Monday, December 8, 2014

A Post About Nothing

It's Monday evening.  I'm home watching Eaten Alive off the DVR, knowing, based on reviews I read this afternoon, that no one will, in fact, be eaten alive.  An inevitable disappointment . . .

It's been a while since I've written.  It looks like I've found a way to post again on my MacBook.  Indeed, this very post post renders it beyond question.  So, now that I have the ability to post pictures again, I'll try and put on my Pete P. Peters hat more often.  But, the truth of the matter is I really haven't had much to write about recently.   My weekends have all been pretty much the same -- some concerts . . . some gambling . . . watching football.   Only so many times I can write about that.  

Work has sucked.  To say things have been slow would be an understatement.  I haven't done much of anything the past two months, since my biggest case settled the first week in October and nothing else is really ready for litigation.  So, I've been writing articles . . . and looking for work to manufacture on a contingency case . . .  I get up early . . . get to work by 7:30 . . . and try to stay busy in the morning.  After lunch, I go to the gym for 2 hours.  Then I waste away a few hours before leaving at 6:00 or so.  It's depressing.  And, while the checks still clear every two weeks, it remains to be seen how long this will continue if things don't pick up.  And, frankly, I have mixed feelings about it all.  Some days, I feel like being laid off would not be the worst thing in the world.  I could get by for quite a long time without worry.   And I'd love a few months of doing nothing.  Hell, if I got canned, I'd probably be in Hawaii within days . . . and then Vegas for a month or so  . . .  Only then would I start looking for work.  It would probably be glorious . . .  And I'm not even sure I'd try and continuing practicing law.   Perhaps I'd go in-house at one of the big insurers . . . or finally pursue my dream of becoming a barrister at Starbucks . . . and just run out the clock for the next couple of decades . . .  At least my investments in LVS and MPEL are killing it lately . . .  FML . . .

On the positive side, I've been focusing more on working out.  Usually from like 2 to 4 in the afternoon.  It gives me a nice break from the nothingness of my work day.  I lift for an hour or so and get my swell on.   There are some smoke-shows walking around in Yoga pants.  I like to stare at them in between sets . . . just trying to resist the urge to dole out spankings.  In my head, I'm certain they've all been bad and are in need of some light punishment in the form of a heavy hand to their delightful ass . . . (oops . . . sorry . . . forgot I was blogging there for a second . . .).   Afterwards, I try and run 2 or 3 quick miles before calling it a day . . .  I look forward to getting into decent shape so all the young girls can ignore me at the pools in Vegas yet again this summer  . . . I guess it's better than being laughed at?  

Anyhow, after depressing the crap out of myself writing this crap post, I'll leave you with some sweet, sweet (like, really sweet) video poker porn from last Saturday at the Shoe.   I flopped this sucker within the first 10 minutes of mash:

Then followed up with this one:

Then, after running bad for an hour or so, I rallied with this:

And finally, closed out with a little deuces wild:

As I started with free play, so I walked with $350 profit . . .

I also played actual poker for 3 hours, won $120, and played not a single hand worthy of comment . . .   I've only got 88 hours of cash logged this year.  I'm down $30, thanks mainly to hands I lost in Vegas earlier in the year, including being abused by ggrouchie.   As TBC would say, "my hourly sucks . . ."  Hopefully, I can get it black before years end (something TBC would likely not say) and obtain a moral victory . . .


  1. So, now that I have the ability to post pictures again, I'll try and put on my Pete P. Peters hat more often.

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Eaten Alive??? is that porn?????? SWEEEEET!!!!!!!! u should move to Colorado and open a MMJ/Coffee shop and SHEEEEEEEEEEIT.

  3. theres been plenty of people eaten alive (or swallowed live by wild animals) over the course of history if u research online.

    1. I know. Believe me. I had a second cousin that was eaten by a raccoon about 15 years ago. And he was a baby. The raccoon, that is. I was referring to a TV show that was on discovery channel Sunday night.

    2. One time I was visiting Australia, and a dingo ate my baby.

    3. Pretty sure I heard about that on TV. My sincere condolences. These things do happen, I guess.

  4. I warned you to watch for MPEL to drop back into the teens. Here is my advice I am sending your, I hope you hear it. Start buying in chunks once MPEL drops into the teens and load up if by some divine intervention from Allah it drops down to 15 or 16 mortgage the condo and sell your organs to buy everything you can.