Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chasing Winners

Last night, I drove up to the Horseshoe to get some hands in.  I sat down around 6:30 at what I perceived to be a fairly tough table.  No real soft spots, except, perhaps, for the eight seat.   I was in the eight seat . . .

I bought in for $300, and was down to $240 after a series of unremarkable hands.  I ultimately got some cards, and worked my stack back to $320.  Unfortunately, after a little less than two hours, I started to feel, um, less than ideal.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that I hadn't really eaten all day.  While I'm feeling much better than Tuesday, when  could barely get off the couch, I'm still not 100%, and really haven't felt like eaten all week.  Anyway, about an hour in to the session, I grabbed a quick bite from the Diamond lounge; but when I got back to the table, I still felt like crap.  So, around 8:30, I packed up and went home.  

There was one hand that was somewhat interesting.  I'm in the big blind.  UTG, who has built a big stack, but, seems to be getting a bit lucky, and seems to overplay TP kinds of hands (I saw him easily call some big rivers with over pairs on very coordinated boards.  Almost automatic.  He couldn't be ranging his villains given how quickly he was calling off these boards), limps for $3 . . . Young Hoodie Mutha Fucker (hereinafter, "YHMF"), just calls.  I check my option with J9 (clubs).  Now, YHMF had busted out of the big tournament series earlier in the day.  He's reckless.  He raises, re-raises, jams, whatever, over and over . . . He's busted at least once the past 30 minutes.  His stack is always moving $100's a hand.  I've seen him win a few pots with hands like KQ.  He's mucked all is losers, usually claiming he got unlucky when he had some huge hand, like top set.  It's a bit surprising he just limped into this pot.  

Flop comes out J(d) 3(d) T(c).  I lead $7 into the $10 pot.   UTG calls.  YHMF raises, on cue, to $35.  Now, I figure I could be good.  YHFM could have absolutely anything.  A draw is likely.  But, I figure my hand is unlikely to improve.  In fact, if I do improve to 2-pair, the 9 might actually make YHMF's draw.  And, UTG+1 may actually have me beat.  While I'm tempted to see another card, I fold.

UTG calls, and the turn is a 9(s).  Fuck.  UTG checks, and YHMF bets $65.  Now, I'm thinking, if I'm still in this hand, what the fuck would I do?  JT9 on the board, with two pair.  I prolly have to call, right?  If YHMF has KQ or 78, I guess I'm getting stacked?

Anyway, UTG calls.  

River is a J.  Perfect.  UTG leads for $100 and YHMF folds.  UTG shows J3 for jacks full.  Had I called $28 more on the flop, I would have made $300 on the hand.  

So, am I looking at this in a total results oriented way?  I was, indeed, behind to at least 1 player on the flop.  I would have gotten lucky on the turn.  Do I need to open up my game and actually CHASE a bit MORE?  Another hand this session, I folded A4 hearts to a $15 opening raise.  The flop, of course, was A49 and, ultimately, A7 took down a $90 pot.  It's frustrating to play tight, and to see mucked hands turn out to be the biggest winners of the night . . .

Anywhoo . . .  Deciding whether or not to play this afternoon.  Leaning towards making the drive.


  1. Re YHMF: You know what he is going to do. I would go in trapping mode. Unless he is so bad that he will call down almost anything, be patient and wait for the chance to win a major pot against him. But know that any speculation you do will probably result in your bleeding some chips.

    Re: A4: This is a crap hand, although I would spend a little on this if it was sooted. Even if you hit two pair on the flop like in your example, it is an easy hand to get counterfeited in the turn or river.

    If you are not feeling good today, I hope you don't go. At least I know that my play often reflects how I am feeling that day.

  2. Not trying to stalk you or anything, lol, but I will be there by 4. Free miller lite or two if we meet up, and fillet is definitely for dinner.


  3. Congrats on quitting when you saw you hadn't brought your A game.

    No real soft spots, except, perhaps, for the eight seat. I was in the eight seat


    am I looking at this in a total results oriented way?

    Easy fold. Don't even think about it. You already know this.

  4. It would be one thing if you were heads up with YHMF but you had to worry about the UTG guy and you were right, you were beat on the flop. Now you're looking at only 2 cards to come - and a card that beats UTG might make YHMF good. So unless you know you're getting runner runner, you made the right play. It's just another thing about poker that sometimes sucks. Or you could be like me and just assume they're both lying and luck into the winning hand. There are advantages to playing fat dumb and happy sometimes. Hope to hit the tables tonight myself, lets see how much I bring home with me.

  5. So are you at the shoe?

  6. Tough to see the hand play out, but you were way behind when you folded, so you made the right play...