Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sometimes It's Personal

Tuesday night.  1:45 am.  Poker room at The Borgata.  I'm sitting on $300 or so.  Villain (young, Asian, LAG) has about $250 behind.  We've been playing together for about 2 hours.  We have one prior hand: I raised $10 with AQ, and he called.  Flop blank, I C-bet, he raises me to $35.  I fold.

The hand in question:  he limps early and another player comes along.  I look down at 22 and decide to play it like it's an actual pair.  I raise to $12.  LAGAttack comes along.  Flop is K37.  He checks.  I bet $18.  He raises to $40.  My read is he has nothing.  I think our previous hand lead to his action.  I call.

Turn blanks.  He checks.  I bet $65.  He tanks, and calls.  Interesting.

River is of no consequence.  He checks again.  I check back, in part because I think my ducks may actually be good.  LagAttack flips a 3 for flopped bottom pair.  Ouch.  He then comments that he was hoping I'd shove.  Not sure I believe him; but if true, his read was just a little bit better than mine.  Not sure what vibe I was giving off.  Perhaps it was the tears as he put his chips in on the flop and 4th street .... Or the barely audible mumbling ... "Don't call...Don't call...Don't call..."

From there on out, it was personal.  And that cost me another $50 or so when I called his raise with K8, flopped top pair, and called $15 on the flop, and $30 on the turn before folding to his river bet of $70.  Sadly, in retrospect, I may have actually been good in that spot.


  1. damm,counselor .what did u do to this dude? was this 1 of the kids at the coffee shop .when u were blasting the steve winwood?

  2. Making anything person at the poker table leads to mistakes imo. The play after the turn was interesting. I seriously doubt he was going to shove if you bet the river unless he thought that you would fold to any shove regardless of what you had short of the nuts.

    1. He was hoping I'd shove so he could call.... Again, not sure I believe him.

      Happy TG, sir