Thursday, January 30, 2014

Situations in Flux and the Destruction of a Weekend

I was all set to fly to Denver tomorrow night to visit my brother and my niece.  My parents are actually in town visiting them now, so it would be the proverbial "two birds, one stone" . . .   Next weekend, I was booked for AC -- OAR show Friday night; monkey mash Saturday.  Then . . .

2:30 pm - email from client in Denver requesting  we fly out for meetings next Thursday/Friday to discuss filing suit.  I decide I'm not flying back and forth to Denver twice in 5 days, and cancel tomorrows trip.  I'll just go to Denver next weekend, and go to AC this weekend.  A nearly even swap, save the OAR show . . .  Cancel flight, and book room in AC tomorrow/Saturday.

4:30 pm - Email from another client on another matter stating the GC is going out of the country starting Wednesday.  He needs to review a draft of our opposition to motion to dismiss by Monday.  Cancel hotel for AC tomorrow/Saturday.  Weekend will be spent in the office.  No trip to AC in the foreseeable future, as my weekends are booked the rest of the month . . . .

It's going to be the end of February and I'm not going to have so much as a single sweet, sweet Caesars' tier point.  What am I doing with my life? 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bid'ness Trip

I just booked a return to Paradise.  I'll be flying out of DCA on Friday February 28th at 8:50 am, and taking the red-eye back Sunday night.  I've got 3 comped nights at Bally's Jubilee Tower.  The main purpose of the trip is to get some MLB season totals down (I'm assuming the books will offer them by March 1st).  Of course, I'll also be crushing some VP that weekend and racking up some sweet, sweet tier points.

As for date night . . . it went well (I mean, I'm Pete-F'n-Peters . . . how could it not?).  However, not sure where this will go.  My problems are laziness and time.  I usually work until relatively late in the evenings, and haven't really been "out" on a weeknight in years.  I lack the energy.  Seriously.  I'm old (not like "Lightning old" . . . but feeling old).   And, as for weekends . . . well, this weekend I'll be in Denver visiting my niece . . . the following weekend is AC and the OAR show at Revel . . .  So, right there, I'm three weeks from another get-together . . .  I mean, who would tolerate that?

Anyway, I'm not sweating it.  Whatever will be, it will, like, be . . .

Back to the grind . . .


Friday, January 24, 2014

Date Night. Ugh.

Some of you may recall the post from December that self-destructed after 48 hours.  If you missed it, it involved, in part, an encounter with a girl at a bar . . .  Tonight, I have plans to see her again.  And I could not be less motivated . . . 

Some of you know me.  You know that I am old and lazy.  Or, if as some suggest, 40 is the new 30, then I at least feel old.  I don't go out much and, when I do, I don't put much effort into it.  Give me a bar, a game on TV, and some libations -- preferably some Miller Lites . . . perhaps a Patron or a single malt.  That's all I really want.  I can no longer drink "good" beer.  When I go to a bar with 50 beers on tap, all it does is make me feel like a dick for ordering a lite.... I don't need the bartender looking at me with disdain or some sense of false superiority.  I can either drink a beer with 3.5 grams of carbs and maintain each of my limbs; or I can go craft beer and maybe be blind by the time I'm 50.  I'll make the sacrifice....     

I also don't need to socialize with the hipster crowd.  I want to punch hipsters in the face.  A year or so ago, I spent a month in Denver for trial.  A great city tainted by legions of jackasses riding funny bikes with bad hats and smoking pipes.  A city like DC is big and diverse.  You sort of have to seek out hipsters.  I've been able to live my life here for well over a decade without crossing paths with this crowd.  And it hasn't been difficult.  I don't look for the trendiest bar or the newest joint in the "up and coming" neighborhood.  In fact, aside from going to Nationals games, I rarely ever hang out in D.C. anymore.  It's too much of a pain in the ass . . . I prefer staying "local."  There are a handful of restaurants with bars that I can walk to from my condo.  And, if I want to get crazy, I can jump the metro for a 5 minute ride to Bethesda which has more bars and restaurants than I could drink at in a year.   

So, back to the girl . . . I realize that I cannot invite her out for drinks at the TGI Friday's in Rockville, Maryland...  not yet at least . . . . I need to put some level of effort into it.  At the same time, I have no idea where the "cool" spots are in the city.  So, I basically put it in her hands to name the place.  She comes back with three suggestions:


  • option 1 is some strip of bars in North East D.C. which cannot be reached by metro.  I research the area, and its currently experiencing "gentrification" . . . And, according to the interweb, who's gentrifying it?  Why, hipsters of course.  I ask some follow up questions, and girl responds that the bars in this neighborhood probably don't even serve miller lites.  It's mainly craft beers.  It's also, apparently, difficult to get home from late at night because there are not a lot of cabs.  Great suggestion . . .

  •  options 2 and 3 are random, isolated bars, in areas of the city where you may very well get hit over the head just walking down the street.  But, she's "heard good things . . ."  Neither area is accessible by public transportation (unless you consider a bus an option . . . but P3 has not ridden a bus since moving to D.C., and has no plans to ever ride a bus while living in D.C.).
I mean, is this a test?  If it is, I will flunk it and not feel bad whatsoever.  My attitude going into this evening could hardly be more negative.  Ultimately, I agreed to option 1 (I assume even hipsters drink whiskey or tequila).  But, don't be fooled.  While I may be willing to put an increased (and, in my opinion, unwarranted) level of effort into an isolated date, this sure as fuck is not going to be a regular occurrence.  If this is what is expected (or desired) we might as well call it quits before it goes any further. 
In fact, I'm close to intentionally tanking the evening.  I've done it before.  Many years ago I went out on a date with some woman I "met" on one of those interweb dating sites.  She seemed nice.  And her picture did not burn my eyes.  So we made plans to meet up for drinks.  When she showed up, I hardly recognized her.  She had at least 50 pounds on her profile picture.  In fact, it was only when she turned her head at a certain angle that she bore any resemblance whatsoever to the girl on the internet.  I felt burned.  And there was no way this was leading to anything at all.  So, I spent the entire evening discussing my favorite episodes of Saved by the Bell, debating whether Zack or Slater was "cooler," and explaining why, if I were gay, and if Beverly Hills 90210 were real, I'd date Brandon over Dylan... (oddly, despite my efforts, she couldn't get enough and spent two weeks emailing me afterwards until she got the message....). 
In short, this sort of sucks.  I'd rather be going home after work to watch the latest episode of Gold Rush on Discovery . . . or perhaps airstream porn on my new 55-inch Samsung with Apple TV . . . 
I don't necessarily want to be single my whole life.  But I will if it comes down to it.  I'd prefer to skip the dating stage and fast forward to the point in the relationship where a complete lack of effort is acceptable.  Also, I'd like to be able to do whatever I want every weekend (or, at least 3 out of 4 weekends a month).  I don't want a relationship to interfere with poker, or monkey mashing VP, or going to 50 or 60 baseball games a year, or driving up to Jersey for the Jets games every weekend.  But, beyond that, I think I'm pretty easy . . .

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Little Help Here . . . .

I'm pretty sure most poker blogs share the same 50 readers.  If this is true, you've probably already seen the recent post from Josie . . .  Unfortunately, this is not her glorious return to full time blogging.  Rather, she and her family could use some help.  If you haven't been to her site, please give it a click and see if you can assist.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vegas Recap

Back from the desert.  While I'd love to say "it's good to be home," the fact of the matter is I really never get tired of Vegas.  This trip, while a big net loser, was a hell of a good time.

I rolled into Reagan National Airport at  7:00 am Friday morning, caffeinated, and met up with my buddy to board the 8:50 direct to Vegas.  For purposes of this post, I'll refer to my friend as "MK."  We boarded the flight to a heavy secret service presence.  I figured Harry Reid was flying home for the long weekend.  But, as it turned out, John Boehner was on the flight.  Perhaps if the Speaker wasn't such a dick, the government would not have to spend tax dollars for no less than five capital police/secret service to guard the jetway, and another six (that I was at least able to spot) to fly to Vegas with him.  I guess big government is only bad when it doesn't exist for your benefit; but I digress . . . 

Day 1 - Intro to Debauchery

We arrived in Vegas on time at 11:00, and were able to check in early at MGM Grand on the Platinum line, with no extra charge, thanks to my sweet, sweet MLIFE status.  We went over to Aria to cash my MLB totals, place some NBA action, and grab lunch at Todd English at Crystals.  Later that night, we hit the poker room at Bally's for some $1/2.  I cashed up $100 or so and, after a few drinks, we called it a night at 1:30 am.
Day 2 - Tournament Poker, Gordon Ramsey, and Tony Bigcharles

As always, I was up at 5:00 am Saturday morning.  Damn west coast time!!!!!  Head throbbing.  Regretting the last 6 or 7 drinks of the evening.  Wondering why I'm never able to acknowledge the law of diminishing returns during an old fashion binge.  The plan was to play the Aria Daily at 1:00.  I knew I needed to get right before then.  I went down to the casino, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, and grinded the 100-hand machine.  After a few hours of this, I realized caffeine would not be the cure on this morning.  Time for extreme measures.  I went back to the room, threw on some kicks, and hit the strip for a run.  As I hit the pavement, heading south towards Mandalay Bay and the Welcome Sign, the pounding in my head reached a crescendo.  This run would either cure me or kill me.  As I rolled past the Four Seasons, the verdict was still up in the air.  Then, suddenly, the pounding began to subside.  I reached the sign, took in the scene for a view moments (several transvestites in wedding dresses posing for pictures . . . . I mean, what else did I expect), and turned back around.  By the time I reached the MGM I was feeling great, and decided to extend the run, turning east for a long lap around the block.  Cured.

We hit Aria just after noon to make sure to avoid the alternate list.  Shortly before cards-up, I ran into one of  Lightning's friends, AvoidoddLaw.  We spoke for a few minutes, and then took our seats.  My tournament went like every other time I've played the Daily.  I didn't win a hand through the first break.  An hour and a half.  Fun times. 

  • In the first level, I looked down at QQ. A woman raised, I re-raised, another guy four-bet, woman folded.  I laid the hand down.  
  • I limped with 9T and saw a 9TJ flop three ways.  Woman bet, I raised, both called.  Turn was a 7.  Woman bet, I called, guy shoved.  I folded and guy showed the 8.

  • I limped with A2 and saw an A2Q flop heads up.  Woman bet, I raised, she called.  Turn was an 8.  She checked, I bet, she called.  River was an 8.  Seriously?  She bet, I called, we chopped...
It wasn't until shortly after the break that I won my first hand.  Player raised preflop and I three bet with JJ.  The action came back around, she shoved, I called, and my hand held against her 77.  I was back to just under starting stack.  Then, a bit later, I lost a critical hand.  My stack was around $10,000, and blinds were (I believe) $100/$200/$25.  I limp-called with 78, and went three to a 665 rainbow flop.  I check called $1,500.  Heads up to the turn, which was a 7, giving my top pair and preserving my open-ender.  I again check, and villain fires $2,500.  Villain had been tight and quiet.  I think he's a decent player.  An over pair is likely.  If I fold here, my stack is still $8,000 or so.  If I call, I'm in the $6,000 and may have a hard time folding to a river bet.  I fold the hand.... Ultimately, my day never got any better, and I busted just shy of the second break when I open-shoved AT and got called by the same villain's 77.  After I busted, on the way out, villain called me over and told me he had AT on the previous hand and was shoving the river since he put my on a draw (he was, after all, half right . . .).  Perhaps I should have taken a stand in that spot, and my day would have turned out different . . .

After I went busto, I played some video poker and hit the bar while MK played on.  He ended up busting around 5:00 when he raised his AK (sitting on $30,000), and got a re-raise and a shove.  MK called, only to see AA and KK.  And, with that, we were off to Gordon Ramsey Steak at Paris for a sick, sick dinner, which included fried oysters, bone marrow, filets and a nice bottle of Cakebread 2010 Cabernet . . .  After two hours, and a combined $500 lighter, we took a cab over to the Palms to meet up with the legendary poker hero, Sir Tony Bigcharles

When we arrived, Tony was "stuck" and grinding the $3/$6 limit game.  We chatted for a bit, and I decided to join the waitlist for Tony's game, despite the fact that I don't play limit.  In the meantime, I took  a seat at a NL game along with MK (who was shaking off the shock of meeting and shaking hands with Hero for the first time).  Mere minutes into the game, and I was nearly stacked for a $300 buy-in:
  • [sitting on about $325] I raise preflop in position with Q9 and get two callers.  The flop is Q(c) 9 (c) J(x).  Now, one of the callers seems competent.  The other is Crazy Asian who might not even know what game he is playing.  In the short time we had been seated, he had already been admonished for the way he was viewing his hole cards.  According to MK, who was seated in the 8 seat, Crazy Asian was showing his cards to his entire side of the table each hand... Soooo . . . competent player bets $25 on the flop.  I raise to $80.  Crazy Asian calls, and competent folds.  Perfect.  Turn is a red 7.  Brilliant.  I bet $150, he calls.  River is a red 8.  Crazy again checks, I shove, he tanks . . . and calls.  I table top two and Crazy Asian stares at the board, grumbles and nearly mucks before ultimately showing his AT clubs face up.  He clearly thinks he has A-high until dealer points out the straight (789TJ).  Now, TBC, who was hovering over me, chatting to me incessantly about something or another the entire hand (I think about how I should be taking the seat that just opened at his limit table) while I'm trying to play, tells me immediately after the hand that Crazy Asian played the hand right because he had a draw to the Royal.  Tony does nothing if not speak his mind...  And yes, he had outs.  On the flop he had (approximately) 9 clubs and the 3 remaining Kings and 3 eights.  There is $136 in the pot, and he is facing a $80 bet (with competent player yet to act to my raise).  He makes the call.  On the turn, his outs remain the same . . .  Regardless, it seemed like a tough beat at the time.

  • I rebought for another $200 (in for $500) and worked my stack back up to $445 before the combination of booze and fatigue set in.  A new fish sat down and I raised to $12 with KQ.  Fish calls along with two others.  Flop is J high.  I continue with $35 into $50.  It folds around to fish, who calls.  Turn blanks.  I bet $80 into $120.  Fish calls.  River is a T and I give up.  Fish flips AT.  What the fuck?  I mean, seriously, WTF?  What do I possible have that he is ahead of?  He's drawing to an A if I raised with a pocket pair.  And, if I raised with an Ace myself and am simply barelling, he is crushed.  Granted, he hit his ten on the river; but that was sort of irrelevant.  My KQ was one of the few hands he was actually ahead of.  I guess monkey just made a brilliant soul read.  That stuff is known to happen at the $1/2 tables at the Palms . . .

At this point, I was tilting, and gave back some more chips, ultimately leaving down $300 or so.

When MK and I left, Tony wanted to join us in the cab back to MGM so he could catch the bus at the trop to his super secret location for the week.  This gave us some additional time to catch up.

Upon our arrival back at MGM, MK and I decided to grab drinks at the new Whiskey Bar.  He had a single malt; I went with a Patron and club.  Fired back up a bit, we decided it was time to spew some chips on the black jack table.  Where better to play than the center pit at the Excalibur?  Seriously, this is one of my favorite spots for late night black jack.  This pit offers some sweet, sweet, 3/2 at a $10 table.  You can't beat it.  We arrived around 1:30 am and, despite a constant parade of broke-ass jokers joining us at the table with their $40 buy-ins and leaving after 4 hands (and, despite the continuous shuffler), MK and I ultimately left around 5:30 am, and, even then, only because we figured we HAD to get some damn sleep.  I initially dropped from my $300 buy-in to my last $35, before running my stack back to $500.  MK, for his part, turned $300 into two purple chips and left the big winner for the night.     

Day 3 - NFL Playoffs, Debauchery, Dinner with Lightning and Poker with the grouch

Day 3 began with a ringing alarm at 10:00 am.  Four hours after falling asleep, it was hard to tell if I awoke still drunk.  But, no time to think.  It was straight to the book to get action down on the NFL games.  I placed large bets on both favorites and both overs.  While generally betting favorites and overs is the kiss of death, here, the public seemed to LOVE the Patriots and Niners, so I felt good about the plays.  After getting action in, MK and I went over to Michael Mina's Pub 1842 for some food and beers.  In the event I was still drunk from the night before, no reason to risk allowing a hangover to commence.   We split our early bets as the Broncos covered and the OVER 56 was dead after the first ten minutes.

We left with road beers after the early game.  I decided to monkey mash some slots, while MK played craps.  I lost a few hundo, while MK crushed the pit, scoring $300 to $400 in a short time.  As for the game -- fuck you, Pete Carroll!!!  By the time we got our bets in (I was waiting for the Seattle line to move to 3 - which it did briefly Saturday at a handful of books -- or perhaps even 2.5), the total had moved from 39.5 to 40.5.  Seattle's decision to go for it from the 1 on fourth down early in the fourth quarter resulted in the total landing at 40 -- a painful beat.  While I split my four bets, MK crushed a nice little props parlay -- (a) Peyton Manning more completions than Brady; (b) OVER 3 field goals in the Seahawks game; and (c) more points in the second half in the late game.  Clearly, MK is an awesome gambler . . .

After the late game, MK and I jumped in a cab and headed for Circus, Circus, where we met Lightning and AvoidoddLaw for dinner at The Steakhouse.  Circus, Circus made me want to kill myself.  I had never been there before.  In my head, I was envisioning the scene with Johnny Depp and his trusted counselor at the bar/merry-go-round during their ether bender.  I was optimistic.  It turns out Circus, Circus is just a shit-hole with a bunch of little kids running around.  The Steakhouse, however, was OK.  Very old school.  The exact opposite of most Vegas steakhouses.  The food, while not fantastic, was decent, especially for the price.  But, the dinner was not really about the food.  It was great to see Lightning again in person after a few years of just texts and poker forum posts.  And, it was good to get to know AvoidOddLaw as well.

After dinner, Lightning drove the four of us over to Bally's in his Aston Martin, and we settled in for a session at the poker room.  Coincidentally, we ran into grrouchie and the five of us quickly got seats at the same table.  And, much like the night before, I was stacked within 15 minutes:
  • second orbit of the night I look down at AK spades.  It checks around to me, and I raise to $12.  I get a call from a girl in the blinds (sitting on $150 or so) and from "Tennessee" in middle position.  Now, Tennessee might have been the biggest jack ass I've seen at a poker table in a long while.  I couldn't tell if he was drunk or just a douche.  But, he was sitting on a humongous stack (which, he apparently luck-boxed into, as would become more evident as the night wore on).  Also, according to MK, he spent the ENTIRE evening trash talking the horrendous play of our (P3, grrouch, Lightning, AoL) end of the table.  Classic.  Anyway, the flop comes out AKQ rainbow.  The girl leads for $35.  Tennessee raises to $100.  Now, despite having only been at the table for 15 minutes, I'm getting a quick impression of this joker.  I don't give him credit for a monster.  And, in my head, I'm hearing my motto for 2014 -- "play strong, accept some variance into your heart . . ."  I'm not calling $100.  And, I decide I'm not folding, either.  So, I shove.  Girl snaps and Tennessee snaps.  Turn is a T . . . River a Q.  Girl flips JT for the flopped nuts . . . and I loose the rather large side pot to Tennessee's KQ rivered three-outer . . . Rebuy . . .

The session never really got any better and, after MK busted out around 12:30, I decided it was time to leave.  We walked back to MGM, stopping off at the cages at both Aria and MGM to cash some after-hours sports tickets, and decided to call it a trip . . . Net result: down $1,600 . . .

I'm already looking forward to my next visit to the desert . . .


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vegas Eve

Wrapping up some projects at the moment, and then plan on cruising into Friday morning's 8:50 am flight to Paradise, Nevada.  I was booked at Bally's for this weekend's 3 day trip.  But, this morning, I checked my MLIFE account and found a "Winter Buzz" offer for 3 comped nights at MGM Grand, plus $100 in resort dollars (plus 2/1 KA tickets which will, of course, go unclaimed . . .).  Surprisingly, the offer was valid for MLK Weekend.  So, after a brief conference with my co-conspirator for this trip, we switched our home base.  While I'll miss grinding some hours at Bally's Poker Room, the beers at Michael Mina's Pub 1842 will more than make up for it.

Also found out that this weekend is the annual porn convention.  I feel like a winner already.

If anyone is around Friday/Saturday/[Sunday] . . . and wants to watch some NFL playoffs or grab a few beers, let me know.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Desert Dreaming

Typically, my opportunities to get away are limited to long holiday weekends, and then a week or two of vacation in the summer.   The past few months have been a mental grind, since there really has not been a chance to plan any trips (err, aside from the week I took off for Borgata/Christmas, of course).  But the new year is upon us.  And, as always, I have a full calendar to play with.  This year, I've wasted no time . . .

Next Friday, the MLK Day weekend celebration kicks off in style with a 3 day trip to Vegas.  I'm taking off for the desert on an 8:35 am flight with my friend in the office next door (we'll call him Senior Colgate).  Not sure what excuse we'll be using for both being out Friday.  But, I believe flu season is upon us . . . We're staying at Bally's in one of the new jubilee rooms on a full comp, and intend to spend the long weekend betting NCAA hoops, NFL playoffs, grinding poker, and spewing chips at some -EV table games.  In addition, I'll be monkey mashing VP and slots every free chance I get.  Colgate has a wife and kid and hasn't been to Vegas in years, so I'm also looking forward to showing him around town and hitting up some of my favorite watering holes like the Public House at Crystals and the Pub at MGM (and, like, every other bar on the strip . . .).  In addition, as luck would have it, lightning will also be in town celebrating his 42nd birthday, and a nice little dinner is in the works.  If anyone else is in town that weekend and looking to have drinks or play some cards, let me know.

This morning, I also finished booking this summer's annual "Mets Trip" with my boys from Strong Island.  This year, as schedules (for them) are tough, they suggested visiting the bastion of assholes known as Citizens Bank Ballpark for the Mets-Phillies series the weekend after Memorial Day.  I've already been . . . several times.  It's delightful.  Really, it is.   I mean, Philadelphia and its residents are, generally, some of the finest people around.  Sure, they are often loud.  And annoying.  And sure, at the ballpark, you might get punched in the mouth because of the shirt you are wearing.  Or, your car tires may get slashed because of the State of your license plate.  And sure, people yell and curse at you at random as you walk around the concourse.  But, that happens everywhere, right?

Anywhoo . . .  I decided to take the opportunity to turn the trip into an extended degenerate holiday.  The Friday before Memorial Day, after work, I've hopping in the car and driving up to PHL.  I booked a room at the Sheraton next to the airport.  7:50 am Saturday morning, it's zooooooom to Vegas.  5 nights fully comped at The PH.  Wednesday night, I'll be on the 12:40 am redeye back to PHL.  Land at 8:10 am.  Hop in the car and make the 50 minute drive east on the AC Expressway to the Showboat for another three days of degeneracy in AC with the Strong Island Crew.  My buddy "Big Daddy" doesn't drink, and can drive the rest of us from AC to the ballpark for the games.  Simply delightful.  It should be a strong start to the Summer of 2014, a/k/a, "The Summer of Pete . . ."

Now, to figure out a plan for President's Day weekend . . .  I've got a 100,000 SPG points banked, and Westin just opened up a new resort in Punta Cana . . . decisions . . . decisions . . .

PS:  If anyone is interesting in signing up for Fanduel (fantasy sports), feel free to use my referral link below:


Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Session of the Year

I played a 3 hour session at Maryland Live yesterday starting at noon.  It seemed to me there weren't many soft spots at the table.  I played very few hands, and walked with $350 profit.  While I was overall happy with my play, I still feel like I may be too timid.

The first hour I didn't see a playable hand.  I wasn't even able to limp my blinds.  I tried to stay patient and just wait out the run of Q5, 96, K2....... Eventually, the cards turned and I began taking down some pots.

I had some difficulty with the guy directly to my left.  He was somewhat short stacked all afternoon, sitting on between $100 and $150.  He three bet (or shoved) nearly every hand he played.  Twice he was called and showed down TT both times.  One of the first hands I played, I raised AK to $17 from the button after 4 limpers.  My friend to my left, sitting on about $140 at the time, raised to $60.  I'm sitting on about $300 at the time.  Clearly, I know he makes this move with a decent pocket pair based on what I've seen.  I figure I have two overs at best, and decide not to take the flop.  Too weak?

Half hour later, I raise AQ to $15 and this time, my friend shoves for $85.  Again I fold.  This time, he shows AK.

An orbit later, I again raise AQ (to $10 this time, given the lack of limpers).  And on cue, Lefty three bets to $30.  I still feel like I'm behind here, but decide to call, if for nothing more than to not get pushed around.  The flop comes AT8 with two spades.  I check to Lefty and he shoves his last $80.  I take a bit of time to count the pot, and to once again try and put him on a range.  Last time around, he three-bet with AK, which would obviously have me crushed.  TT flopped him a set.... As would AA, although unlikely.  Not sure he three bets AT.... Probably unlikely.  I thought for about a minute, tops, before calling.  Lefty flipped QQ and I stacked him.  As he was walking away, he muttered about me taking so much time to make the call.  Too timid?  Is this simply a snap call?

Anyway, one of my poker goals this year is to rid myself of "monster under the bed" syndrome and welcome a bit more variance into my life.   Not sure if I started out the year too nitty yesterday notwithstanding my goals....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Burned. Out.

Who would have thought celebrating the birth of our lord and savior would be so exhausting?
I've been back from AC for four days now, and I'm still tired.  I woke up yesterday and had planned to get my first session of the new year in at Maryland Live!  But I started doing some work around the house and, before I knew it, I had lost motivation to play.  I figured I'd just wait to hit AC next weekend (I had a room booked at Harrah's for Friday/Saturday).  Then, I went and bought a new 55-Inch LED for my living room.  I scheduled the delivery for next weekend, which was the soonest weekend date Best Buy had available.  So, I went and cancelled Harrah's.  I ended up booking three nights at Borgata this weekend instead.  However, when I got to work this morning, I just didn't feel like driving up to AC tomorrow night, so I cancelled that as well.  Lack of energy sucks...
I still plan on playing a session or two this weekend, either at MDL! or Charles Town, depending on how early I end up heading out.  But I also still have some stuff to do around the condo.  The kitchen is nearly done and, once it is, I'll have some painting to do.  I'm also getting ready to have wood floors installed.  I hope to have the entire renovation finished in two or three weeks.  While it's been a giant pain in the ass, when it's done, it should be nice -- a real inviting place for a hooker or two to spend a relaxing evening watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell and Who's the Boss around a roaring fire . . .