Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Saturday marked the finish of my downstairs renovation, when the flooring went in:



I still want to redo the two upstairs bathrooms.  But, that can wait.  I need a break from this shit.
And, because this is not a home-repair blog . . . I planned on spending this weekend working, particularly because I lost a day on Thursday when snow prevented me from getting into the office.  I woke up Sunday, and drove over to Home Depot to return some backsplash tiles, and, while waiting on line, checked out Harrah's AC on my iphone.  Comp room.  30 minutes later, I was on the road to Jersey. 
I rolled into AC by 3:00, and stopped  by Borgata to burn some free slot play I had built up and which was about to expire.   I loaded my $150 slot play, and $30 bonus slot play, into a ten-handed "devil's game" and started mashing some bonus poker at $5 a rip. Fifteen minutes later, I had rinsed it all through and had $190 in the machine.  I added a crisp $10, cashed out a $200 voucher, and drove next door to Harrah's.  
The general check-in line at Harrah's must have been 2 hours long.  The Diamond line had 3 people waiting, and I was checked in, and upgraded to the Waterfront Tower, within 5 minutes. 
I spent the afternoon mashing a mix of 100 hand and 10 hand VP.  I played for 4 hours, and dropped $100 (but, given the $200 I pulled from Borgata, I was still free-rolling).  This was the hand of the day:
Flopped quads!
Around 8:30, I was ready for dinner.  I had planned on just grabbing a burger; then I remembered I still had $189 in comps at Borgata.  I hopped a cab next door and grabbed a filet and some cabernets at Bobby Flay Steak.  After dinner, I went straight back to Harrah's.  Pretty sure I burned a bridge or two at Borgata (burning through my comps and free play and not gambling a single dollar of my own). 
I closed out the night with 3 hours of break-even black jack at Harrah's.  I couldn't get a run going.  But at least I got free drinks ...
All-in-all, a good weekend.  And now, time to get crack-a-lack'n at the office this week.


  1. Replies
    1. he is very busy,sir. no foreplay just BANG BANG. miller lite flowing and butttons being smashed.

  2. idk counselor. i like the b4 pics better. sorry.cool new tv thou.glad to c some gambling this post.i was starting to wonder sir. waiting 4 the post were u r changing yr oil and rotate yr tires

  3. PLEASE tell me that I didn't miss the plumbing post!!!

    1. Don't worry. I'm planning a whole series of posts proving hourly updates on the state of my "roll."

    2. sweet. dont forget tell us about yr views on obamacare and ppl that make over 50k a year.also how if only u had a bigger bankroll then u could beat any game but u dont so u r stuck making 4 dollars and hour playing 5 dollar min buyin poker like a pro

    3. how far r u from new jersey? it seems every close.

    4. With no traffic - 3.5 hours. Once Harrah's Horseshoe opens in Baltimore this August, my days in AC will be numbered . . . will pretty much just be stopping off on the way to Jets games. Otherwise, I'll be mash'n a mere 40 minutes away in Charm City.

    5. sweet is the harrah close to ? just wondering always thinking of plays to play in the future.is there a hotel connected to the horseshoe?

    6. There will not be a hotel connected to Horseshoe. There a lot of hotels n the inner harbor area of Baltimore near by, though; and I assume the casino will have shuttles.

  4. Looks good...congrats.

    I have no idea what any of this VP shit means but have $250-ish in poker comps at MD Live that I apparently I can convert to comp play? Gotta figure it out and figure best VP to realize as much of that as possible.