Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back in the [NCAA] Saddle

It's been six or seven years since I filled out a tournament bracket.  Back in the day, I bet the individual games on-line or flew out to Vegas for the opening rounds.  I had no need for "second-rate wagering."  Brackets were for p*ssies.  Then, when my offshore account got cut-off, I simply stopped paying attention to the tournament altogether. 

This year, I had once again planned on ignoring the festivities, although I had some interest specifically in following GW.  Then, this morning, while sipping coffee, watching ESPN report on Chapman's cracked noggin, and reading my favorite poker hero's hand histories, I decided, on a lark, to fill out a bracket on ESPN.  It took 5 minutes.

When I got to the office, I decided to make it a bit interesting, and challenged MK to a little heads up contest.  Whoever finished with more points owes the other a bottle of Stag's Leap Artemis 2010.  MK quickly accepted. 

I may not be playing for Buffett's Billion, but a nice bottle of Cabernet will be a respectable consolation. 



  1. damm counselor. WTF is stag leap whatever? is it like mad dog 20 20? LMAO.

  2. A thanks to you, PPP, for the indirect wine recommendation. A good friend's wife just gave birth to their first son. She has had to abstain at a few fairly alcohol drenched get togethers during the course of her pregnancy, so I wanted to get her something special to celebrate successful procreation and her new found ability to partake of wine and spirits. I know she likes red wines, so I found a local shop that had a bottle of the Stags Leap Artemis 2010 Cabernet (on sale even) and picked it up for her. She was very excited by the choice.

    So thanks for making me look like I'm more of a oenophile than I am.