Sunday, August 10, 2014

Harrah's Trip Report

Friday morning, I awoke at 4:00 am and figured, "screw it" -- I went into the office to get some work done, and was able to bill a solid 6.5 hours and still bolt for AC at noon.   The drive took longer than expected, and I rolled into Harrah's around 5:00.  And then the losing began . . .

I started grinding 10-hand and 100-hand VP to rack up some sweet, sweet tier credits.  Every machine I tried was horrible.  Losing hand after losing hand after losing hand.   I was playing Double, Double Bonus on the hundred hander and dropped $200 before even being dealt 3-of-a-kind one time!  Then, when I finally got dealt KKK, I whiffed quads on all hundred hands.  Really?  Really?

I also found other creative ways to lose.   For instance, I somehow managed to slip a $65 voucher in between the gap between two VP machines.   For reals.  I was trying to slip the voucher in the machine, when it flipped out of my hand and managed to fall in the razor-thin gap between the machines. I couldn't do that on purpose if I tried 1000 times.  Not the way I wanted to beat the odds at the casino.

Eventually, I just gave up on the multi-hand machines and played some single hand games.  And, after a little while, I hit this sucker:

A nice $250 win.  Of course, I would have preferred the King of Spades for a cool two grand . . . but I was in no position to quibble...

Around 8:30, I decided to make my way over to Borgata to grab some sushi at Izakaya.   Perhaps it was the four miler lites I had drained at Harrah's, but, for some reason, I decided to drink sake with dinner.  And I am not a sake drinker.   I have no idea what a reasonable amount of sake is.  I opted for a half-bottle:

In retrospect, a half bottle of sake may not have been reasonable.  I left dinner blasted and decided to head back to Harrah's to play some sloppy black jack.   I actually went on a nice run over the course of 2 hours and turned a $200 buy-in to a purple chip.   I ended the day down a mere $100.  Not bad after digging a $600 hole directly out of the gate.

Saturday morning, I shook off the sake fog and started grinding the 100 hand machine again.  Different day, same results.  Found myself down $500 or so before noon.  Fun times.

There was, however, a brief bright spot.  I was playing the machine where I lost the voucher Friday, and decided to try and find it.  Using the flashlight app on my phone, I was able to see the voucher.  It was about 3 inches deep in the gap.  I couldn't reach it with my finger.  I tried.  I'm sure security got a good laugh.  Then, a waitress came by and I borrowed her pencil.  After a little work, I was able to pop the voucher out of the gap.  BINGO!  I then lost the $65 in five minutes in the very machine that had robbed me of the money the day before.  Easy come . . .

So, after getting crushed . . . again . . . I went back to the single hand game, and got lucky once more:

Around 6:30, I walked back over to Borgata and grabbed dinner at Bobby Flay:

After crab cakes, a filet (medium rare, of course) and some delightful Cabernet, I walked back to Harrah's and . . . get this . . . decided to play some actual poker!!!!

It was around 10:00 pm, and a new table was opening.  Four of the players were in town for a bachelor party.  Um, thank you?  I mean, it's hard to find a better table than one with 4 drunk guys in town to party.   I bought in for $200 and got to work.  After 25 minutes or so, I took a nice pot from the bachelor himself when my A9 clubs turned the nut flush after a K-high flop.  Dead Man Walking had a red AK and, after calling $10 on the flop, and check calling $35 on the turn, I led the river for  a $75 over bet and the bachelor snap called, only to see the bad news.  Had I known how strong he was, I would have probably check raised the turn.

I hit another nice hand with QQ. After a $10 raise and three callers, I three-bet to $35 and got 4 calls. The flop was Jack high and it checked to me.  I bet out $80 and it folded around.  One guy claimed he folded AJ.  He was a pretty decent player, so it's possible.  

Finally, I had a nice win with JJ.  Not sure I played the hand very well, though.  In fact, in retrospect, the hand could very easily have cost me my entire roll . . . um, stack.  I was sitting on $300 plus to start the hand.  An older (Lightning-age) guy (in the blue jacket below) opened to $10 (he too was deep at the time) and I three bet to $28.  He just called and we went heads up to a 9-high flop.  He led for $24 and I raised to $75.  He thought about it, and called.  He looked distressed, but I couldn't tell if he was really reluctant or whether he was shooting for an Oscar.  The turn whiffed and he checked to me.  I figure I can't check back here, given the aggression I've showed up to this point in the hand.    Plus, my read was that old-man was playing a big ace, and I didn't want to give a free card.  I slide out a stack of reds.  I think anything less would have looked weak.  Yet, with a $100 bet, I was only left with about $100, which is obviously not an ideal spot for the river.   While I really did not think I'd get a call, had he called (or shoved) and bet the river, it would be hard for me to get away from my jacks.  In any event, he didn't call.  In fact, he mucked, face up.  He did not have a big ace. Rather, he had . . . KK.  Wow!  I'm not sure I would have been able to make that lay down.  Given my pre-flop three bet, it would be hard to put me on a set.  I guess he gave me credit for aces?  In any event, by this point in the evening, it was around 1:00 am.  And I had had a few cocktails.  And, despite my better judgment (assuming I had any judgment left at that hour), I tabled my jacks.   Old dude did not look happy.  Sort of like in the shot below:

After 3 hours, I racked up a sweet $603, and called it a trip.

Sadly, despite winning $700 playing cards (between BJ and poker), I still ended the trip down $150.  Given the two big VP wins I had (totaling $500 or so), I must have dropped nearly $1,400 on the ten and hundred hand machines.  Good grief!  But, a baller has to earn those comped rooms somehow I guess . . .


  1. Nice laydown for you - I was going to joke that you should have showed him the hooks, but alas, you did... :)

  2. "An older (Lightning-age) guy "

    Let's watch it now. Lightning is a spring chicken compared to some of us, lol.

    1. What's the point of having a blog if I can't take cheap shots at lightning?

  3. So "young" PPP donked off a ton of money in some of dem good machines but had poker and blackjack save him? Hmmm ... this story sounds vaguely familiar. Did your filet include a mound of mashed potatoes, or am I getting a few bloggers mixed up?


    1. no. the blogger u r thinking about is RICH. all the peanut butter u can eat,baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Isn't there another gentleman who does well at poker but prefers to play the machines?

  5. >>>An older (Lightning-age)<<<

    LOL....and Lightning let it pass.

    Loved how you got the guy with KK to lay it down to your JJ. I can only assume, since he is Lightning-aged, he must be a reader of my blog.

    Actually, the guy should have four-bet you pre and gotten you to lay down your fish hooks. You wouldn't have called his re-re-raise pre, would you? He actually played those Kings too weak. Lucky for you, nice session.

    As people are always saying on some other blog....stay away from dem damn machines!

    1. Yeah, I got lucky based on his butchering of the hand. I had been playing fairly TAG and had not gotten out of line. So, given my preflop 3-bet and the 9-high flop, what is he losing to? Pretty much AA, right? As you mentioned, he should have 4-bet pre or shoved over my flop raise. If he's KK vs AA . . . rebuy, I guess.

    2. And, as for Lightning . . . I assume he's soo old he's just given up at this point...

  6. where is the rest of the filet??????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess yr room was nice this time.

  7. Nice run at BJ and Poker!

    So, what is the moral of the story?
    It is better to play a game where sometimes our mistakes do make us some money (J's > K's) than inserting an almost lost treasure into a losing machine.

    Hey at least we will have a beautiful room to think about our losses.

    The next 6 weeks Live is running some great tournaments if anyone is interested.