Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Final Session

I awoke Saturday still feeling . . . Meh.  But I decided to get one last pre-vegas session in.  I was seated at a new $1/3 table and bought in full stack.   My game plan was to open with bigger raises and  open up my three-bet range a bit - TT through AK.

About three hands in, I was dealt KQ off in late position.   I raised 2 limpers to $15.   The guy to my direct left (hereinafter, "Sir Leaks-a-lot") calls, and both limpers fold.   The flop is 7 9 J rainbow.  I lead for $20, and Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls.   The turn blanks - check, check.  I give up on the river, and fold to villain's $25 bet.  Down $35 quickly.  Two hands later, Sir-Leaks-a-lot is involved with another player.  They get to the river.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot has about $50 behind, when villain bets $150.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot reaches in to his pocket and pulls out another $100 in green and tries to call the full $150.  Fucken. Awesome!

An orbit later, I call $14 with KQ clubs in the cut-off.  Three of us see an A 9 4 (club-fee) flop.  Down  $65.

The very next hand I call $15 with 99.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot (post first rebuy) comes along as well.  Three of us see a 455 flop.  Raiser checks, and I bet $25.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls.  Turn is a Q.  I check for pot control.  Sir-Leaks-a-lot checks too.  The river is a 2.  I figure S-L-A-L likely has a four or a small pocket pair, given his flop call (he would not call the flop bet with over cards or air).   I lead for $45 and Sir-Leaks-a-lot calls and tables 88.  Up $20 or so . . .

A little while later, I find myself looking down at AK in the small blind.  Three people limp the $3, and I raise to $17.  Two of the three call.  I mean, why not limp-call $17, right?  The flop is A Q 9 (two diamonds).  I lead for $32.  Both snap call.  The turn is the 4 of clubs.  I don't want to give a free card, and bet $65.  One call.  The river is a black deuce.  I feel like villain is drawing, and decide to check-call, hoping he takes a stab.  Sadly, he checks back, and mucks when I show Big Slick.

Over the next two hours, I pulled a few more wins . . . nothing remarkable . . . At the 2.5 hour mark, I was up $250 or so.  Perhaps the most interesting hand of the night occurred with me as an observer.  The hand was raised early to $10.  Woman, who bought in for $300, and had been playing very tight, re-raises to $40.  It folds to crazy asian, who re-raises to $120.  It folds back to the girl.  She jams about $100 on top.  Asian calls.  Now, I'm clearly, clearly, clearly putting the girl on KK or AA.  They way she had been playing, nothing else makes sense.  Then, both players flip . . . AK.  Wow.  How does someone play tight, conservative play for several hours, and then stack off with AK in a cash game?  And how does crazy Asian not think he's flipping, at best, with AK?  I guess after girl jams, he can't fold for $100 more.  But, I don't see myself four-betting given my perception of the girl's range.  Then  again, apparently, what do I know? 

Late in the session, I again found AK in late position.  There was a $10 open and a call.  I three-bet to $37 and got a call from the button -- a very competent reg.  The original raiser called, and other middle position caller folds.  Three to the flop: 8 K 2 rainbow.  It checks to me, and I check.  Button bets $85.  He has about $150 behind.  It folds to me and I jam.  He snaps . . . turn is a 4 . . . river is a K . . . we both flip AK for a rather unsatisfying chop . . .

After three hours or so, I cashed out up $270 . . .


  1. Played 3 hours of break-even poker on Betcoin this afternoon. .1 / .25 game. No real remarkable hands. Then this:

    AK UTG. Open to .89 Six callers. Flop A 9 6. Bet 2.3 One caller.

    Turn 5. Bet 6 Raised to 14. I shove.

    Villain 7 8 . . .The King on the river is just insult.

  2. Perhaps Tony would be available for some coaching here?

  3. From what I understand, hero is currently enjoying a slightly better quality of a more normal life. Doubt he would be interested.

  4. After three hours or so, I cashed out up $270

    Good win.

  5. The AK story Isn't surprising. I watched TWO DIFFERENT MEN stack off to a big bet after the flop with no pair, just AK, Friday night. AK play in a cash game amazes me...

  6. r there asians that arent crazy?????????

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  8. i am late to your blog post and busy as hell but wanted to quickly type bravo on your hand histories. i like how you played them