Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where's The Exit?

Friday night at The Shoe proved painful.   I played a 4 hour session that, ultimately, put a nice dent in my sweet, sweet roll.  

It was an action table from the get-go.  The $1/3 plays bigger than $1/2 to begin with.  And, with the option of the Mississippi Straddle -- 2x to 5x the big blind from any position at the table (other than the blinds), the game gets lively.  Last night, a $6 straddle seemed almost mandatory.   

I had very few hands big hands; and when I got a rare monster, it bit me.  An hour or so in, I spiked a set of Kings on the flop, and got rivered by broadway.  Good times.  I got QQ, three bet, got called in three spots, and had to lay down the hand after a 4 K A flop.  I added another $100 to my sweet, sweet stack, and immediately looked down at AK.  After a $6 bet, I three-bet to $18 and get called by the table boss and the original raiser.  The flop is 644.  Mr. 6 checks to me, and I bet $35.  Boss raises to $90 . . . and Mr. 6 check-raises to $150 or so.  Um.  Ok.  I fold and the boss jams . . . just crazy.

So, 4 hours in, I found myself sitting on $240 or so, when I look down at QQ again.   I open to $13 from the cutoff.  Young kid (sitting on $300+) calls from the button, and Jonah Hill (don't think it was real him), who has about $200, calls from the big blind.   

Flop [pot: $40]  J 2 2 (rainbow) 

Jonah leads out for $20.  I re-raise to $60.  Kid calls.  Jonah calls.  Um.  Shit.

Heading to the turn, Hero has $165; Hill has about $120; Kid covers

Turn [pot: $220]  7

Jonah leads again for $40.  I tank.  I want to believe I'm up against AJ.  And, maybe if heads up, that might be realistic. But, doesn't somebody have a bigger overpair here?   But, if KK or AA, why no re-raise pre flop?  Jonah strikes me as a bad player.  And his bet sizing here isn't changing my mind.  And, I have no real read on the kid.  I want to shove; but I can't.  Probably because I know, deep in my head, that my QQ is no good.  So after tanking, I call the $40 . . . hoping that if I am beat, maybe I'll save at least a few chips.  Kid just calls too.  Really weird hand.  

River [Pot: $340]  2

Board Reads J 2 2 7 2

Jonah again leads for $40, leaving him like $40 behind.  So. F*cken.  Weird.

Now, I'm not folding to a $40 bet into a $380 pot.  And, yet, I can't find the trigger to jam. 

I call.

Kid jams.  Jonah stuffs his final $40 in the middle.  My remaining $85 follows.

Jonah:  KK
Kid: JJ

And, for the second time in a month, QQ, as an overpair to the board, costs me my stack.

So, where was my exit on this hand?  Is it an easy fold to Hill's $40 turn bet?  What am I beating at that point?  Am I ever against AJ and AK here?  


  1. I can see you up against AJ or KJ in one of the hands but I see bigger pair, a set, or even some clown playin A2 suited in one of the hands. If you were only heads up I can see going to the river but being in between both these guys put you in a world of hurt.

    1. Agreed. I should have gotten out after my flop raise was called in both spots. Jonah Hill's bet sizing on the turn sort of suckered me in. If he bet like a man, it would have been easier to lay QQ down. But $40? Come on. He made it so easy for me to make a huge mistake . . .

      Overpairs are killing me, lately

    2. tough spot..if its heads up i think they are just going to have to show me AA,KK or JJ ....since it was 3 ways to the flop and you have someone value vetting $40 into $300....you can be pretty sure you are beat in one spot and make the big laydown

    3. You get the same thing that I run into often (boo hoo) - you'll watch these geniuses involved in hands with each other, and when they show, they'll have next to nothing. However, if we're involved in the hand, we manage to lose to some "obvious" monster (or two)... Hang in there...

    4. A2 suited in one of the hands

      As I was reading along, that's what came to my mind, especially at such an action table.

  2. That's a tough hand. It's really hard to fold that hand on that board. There's not much that beats you. If I were playing the hand, on the river I would probably be thinking "someone has a 2, or i'm good" then my jaw would drop when I saw their hands.