Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pete P Peters - Family Man

At the airport in Denver, awaiting my fight back to D.C.  I arrived early, to allow an hour or so for cold beer and football before take off.

Saturday morning, I met my niece at the Denver Museum of Science and Shit (actual name).  We looked a stuff.  It was sort of like my typical Saturday.  Without the gambling.  And the football.  And beer.  She's a good kid, so it was sort of fun.

After the museum, it was off to my brothers place to meet my other niece:

Um.  Call me in a year or so when she learns some tricks . . .

After an afternoon at the park, dinner, legos and blocks, I retreated back to the Westin, and ventured out on the town for a few beers and to watch the end of the late games.  I played three college Fanduels . . . $25 total investment.  By the time I got back to the city, I was first in one tournament and 17th and 7th in the other two . . . each with well over 1,000 runners.  Heading in to the 4th quarter of the late games, I was cashing for $1,850 . . .  Once the Cal game went final (and Daniel Lasko's night came to an end), I was in the clear.  I started the day with .55 cents left in my account, and closed with just under 2 grand . . . .

This morning (Sunday), I went back out to visit the family . . . more legos . . . more blocks . . . another trip to the park.  No football.   None. 

My take on kids -- if you are lucky, they are happy . . . in a good mood.  You spend your day supervising . . . performing trivial tasks (putting on shoes . . . getting drinks of water . . . preparing snacks) . . . watching them have fun . . . pretending that the leaves on the ground, or some random fucken rock, is worthy of prolonged discussion.  If you are unlucky, you spend your day listening to a  kid whine . . . trying to get them to act civilized . . . doling out discipline . . .  Under neither scenario do you get to do anything that you actually would like to do.  And, in 20 years, if all goes well - best case scenario -- you produced a productive member of society . . .  What am I missing?


  1. I started the day with .55 cents left in my account, and closed with just under 2 grand


    I have been messing around on FanDuel with NFL for small stakes. So far, I'm a small loser and still trying to find a strategy that works. It's fun, but addictive.

    1. NFL has been tough for me lately. On like a 1-18 streak. Sadly the 1 win I had was a $10 double or nothing. Finished first out of around 1,300. Made $20. Would have cashed for like $3,000 if it were a regular tournament. Based on that, I stopped playing DON's . . .

      College seems easier (if you put the time in to researching . . .)

  2. Your last paragraph sounds like your Vegas outings with Tony.

  3. You are missing the satisfaction in doing your duty to continue the propagation of the species. Otherwise you hit the nail on the head. But you're only seeing the part of raising children that is like herding cats. Once they get a little older, you start getting to the fun stuff. Molding their skulls full of mush, seeing things from a new perspective, discussing world events around the dinner table. There are a lot of fun times in raising kids. But when they're young, it's all about them (at least it's supposed to be) and sometimes it truly sucks your will to live.
    BTW great result on fan duel. I started playing last year. Just NFL. Had some small success but was mostly luck.. This year I'm actually studying and trying to improve. Results so far are so/so. But I tried some new stuff this week and I'm hopeful. We'll see how the next few weeks go. I'd love to score a couple of grand.

  4. still cant believe u had NOOOOOOOOOOO craft beers?? haha i know u had a Coors Light. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit.i was dont Great till BIG BEN blew up again. WTF!!!! at least the Raiders covered the spread. not that i bet on them to do that.

  5. What The Neophyte said about kids.

    The thing is, you have lived the single life your whole life. Everything revolves around you because ... it's just you! When you are a guy and get married and have kids, little revolves around you for large stretches of time. You are not the main act on stage with no opening band. You are the roadie prepping everything for the others, in a sense.

    Oftentimes the mother is the person that kids go to for solace and the father is the guy busting his butt to provide for the family -- at least in a traditional family. A lot more appreciation comes when the kids get older.

    Of course, I am just speaking from my experience as a traditional family father with three kids. Others might have much different experiences.

  6. there is always adoption???? a little child from the inner city or orient??

  7. P3,
    My son turned 3 in May and I don't think you will understand what it is like to be a parent until you actually experience it first hand. It is a lot of hard work and sometimes you don't get to do the things that you want to do, but here are some of the things I experience:
    When I walk through the door coming home from work, my son starts yelling Daddy and runs to me and gives me a big hug. He is excited to see me each night just because I'm his Dad. He watched a Seinfeld episode with me and cracked up laughing the whole time because I thought it was funny too. He picked out his own new shoes last week and was so proud of this that he wore them to bed with his pajamas. The picture that my wife texted me while I was at the casino of this was priceless. The moment when I was ticked that he spilled a drink on the carpet and he looks at me and says Sorry Daddy it was just an assident. (he was 2). It is amazing seeing them learn something new all of the time. They will come up to you for no reason and give you a hug and say that they love you. You and their Mom will be the most important people in their lives. 4 years ago, I was like you and didn't understand the big deal either with kids.

    Congrats on your FanDuel accomplishment. That should help pay for some of your blackjack variance. Remember blackjack is the devil. LOL


  8. Fanduel you say... And my initial reaction to "What am I missing?" (although I have no kids) - no kids, no society...