Friday, February 13, 2015

Pete Peters' Open Letter to Readers

I'm trying to finish up some work so I can head out of town for the holiday weekend.  P3 is heading up to Atlantic City to spend the President's Day holiday degening like a good American.  However, I wanted to take a moment to address some comments to recent posts.

Last evening, there were a couple of new comments to the "How High is Too High" post.  In addition to insinuating that P3 is too stupid to understand the brilliance of the local Baltimore $1/3 players (my fish-like approach to the game has been a frequent topic of comments lately), I took some heat for posting pictures of the "high guy."  Upon reflection, I agreed with the criticism, and promptly removed the pictures.  And, if "high guy" (or any of his friends) were offended, I do apologize. 

It's never my intent to take shots at other people with this blog.  It's meant as entertainment.  I try to make posts as interesting as I can.  And, in the instance of "high guy,' I was simply amused at just how fucken high that dude appeared in public, and decided to post the pictures to liven up the story.  Frankly, I did not even think that he (nor anyone who knew him) would ever see the post.  In my mind, I still think of P3's readers as being a limited circle of people.  Perhaps that's no longer the case.  Maybe more people swing by here than I know.  In any event, my intent was not to embarrass "high" guy."  Hell, I've been that high before myself.  Albeit, never in public* and not while crushing a poker table . . . But I digress . . .

In addition to this blog hopefully being a source of some mild entertainment, I also use the format to receive feedback and discussion on hand histories, in the hope of continuing to improve my poker game.  Comments from guys like Brian, Poker Meister, Bill and others are infinitely appreciated.  Of course, if you want to just criticize, that's cool too.  I'm not going to start censoring comments.  You all can say what you want.  I'm a big boy.  I can take it.  In the grand scheme of my life, negative comments from anonymous strangers, who may or may not actually beat the local $1/2 games, is not going to make much of an impression.  It's as simple as that.  And, the numerous folks I've actually been able to befriend based on this blog more than make up for any trolling I endure along the way.

Please be advised, if you haven't picked up on this already -- P3 is often a sarcastic kind-of guy.  Sometimes, perhaps that does not come across on this blog.  But, my intent is never to seriously insult anyone.  Sometimes I may come across as angry at events transpiring at the tables.  Believe me, it's 99% for dramatic effect.  I play poker for fun.  Even the roughest sessions are still enjoyable on some level.  Don't take those "FUCK POKER!!!!!" posts too seriously.  I don't.

In summation -- this blog is intended to be entertaining.  If anyone has a problem with something posted on here . . . if someone is truly offended  . . . . or thinks I've crossed a line . . . tell me about it.  I'm reasonable.  I may agree with you.  I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. 

And, finally, High Guy, if you do read this blog, and if we run into each other at the poker room, say "hello."  I'll buy you a beer . . .


* PS.  I have a pretty good story that, against my better judgment, I'll probably share on here when I get a few moments to post.


  1. this blog has sarcasm???? i almost didnt recoginize it without pics of 4 of kind VP hands.

  2. Oh, now I'm racing back to the comments from that post. Goodness gracious people... Have a nice weekend Mr. Bond!

  3. "But this is too complex for u I'm sure..." Kinda hard to compare the resume' to that of an anonymous critic. I love the internet... :)

    1. to sneak a pic of him and post it is really fu*ked up

      A guy leaves a self-righteous comment, but does so anonymously. Be a man and post under your real name.

  4. Is this where I poast TL;DR? or cool story bro? Or something similar?

  5. Since my blog has been quiet (I haven't posted very frequently), maybe my anonymous detractor moved over to your blog?