Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Final Session

I awoke Saturday still feeling . . . Meh.  But I decided to get one last pre-vegas session in.  I was seated at a new $1/3 table and bought in full stack.   My game plan was to open with bigger raises and  open up my three-bet range a bit - TT through AK.

About three hands in, I was dealt KQ off in late position.   I raised 2 limpers to $15.   The guy to my direct left (hereinafter, "Sir Leaks-a-lot") calls, and both limpers fold.   The flop is 7 9 J rainbow.  I lead for $20, and Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls.   The turn blanks - check, check.  I give up on the river, and fold to villain's $25 bet.  Down $35 quickly.  Two hands later, Sir-Leaks-a-lot is involved with another player.  They get to the river.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot has about $50 behind, when villain bets $150.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot reaches in to his pocket and pulls out another $100 in green and tries to call the full $150.  Fucken. Awesome!

An orbit later, I call $14 with KQ clubs in the cut-off.  Three of us see an A 9 4 (club-fee) flop.  Down  $65.

The very next hand I call $15 with 99.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot (post first rebuy) comes along as well.  Three of us see a 455 flop.  Raiser checks, and I bet $25.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls.  Turn is a Q.  I check for pot control.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot checks too.  The river is a 2.  I figure S-L-A-L likely has a four or a small pocket pair, given his flop call (he would not call the flop bet with over cards or air).   I lead for $45 and Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls and tables 88.  Up $20 or so . . .

A little while later, I find myself looking down at AK in the small blind.  Three people limp the $3, and I raise to $17.  Two of the three call.  I mean, why not limp-call $17, right?  The flop is A Q 9 (two diamonds).  I lead for $32.  Both snap call.  The turn is the 4 of clubs.  I don't want to give a free card, and bet $65.  One call.  The river is a black deuce.  I feel like villain is drawing, and decide to check-call, hoping he takes a stab.  Sadly, he checks back, and mucks when I show Big Slick.

Over the next two hours, I pulled a few more wins . . . nothing remarkable . . . At the 2.5 hour mark, I was up $250 or so.  Perhaps the most interesting hand of the night occurred with me as an observer.  The hand was raised early to $10.  Woman, who bought in for $300, and had been playing very tight, re-raises to $40.  It folds to crazy asian, who re-raises to $120.  It folds back to the girl.  She jams about $100 on top.  Asian calls.  Now, I'm clearly, clearly, clearly putting the girl on KK or AA.  They way she had been playing, nothing else makes sense.  Then, both players flip . . . AK.  Wow.  How does someone play tight, conservative play for several hours, and then stack off with AK in a cash game?  And how does crazy Asian not think he's flipping, at best, with AK?  I guess after girl jams, he can't fold for $100 more.  But, I don't see myself four-betting given my perception of the girl's range.  Then  again, apparently, what do I know? 

Late in the session, I again found AK in late position.  There was a $10 open and a call.  I three-bet to $37 and got a call from the button -- a very competent reg.  The original raiser called, and other middle position caller folds.  Three to the flop: 8 K 2 rainbow.  It checks to me, and I check.  Button bets $85.  He has about $150 behind.  It folds to me and I jam.  He snaps . . . turn is a 4 . . . river is a K . . . we both flip AK for a rather unsatisfying chop . . .

After three hours or so, I cashed out up $270 . . .

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chasing Winners

Last night, I drove up to the Horseshoe to get some hands in.  I sat down around 6:30 at what I perceived to be a fairly tough table.  No real soft spots, except, perhaps, for the eight seat.   I was in the eight seat . . .

I bought in for $300, and was down to $240 after a series of unremarkable hands.  I ultimately got some cards, and worked my stack back to $320.  Unfortunately, after a little less than two hours, I started to feel, um, less than ideal.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that I hadn't really eaten all day.  While I'm feeling much better than Tuesday, when  could barely get off the couch, I'm still not 100%, and really haven't felt like eaten all week.  Anyway, about an hour in to the session, I grabbed a quick bite from the Diamond lounge; but when I got back to the table, I still felt like crap.  So, around 8:30, I packed up and went home.  

There was one hand that was somewhat interesting.  I'm in the big blind.  UTG, who has built a big stack, but, seems to be getting a bit lucky, and seems to overplay TP kinds of hands (I saw him easily call some big rivers with over pairs on very coordinated boards.  Almost automatic.  He couldn't be ranging his villains given how quickly he was calling off these boards), limps for $3 . . . Young Hoodie Mutha Fucker (hereinafter, "YHMF"), just calls.  I check my option with J9 (clubs).  Now, YHMF had busted out of the big tournament series earlier in the day.  He's reckless.  He raises, re-raises, jams, whatever, over and over . . . He's busted at least once the past 30 minutes.  His stack is always moving $100's a hand.  I've seen him win a few pots with hands like KQ.  He's mucked all is losers, usually claiming he got unlucky when he had some huge hand, like top set.  It's a bit surprising he just limped into this pot.  

Flop comes out J(d) 3(d) T(c).  I lead $7 into the $10 pot.   UTG calls.  YHMF raises, on cue, to $35.  Now, I figure I could be good.  YHFM could have absolutely anything.  A draw is likely.  But, I figure my hand is unlikely to improve.  In fact, if I do improve to 2-pair, the 9 might actually make YHMF's draw.  And, UTG+1 may actually have me beat.  While I'm tempted to see another card, I fold.

UTG calls, and the turn is a 9(s).  Fuck.  UTG checks, and YHMF bets $65.  Now, I'm thinking, if I'm still in this hand, what the fuck would I do?  JT9 on the board, with two pair.  I prolly have to call, right?  If YHMF has KQ or 78, I guess I'm getting stacked?

Anyway, UTG calls.  

River is a J.  Perfect.  UTG leads for $100 and YHMF folds.  UTG shows J3 for jacks full.  Had I called $28 more on the flop, I would have made $300 on the hand.  

So, am I looking at this in a total results oriented way?  I was, indeed, behind to at least 1 player on the flop.  I would have gotten lucky on the turn.  Do I need to open up my game and actually CHASE a bit MORE?  Another hand this session, I folded A4 hearts to a $15 opening raise.  The flop, of course, was A49 and, ultimately, A7 took down a $90 pot.  It's frustrating to play tight, and to see mucked hands turn out to be the biggest winners of the night . . .

Anywhoo . . .  Deciding whether or not to play this afternoon.  Leaning towards making the drive.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vegas Getaway

Next week's Vegas trip has come together well.  I'm flying out from BWI to McCarran Thursday morning, arriving in Paradise at 11:50.  I'll be staying at Caesars for three nights on a full comp.  It's been a long, and unusually cold, winter, so I'm particularly looking forward to spending a few days at the pool, chill'n in the sun and sipping some delightful Miller Lite's.  I've got Kenny Chesny tickets for The Joint Friday night, and tickets for Elton John at Caesars Saturday night.  Hopefully, I'll find a little time to gamble as well.  Of course, [y]u[o] see, my primary reason for this trip was to get down on some bases futures before first pitch of the regular season on April 5th (Sunday night).  Frankly, I still don't have my plays decided.  I usually play 4 teams.  This year, however, I'm thinking about just taking some homer plays to make the season more enjoyable -- the OVERS on the Mets and O's (I think both have good shots at cashing, although they would likely not be my top plays if they weren't my favorite teams), and also dropping $200 or $300 on the Nats for the NL Pennant (the OVER 94 wins scares me, particularly given their lack of solid closer and the fact that no one in the East may be close to chasing them come September).  Also sort of like the Pirates OVER.  We'll see . . .        

Also, I was sick as f*ck yesterday and, while I'm back in the office today, I still can't eat.  The upside, of course, is that I may finally lose that last 3 or 4 pounds just in time for the pool next weekend. #silverlining.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pete P Peters & the Beast of a Middle Aged C*nt

Yesterday (Sunday), I woke up at 11:30.  For, [y]u[o] see, I had been in the office until around midnight Saturday night, and was too titled to get to sleep before 4:00 am or so.  As previously reported, I had intended to spend Sunday in the office, working on some follow up for our client in Korea.  However, upon reflection, I realized that, given the time difference, nothing I did Sunday would likely even be looked at by the client until Monday night.  So, I did the only sensible thing - I drove out to the Horseshoe to finally get in a session of poker.

I the first orbit was a doozy.  I bought in for $300, and immediately posted.  After folding 4 hands, I found myself with "Cowboys" UTG.  I opened the action for $17, and was re-raised by a middle aged woman (likely, 50 or so) to $75.  Action folds back around to me, and I shove (interestingly, this woman had just had AA two hands before . . . not that this influenced my action).  She calls without much hesitation.  Flop is AJ8 x x.  She has ladies, and I'm quickly up $230.  After the hand, I'm chatting with the guy next to me - a reg I've played with before.  The action got around to my big blind and I must have delayed about 5 or 6 seconds in looking at me cards.  The hag from the prior hand yells out, "YOU STILL NEED TO PAY ATTENTION AFTER YOU WIN A HAND, YOU KNOW!!!!  Um.  Relax, lady.  You lost a hand on a questionable preflop call. Let's not be too much of a sore loser.

In any event, I finally FINALLY FINALLY . . . look down at my hand after a five second delay that, apparently felt like hours, and have 6T.  I check my option.  Flop is 66J (two clubs).  Not bad.  I check.  Woman bets $15.  Older guy in blazer on the button calls.  I raise to $45.  Old Hag folds and Blazer shoves for approximately $150 more.  I call without much hesitation.  Dude has A6, and I ship most of my profit from the previous hand to the guy.  Easy come and all . . . Out of the corner of my eye, I see the Beast smirking and commenting to the guy next to her.  Whatevs . . . Hell, after my Saturday, even this c*nt's behavior can't ruin my mood.  I'm just happy to be playing cards!

After those two hands, not much else happened.  I limp/called a plethora of small pocket pairs, trying to set mine, but never connected (meanwhile, the woman next to me flopped sets with ducks twice -- TWICE -- in an hour and got all in both times for about $500 profit.  Ultimately, I won a decent pot with 99.  After two limpers, I raised to $15, and got two callers.  Flop was 862.  It checked to me and I bet $25 and took it down.  A little while later, though, I raised UTG to $17 with AQ and went heads up to a J-high flop.  I led for $25 and got called in one spot, and gave up on the turn . . . $42 shifting spots . . .  

Frustratingly, the game played short-handed most of the night.  We had a few people leave chips on the table and disappear for well over an hour (in fact, the Old Beast was absent for at least two hours).  We were six handed when the floor opened a brand new $1/3 game.  Really?  Love rake much?  Eventually, the game was 5 handed (three people on "dinner break" and two empty seats.  The four people remaining were basically nits, except for one guy that just opened every hand to $10.  A truly awful game.  At 7:45, I let the table know that, while I hated to leave them 4-handed, I had to leave soon.  I gave away a few blinds and, finally, at 8:00, I racked up and left, causing the table to break.   Down $53 on the session.   59.42 hours played on the year; down $582 total.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hot Flopped Nuts

I'm back from a solid weekend in AC.  Saturday afternoon, this happened:

Always nice when the sweet, sweet VP Pays off.

I played three sessions over the course of the weekend, for a total of 17 hours.  Cashed out $500+ profit.   I played Friday night from 9:30 or so to 4:00 am.  Once again, I was card dead most of the time.  Few decent hands, and missed flops were the norm.  Made most of my profit on on lucky hand. I limped A7 clubs from the big blind, and went three to the flop along with the small blind.  Flop was AK4.  It checked around. Turn was a 7.  I bet $12, and got a call from the small blind.  River is a 7.  Small blind leads out for $28.  I pop to $75.  He shoves. . .  I snap . . . he tables K7.  Ouch.    Nothing more fun than enjoying some adult beverages, sitting back, and slipping into an easy double up.

My initial table broke around 2:00 am, and I got shipped to the most perfect table ever.  HOLY. FUCKEN. DRUNKS.  Like, when Pete P. Peters looks around the table and thinks to himself: "Fuck, these dudes are toooo drunk,"  you know there are some very drunk people at the table . . .  Of the 10 seats, three guys had just come from a bachelor party (strip club wristbands and all), and another dude was nearly too drunk to speak (the 8 seat was the reg who check, checked his flopped set against me two weeks ago, and induced me to spazz a big hand off . . .).   One guy repeatedly asked when the blinds were going up.  They never did.  He never understood.   Another guy -- a drunk from London -had his chips in a big pile in front of him.  And despite repeated warnings from the floor, was utterly incapable of stacking them.  No one pressed the issue, because, regardless whether you could estimate his stake, you just knew you wanted it all and were likely to get it.  More than once, he attempted to both "check" and "raise" simultaneously.  Good times.  When he folded a hand, he would just clumsily waive his hand in front of his face, which induced dealer after dealer after dealer to ask, "sir, what exactly are you trying to do?"  It was all kinds of awesome.  Of course, I got none of his money....

At some point, this hand took place:  One drunken dude open shoved $108.  Another drunken dude  (call him "Drunk-Squared") looked like he was tortured by the decision he was faced with.  Finally, he spoke:  "I love this hand.  I don't think I can let it go."  Eventually, he called.  Drunk 1 had the all powerful A8 suited.  Drunk-Squared had . . . you guessed it: K 4 off.  The king hit the turn and Drunk-Squared scooped.  Fucken Saturday night poker, folks . . .

An hour later, I look down at JJ UTG.  I raise to $15.  Drunk-Squared, who had not played a single hand in an hour, SHOVES for $200 or so.  WTF?  It was the first time I had seen him show any aggression.  And, again, he had not played a hand in an hour.  Now, after I (who had certainly not gotten out of line) raise UTG, he decides to shove?  It folds around to me.  Aside from drunken spazz, I figure I'm flipping at best.  And, I really can't put him on spazz.  I've been playing for 5 hours or so.  I don't feel like flipping my stack off on a pure gamble.  Painfully, I fold.  Drunken-Squared tables T8.  Fuck. Me.  Drunken-Squared then proceeds to blind shove his stack repeatedly.  He gets away with it 4 times before, the fifth time, the Reg from seat 8 calls him with AQ and puts an end to Drunken-Squared's night.  Shortly thereafter, around 4:00 am, I leave too, and finally decide to eat some dinner/breakfast . . .


Saturday, I awake at noon, and, after an hour of so of Devils Game (including the $800 hand above), I
cab over to Bally's for an afternoon session at the WSOP Wild West room.  My image was solid.  I felt like I could pretty much do whatever I wanted at the table.  Poker.  What a crazy game.  I can go from feeling like the table captain one session, to feeling like the biggest fish in the room the next.  Unreal.  No real notable hands.  But I left after 3 hours with a solid profit.  I also fell in love.  Woman across the table from me was a solid poker player.  She was also wearing an O'Shea's sweatshirt . . .  and pounded at least 6 beers while I was sitting there.  She was delightful.  Had I too been drinking, I may have proposed. I doubt my mom would have liked her  . . .

Around 8:00, I went to Mortons for the standard filet and cabernet.

After dinner, I cabbed back to Harrah's and settled in for another long session.   It was a really fun table.  Like, really fun.  To the point where, at times, I almost forget I was playing poker.  A delightful combination of cool people and degenerate drunks.  My play was steady.   I finally got some decent hands.  AA twice.  KK twice.  While I did not make much off either, I won all 4.  Let me get some thoughts on this one:

KK in position.  There is a $12 raise.  No callers.  I three-bet to $35.  He calls and we go heads up to the flop:  9T2 (two clubs).  It checks to me.  I bet $50 and it folds.  Now, I seem to recall Poker Meister talking about checking the flop in this spot.   I mean, there's not much to worry about.  Chances of an ace hitting . . . or Villain being on a flush draw?  Not high.  Is this a spot to check?

I steadily built a stack over the course of the night.  But, every time I was on the verge of building a sizable "roll," something happened to knock me back down.  This was perhaps the most frustrating hand:

I limp K3 hearts from the button.  The flop is K(s) 2(c) 3(c).  It checks to me, and I bet $10.  One caller (a guy who, seemingly, was one of the more competent guys at the table).  The turn is a red 8.  Villain leads for $10.  I raise to $35.  He flats.  River is 8(c).  Fuck.  Is there a worse card?  If he's drawing, he hit . . . and my two pair is counterfeited.  In short, I'm beating nothing.  Villain leads for $45.   I fold.  Later, when I get up to hit the head, I stop by villain and we chat about the hand.   He says had K5 and "had me dominated."  Um.  Well.  Ok.  Not sure I'm calling the turn raise with top pair, 5 kicker  . . .  but, good hand, I guess . . .

I played aggressive most of the night.  I raised 80% of the hands I played.  KJ . . . AT . . . and even hands like 88 or 99 . . . I opened with a raise.  And, I was able to take down many on the flops, even 3 or 4 handed....  Of course, the one time I limped, I got burned.  It was late in the session.  Probably around 3:30 am.  I had AJ and limped in after 3 players.  The flop was A84.  I bet, and one villain called.  Turn was a 2.  Villain led for $25.  I flatted.  River was a T.  Villain bets $22.  Um.  Huh?  I call.  He proudly flips T4.  I really have no one to blame but myself.  That was it.  I was pissed at myself . .  tilting . . . and called it a night shortly thereafter.


Sunday, on the way home, I stopped by Maryland Live to pick up $100 in free play.  I slipped my card into the 100-hand double, double bonus game and, 20 minutes later, cashed out $200.  Easy game.  $1,300 profit for the weekend.  7,000 Caesars Tier Points on the year.  Fun times.


As for dem pokerz . . . I'm at 57 hours on the year, and down $529.  Next week I'll probably grind a few sessions at the Shoe.  Then, the weekend of the 21st, it's going to be a degenerate weekend of black jack and NCAA basketball with my old law school crew, including "Gamblor" -- my old roommate who got me to place my very first bet years ago.... Then, April 2nd, it's off to Vegas for 4 nights to place bases futures...  #toughlife

Finally, congrats to Nick on the new job and good luck in Vegas this week!  Kick some ass and have lots of fun, sir!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Caesars Love

If you've followed this blog, or read some recent tweets, you are prolly familiar with my recent vitriol of Caesars Entertainment.  In short, last year, I hit 30,000 + tier points and, as my reward, Harrah's AC went from offering free rooms to charging me $400+ a night on weekends.  I was basically in the process of transitioning my play to MLIFE (in anticipation of MGM National Harbor in 2016), when, this week, I logged on to my Total Rewards account, and found that I am, once again, basically comped all over the country for the foreseeable future.  This could be due to the 6,000 tier points I've racked up so far this year.  Or, perhaps Gary Loveman simply recognized the error of his ways.  Regardless of cause, like any good degenerate, I pounced.

I booked two weekends  at Harrah's this month.  I switched my April 2nd Vegas trip from Signature at MGM to Caesars Palace.  And, most notably, I booked 9 days in the August Tower for May 29 through June 7, during the WSOP.  I was inspiring by Lightning's ghost post on the Dirty TBC blog yesterday, which mentioned Event #5 of the WSOP -- a $565 buy-in, four-day event.  I can get behind donating $500 for the sake of playing an actual WSOP event.  I'm in.  Now I have three months to learn something about actually playing poker.  Wish me luck.