Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zooooom . . . . Back to the Scene of the Crime

Last month, I spent a weekend at the Showboat in AC.  It did not go very well, as described here: Clusterfuck on the Shore.  This weekend I'm seeking redemption.  I'm heading out of the office momentarily.  First stop -- the O.A.R. show tonight at Merriweather Post Pavilion outside Baltimore.  Then, tomorrow morning I'm continuing the trip north to the Jersey shore for two full days at The Boat.  I'm planning on playing some cash and perhaps a tournament or two.  I'll also be donking some VP and a bit of Ms. Kitty/Mr. Cashman.  I'm currently at 14,000 Caesars' tier points, and cruising into another year of Diamond status and all the free parking, lounge access and unwarranted sense of self-importance that comes with it.
Thursday afternoon . . . 2:18 pm.  Let the weekend begin.


  1. Wow -- and I had to get the Total Rewards credit card just to keep my platinum status. Either I am really impressed or you are a total degen. Maybe both.

  2. cant believe u arent taking tony with u? he is a pro poker player, u know.

  3. This is the first year in the past 4 - 5 that my Platinum expired and I doubt I'll be able to get it back by years end.

    You easily hitting Diamond is sick - of course you do play some lower ev games to get it!
    But, it's all a matter of having fun!

  4. P Cube,

    REVEL is closing its doors by August 15th.

    As the bad beat jackpot money has to be redistributed before 15th they are doing a high hand jackpot of $500 every hour.

    If you get a chance play some cash at REVEL. I heard the action is beyond awesome with all those HH chasers. Also, there is no BBJ drop so the rake is a little less than usual.

    Last but not the least, good luck in crushing the donks at Showboat.


  5. OAR "Crazy Game of Poker" Appropriate way to start the weekend. Hope it went well.