Thursday, May 29, 2014

Transition Day

After 5 days at the MGM Grand, I took the red-eye back east last night and rolled into the Showboat around 8:00 am.  I went from the  "City of Entertainment" in Paradise, Nevada, to a fifth-rate Mardi Gras themed casino in a broken-down town which, according to rumor, even Gary Loveman no longer wants.  From the vanilla-scented casino of the MGM to the smell of old person and vomit at the Boat.   What I have done?

I took the elevator up to the 9th floor, hoping to get a few hours sleep before the "gentlemen" arrive.  I start walking down the hall and some middle-age dude, in a bathrobe and looking like a character from Dallas Buyers Club, is staring out the window smoking a cigarette . . . on a non-smoking floor, of course.  Welcome to Atlantic City on a Thursday morning.

As for the room here . . . there are stains everywhere and on everything.  The window is so dirty you can barely see the ocean outside.  And the toilette has been dripping non stop.  I think someone might have been murdered in here.  Seriously.  

In any event, Vegas was awesome as usual.  I spent 95% of my time playing sweet, sweet video poker and watching sports (the other 5% generally consisted of me hungover as fuck and trying to convince myself I was not going to die).  I grinded so much devils game that my right hand actually felt weak and numb.  I thought it was a stroke at first; but it turned out to be a video poker injury.  True story.

I should have a complete trip report up Sunday . . .


  1. carpal tunnel syndrome from VBJ or VP machines?????????? was there warning sticker on the machine warning of this??????? JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like the book King of Torts by John Grisham. for my finders fee,i will take some kush( white russian,sour diesel,etc,etc),a premium .357 revolver (Colt python,S&W model 66 or 686),mass quantities of Mountian Dew and Fat Tire,and 50k in dimes and quarters ,so it cant b traced. P.S. also a Mossberg 500 pump

  2. slumming in AC????????? WTF. did u not log enuff hours at work?

  3. Your perspective is lacking. Would you rather have worked Thursday and Friday and ... indignity of indignities ... sold things at a garage sale Saturday morning? Oh, the humanity ...

    1. P3 staying in a 2 star motel, lightning having a garage sale, colorado having an earthquake?????? what is next STIGMATA?????????? or PROTARD filling out job applications??????