Friday, March 14, 2014

Raise High (Hail to the Buff & Blue)

I've always been a sports fan.  In case you couldn't tell.  College sports, as well.  So, it was a bitter pill when I went to college at a State school in New York with (at the time) no Div-1 sports program.

Fast forward four years, and I was at law school at George Washington.  Still far more of an academic institution than a sports factory; but at least we had a legitimate basketball team.  At the time, G-Dub was a member of the Atlantic 10, along with programs like UMASS, Xavier, Rhody, Dayton, and Temple.  Mike Jarvis was coach my first year in D.C., and the team, lead by guys like Alexander Koul and Shawnta Rogers, was a tournament-caliber team.  That first year in Foggy Bottom, GW made the tournament and had a first-round match-up against Iowa.  I'll never forget that game.  GW blew a 17 point lead with just around 5 minutes left.  As a Jets/Mets fan, I was use to that level of disappointment.  Now, I had another team to throw on my list of heartache. 

When I graduated, I bought season tickets.  Many of the friends I went to law school with, who had done undergrad at places like Michigan, UCLA, UVA, thought it was hilarious.  I sat in the stands for some decent years while Tom Penders was coach . . . and when Carl Hobbs (former Calhoun assistant at UCONN) took over.  But, then the wins got lean; and I got old; and I grew tired of driving over to campus after work to watch shitty A-10 hoops.  I dropped my season tickets and, ultimately, stopped following the team.

Fast forward to 2013.  Late November, GW knocks off the Miami Hurricanes.  Three days later, they beat then-20th-ranked Creighton.  Three days later, they drop 93 points on Rutgers for an easy victory.  4 days later, they beat local rival Maryland.  I start paying attention.  The bandwagon rolls into town, and I hope on.  I was back.  Hooked once again on G Dub hoops.

The Colonials ended the regular season 23-7, with an RPI of 30.  Seemingly a lock for the "Big Dance."  Tonight, they face off against UMASS in Brooklyn in the semi finals of the A-10 tournament (after two bye-rounds).  No, GW basketball is not the Big Time.  But, for me it's what I've got.

Raise High!    


  1. And you'll be watching from a poker table... #truefairytale

    1. Nah. Taking this weekend off (although, I won't 100% rule out a cash session somewhere close by this weekend ;).

  2. back on the bandwagon. it is getting full.