Thursday, January 30, 2014

Situations in Flux and the Destruction of a Weekend

I was all set to fly to Denver tomorrow night to visit my brother and my niece.  My parents are actually in town visiting them now, so it would be the proverbial "two birds, one stone" . . .   Next weekend, I was booked for AC -- OAR show Friday night; monkey mash Saturday.  Then . . .

2:30 pm - email from client in Denver requesting  we fly out for meetings next Thursday/Friday to discuss filing suit.  I decide I'm not flying back and forth to Denver twice in 5 days, and cancel tomorrows trip.  I'll just go to Denver next weekend, and go to AC this weekend.  A nearly even swap, save the OAR show . . .  Cancel flight, and book room in AC tomorrow/Saturday.

4:30 pm - Email from another client on another matter stating the GC is going out of the country starting Wednesday.  He needs to review a draft of our opposition to motion to dismiss by Monday.  Cancel hotel for AC tomorrow/Saturday.  Weekend will be spent in the office.  No trip to AC in the foreseeable future, as my weekends are booked the rest of the month . . . .

It's going to be the end of February and I'm not going to have so much as a single sweet, sweet Caesars' tier point.  What am I doing with my life? 


  1. My sympathy for you is overflowing, bro ...

    1. Thank you all for your support. Your comments are appreciated in my time of need

  2. You're killing me, that's what you're doing... :)

  3. wow,counselor. yr life sucks. it is amazing that u arent popping oxys and z-bars like skittles.LMAO.too bad that show Queer Eye 4 The Straight Guy isnt on anymore.i bet they would have u seeing rainbows and unicorns,sir.