfect.  And I'm still in the best shape I've been in since high school -- body fat in the 16% range. 
In the past, I was never obese.  But I was probably a bit over weight.  I worked out, and I ate "healthy" for long periods -- whole grains, low fat snack bars, all-natural juices and smoothies, and the like.  I was able to maintain my weight at 150 to 155 or so, but just assumed that that was as low as I was capable of going.  But this past year has required more significant changes in attitude towards fitness and eating.  I've come to realize that even whole grains, brown rice, smoothies, most yogurts and other supposedly "healthy" foods are really not all that healthy.  After given them up, I'm fifteen to twenty pounds lighter than ever before, and have been able to easily maintain such weight.  I've adopted the old cliché of "eating to live . . ."  This past year has proven that the difference between being in shape and healthy, and being sick and overweight, is simply a matter of discipline.  At least for me (and, frankly, probably 99.9% of people).   
And now, on to year two of the fight . . .


  1. Good job! Keep up the good work! One nitpick: it is A1C, not AC1. AC1 is probably the codename for one of the northeast casinos.

    1. Ha! I must still have Atlantic City on my mind!

  2. Excellent job. I wish my resolve was as great. Passing up all the carbs and the sweets? You must have an iron will.

  3. Well done, my man! I kinda like the AC1 reference. Just saying...

  4. Good job with the diet and exercise. 13 years ago, I also found I was diabetic. I didn't fit the profile either (I'm fairly skinny), but stuff happens. I take a Janumet pill twice a day and watch what I eat and life is fine.