Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend Business Trip . . .

. . . To Vegas.

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving the sub-zero east coast weather for the, um, rain and wind of the Nevada desert.  This trip has a purpose.  Seriously.  It's bases season and it's time to get some futures down.  As a Mets fan, there's been little to root for the past few (decades) years.  Some season totals plays help keep the season interesting.  Last year, I played 4: Atlanta, St. Louis, Tampa and Arizona.  The first three cashed easily, while the D-backs fell a few games short.

This year, I'm still considering my picks.  So far, I like the Overs for the Royals and Reds.  I sort of like Baltimore too, although that division is a murder's row....  I also like TB for the World Series at +1800...  If anyone has a GUARANTEED winner, please let me know!

Lastly, Congrats to Tony (Hero) Bigcharles for taking down last night's blogger free roll on Sealswithclubs.  We prolly could have gone without Tony's chat box comments (e.g., "looks like I found my donkey," after dude makes a late tourney shove with AK against Hero's limped AA), but he made some tough calls for all his chips near the bubble and played well).  Thanks to Poker Meister for setting up the event!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Vegas and Rock'n'Roll

  • I'm planning on cutting out of this work joint a bit on the early side this evening.  I may or may not have some floor seats for Kings of Leon at the Verizon Center tonight . . . I may or may not pre-party a bit . . . and I may or may not, but definitely do, have a full-on suite booked at the W Hotel stumbling distance from the show.  Tonight could get messy.

  • Tomorrow night is steak and wine night with the boys out on the boondocks of Maryland.  My contribution will be a couple of good bottles of Cabernet I've been saving for a few years.  Should be a solid, low-key evening.  If we're lucky, weather will be nice enough to grill outside...

  • Next Friday, I'm feeling a respiratory illness coming on.  I may or may not call out sick.  Purely coincidentally, I have an 8:35 am flight booked that morning from DCA to Paradise, NV . . . three nights comped at Bally's Jubilee Tower . . . and a red-eye flight back from McCarran Sunday night.  I plan on walking straight into the office Monday morning with a slight buzz and a pocketful of winning baseball futures . . .  I'm tired already just thinking about it . . .

  • I will also be sick April 25th . . . Because of a work trip to Denver a few weeks ago, I missed the OAR show at Revel (I bet Ray Rice wishes he had skipped his trip to Revel too).  Then, earlier this week, I learned OAR will be playing three nights at the soon-to-open Brooklyn Bowl at the Linq, the last weekend in April.  I was fully booked within an hour -- the 8:35 flight from DCA, three nights at Paris, and the red-eye back Sunday night.  Beers, gambling, steaks, and live shows . . . sounds OK by me.

  • Last month I booked a five day trip to the MGM over Memorial Day weekend.  I'm really looking forward to this one.  It will start with a drive Friday night to Philly . . . a 7:30 am flight from Philly to Vegas . . . 5 nights in Vegas . . . a Wednesday night redeye back to Philly . . . an immediate drive east on the Expressway to Atlantic City . . . and three nights of gambling during the day and trips to Citizens Bank at night for the Mets/Phillies series.  Anyway, as if this doesn't sound debaucherous enough, yesterday, I found out that Guns and Roses (or, at least a fat Axl), will be playing the Joint at Hardrock the weekend of May 24th.  Presale tickets were in hand within 10 minutes.  This may not be the GNR / Metallica show from the Meadowlands I caught back in high school, but it should be interesting at the very least.

  • And finally, what would summer be without a DMB tour?  Tickets went on sale last week.  Looks like I'll be heading out to Chicago over 4th of July weekend for two shows on the lake.  I'll also be flying out to shows in Berkley in August at the Greek Theater.  This will, however, be the first year in the last 7 or 8 that I will not see DMB here at Bristow.  Instead, we'll be at National's Park for the Billy Joel show that night....

Aside from this, life is pretty boring at the moment . . . 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Saturday marked the finish of my downstairs renovation, when the flooring went in:



I still want to redo the two upstairs bathrooms.  But, that can wait.  I need a break from this shit.
And, because this is not a home-repair blog . . . I planned on spending this weekend working, particularly because I lost a day on Thursday when snow prevented me from getting into the office.  I woke up Sunday, and drove over to Home Depot to return some backsplash tiles, and, while waiting on line, checked out Harrah's AC on my iphone.  Comp room.  30 minutes later, I was on the road to Jersey. 
I rolled into AC by 3:00, and stopped  by Borgata to burn some free slot play I had built up and which was about to expire.   I loaded my $150 slot play, and $30 bonus slot play, into a ten-handed "devil's game" and started mashing some bonus poker at $5 a rip. Fifteen minutes later, I had rinsed it all through and had $190 in the machine.  I added a crisp $10, cashed out a $200 voucher, and drove next door to Harrah's.  
The general check-in line at Harrah's must have been 2 hours long.  The Diamond line had 3 people waiting, and I was checked in, and upgraded to the Waterfront Tower, within 5 minutes. 
I spent the afternoon mashing a mix of 100 hand and 10 hand VP.  I played for 4 hours, and dropped $100 (but, given the $200 I pulled from Borgata, I was still free-rolling).  This was the hand of the day:
Flopped quads!
Around 8:30, I was ready for dinner.  I had planned on just grabbing a burger; then I remembered I still had $189 in comps at Borgata.  I hopped a cab next door and grabbed a filet and some cabernets at Bobby Flay Steak.  After dinner, I went straight back to Harrah's.  Pretty sure I burned a bridge or two at Borgata (burning through my comps and free play and not gambling a single dollar of my own). 
I closed out the night with 3 hours of break-even black jack at Harrah's.  I couldn't get a run going.  But at least I got free drinks ...
All-in-all, a good weekend.  And now, time to get crack-a-lack'n at the office this week.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Most Exciting Post EVER!!!!

It's a snow day here in Bethesda, Maryland.  Saturday, I'm having new floors installed in my condo.  So, I spent the morning getting ready - clearing as much space as possible and throwing out a lot of unnecessary crap.  The floors will be the last major project, at least until this summer when I may or may not motivate to redo both bathrooms.

As for the kitchen . . . it took longer than expected, but it's finally done.  Take a look:








And, before Anger asks . . . no.  No stripper pole . . . yet.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Clubbing Seals (for Free)

Looking forward to the Seals with Clubs Blogger Free Roll on Wednesday, February 26th.


Thanks to the Poker Meister!

And, by the way, after a spell of run bad which turned my initial buy-in of 50 chips down to 24, I've slowly been able to build by Seals account  (yes, I refuse to use the term "roll," as a certain someone has forever ruined the word for me . . .) up to 64 chips.    It's nice to be able to grind on line again.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Shit be crazy since I got back from AC Sunday morning.  I spent Sunday drafting a brief for a case we have pending in state court in New Jersey.  Like, all day Sunday - straight through the super bowl (not like I missed much).  And I've been up between 4:30am and 5:30am each day this week working on the papers (like, 12 to 14 hours a day), which were just filed minutes ago.

I'm tired; but no rest for P3.  Tomorrow, I'm on a 7:45 am flight from Dulles to Denver for meetings with one of our biggest clients.  My brother and his family are in Arvada, Co., just outside Denver and, as it happens, my parents are out there visiting for a few weeks.  So, Friday afternoon, I'm heading over to spend the weekend. 

Of course, nothing lately comes without stress.  The news is predicting a big winter storm in DC this weekend.  And, when it hits is, apparently, a matter of debate.  So, I'll get to stress about getting back home Sunday afternoon (and, I NEED TO be back in D.C. Monday for meetings . . .).  Also, it's apparently like 10 degrees in Denver.  And I don't have a "big boy" coat.  Like, one to wear over a suit.  That should also make the trip fun.

On the bright side, this will be my first opportunity to blaze legal . . . so, there's that . . . 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can't Resist the Mash

Friday afternoon, I got the itch.  Despite being swamped at work, I rationalized the fact that I could hit AC for a few days and still get my work done.  I mean, I'd just need to get up early Sunday morning, get home and spend the rest of the day working.  So, I booked a room and took off at 5:00 for Jersey.

I arrived around 9:30 and checked in at Harrah's.  I had reserved a comped room in the Waterfront Tower.  The woman at check-in ended up giving me a suite:

Pretty sure I didn't need 1,500 square feet; but whatever.  I won't complain.
As it's 2014, and my Harrah's tier points reset to zero, I figured it was time to start earning.  Indeed, as Harrah's says, "Earning is half the fun . . ."  I spent the weekend mashing like a monkey.  I racked up about $12,000 coin in Friday night, mainly playing the 100-hand VP machine at $10 a rip.  That was good for 1,200 sweet, sweet tier points, and triggered the bonus 1,000 points.  Saturday, I basically did the same thing.  As a result, I racked up approximately 4,300 points -- more than a quarter to Diamond . . . 
This was probably the hand of the weekend:

A flopped straight flush, good for $250.

I feel like I got the itch to mash out of my system.  Which is good, because I won't get the change to degen it up again until I hit Vegas at the end of the month.

And now, it's time to pay the price . . . . I'll be sober, working through the Super Bowl . . . and I'll be getting up at 4:30am tomorrow to get an early jump on work . . .