Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fight Night At The Shoe

Fight Night.  Well.  Almost.

I stopped by the Shoe after today's (Sunday's) O's game, to play a few hours of $1/3.  Over the course of the first half hour, I played a total of three hands.  KQ, AQ and 99.  I opened each in early position to $17.  The KQ hand saw a missed flop, a C-bet that was called, and a $42 loss.   On the AQ hand, I hit an ace heads up (against the ultimate villain in this story), checked the flop, bet the turn, and took down a small pot.  And, finally, on  the 99 hand, I opened UTG to $17 and did not get a call.   So, in sum, the first half hour, I played only three hands, opened each to a decent raise, and didn't show down a single card.    

So, on the hand at issue.  Villain -- an older (60-ish) reg, wearing shorts, with an orange Orioles shirt and Orioles cap -- opens in early position for $15.  He gets a call from middle position.  I'm in the small blind and look down at QQ.   I raise to $46.  And villain starts in immediately: "you must have AA.  You're not good enough to raise with any other hands . . ."  Um.  What?  OK. Sir.  I say nothing, particularly since we are still 3-handed.  Villain flats the $46, and third player bows out.  The flop comes down 5 Q 7 (rainbow).  Nice.  I'm first to act, and decide to lead out for $65.  Villain quickly calls.  The turn is an A.   I decide to check, and villain checks back.  River is another A.  I tank a bit, and ultimately slide out a stack of $125.  Villain goes in to the tank: "Quad Aces?  Really?    Do you really have quad aces?  I really think I'm good here . . ."   Villain eventually calls.  I table my boat and he shows KK.  Then the fire works start: "Yeah. Shake your head.  Like you knew I had KK.  Do you know how lucky you are?  You are such a bad player.  I can't believe you raised QQ pre flop.  You are such a bad player.  What if I had shoved?  Are you gonna go all in pre-flop with your QQ?  I had you dominated.  Yeah, keep smiling.  Don't worry.  You are soooo bad, I'll get ALL my money back and more . . . Who raises QQ to $50 pre flop?  What did you think I had?  You are soooo bad"

At this point, a couple of the younger guys at the table ask if Villain and I know each other. I think they assumed he was joking.  One of them asks, "Sir, you are joking right?  You are joking about 3-betting Queens, aren't you?"  Villain, however, is not joking.  And he continues with his rant: "I should have shoved all in.  How bad are you raising QQ... What would you have done if I had shoved?"  Now, again - my actual skills at poker are sort of irrelevant in this spot.  Based on the three hands I had previously played, I'm not sure how you could conclude that I'm a bad player.  Up to this point, I had just sat silent, and stacked my chips.  But no longer: "Sir, perhaps you SHOULD have 4-bet your kings pre flop." He continues: "I was way ahead the whoooole time!  You are soo bad at poker.  I'm going to win it all back and more."  Me: "Sir; just relax.  Please relax sir.  You only have $24 left.  How are you going to take $600 from me with those chips?"  I continued: "Sir, if you need a loan to rebuy, I can float you some cash . . ."  At this point, Villain's face nearly matched his orange O's hat and shirt.

Sadly, over the course of the next hour or so, I only got involved in one more hand with Villain.  I limped 76 from the big blind and turned two pair.  Villain paid me off on a $12 turn bet, and then we checked down the river (there were straight and flush draws on the board).  In fact, had Villain bet the river, he probably could have taken me off my 2 pair.  But, apparently, Villain was not a very creative player . . .

I walked up $300 after 2 hours or so.

Sadly, the $300 profit did not quite make up for my  disastrous Saturday evening . . .  Saturday afternoon, I played 4 hours of black jack and VP and made a couple hundred bucks.  Then it was off to Morton's for dinner, followed by the 7:05 first pitch at Camden Yards.  After the game, I walked back to the casino to play a session.  It was a bad idea from the start.  I was, um . . . pretty drunk.  Almost immediately, I three-barreled KQ on a missed board and found myself down about $90.  I added $100 back to my stack, and then played this hand:  I had K(d) Q (s).  I raised $15 and got one call.  The flop was Diamond, Diamond, Diamond.  I fired the flop, and got called.  The turn blanked.  I over bet the pot . . . and got called.  The river was the 3(d).  Villain checks to me . . . and winks.  I have about $225 left.  Villain has me covered.  Now, if villain's wink was suppose to say, "hey, dummy, I have the Ace," such subtlety was lost on me given my drunken haze.  Based on his calls of my flop and turn bet, I did not think he was drawing (although he could have flopped the nuts).  In any event, drunken Pete slid out a stack of redbirds.  Villain immediately shoves.  Fuck.  Huge pot.  $125 more to call.  I know I hung myself.  But I paid him off.  He shows A(d) 8(c).    I rebought (in for $700), but got up shortly thereafter, as I was both drunk and bored - a bad combination for poker.  So, I took my $285 or so and did the only sensible thing -- threw the chips down at the black jack table and started playing $50 hands.  That too did not go well.

At this point, I totally Tony'd.  I went to the ATM and pulled out another $400, with the intention of winning it all back at the black jack table.  But, fortunately, I had a moment of clarity.  Instead, I opted for one last beer and a cheeseburger at Guy Fierri's . . .    A pretty bad end to an otherwise fun Saturday . . . 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vegas Trip Report

It's Easter Sunday.  I'm sitting at McCarran, awaiting my flight back to Baltimore, which is  currently delayed [y][o]u see.   It was a solid trip.  I got in to town 5:00 Wednesday, and checked in to Caesars Palace through the Diamond Registration room.  Total process took 5 minutes.  After charging my phone briefly, I walked across the street to the Linq to grab a few cocktails and grind the 100-Hand VP machine.  It was there that I hit the VP hand of the weekend:

 I hit a handful of other decent wins during the trip as well:

Ultimately, despite some nice hits, I got torched to the tune of ($1,500) on the sweet sweet "Devils Game" over the four days.

Thursday night, I grabbed an early dinner at Nobu, which was awesome as always.  Some Yellowtail Jalepeno sashimi . . . Miso Cod and lobster rolls.  Around midnight, I called it a day.

I awoke early Thursday.  The casino was dead.  I decided to handle my business, and walked over to Venetian and Wynn, and then cabbed to Westgate, to price some baseball totals -- the main purpose of this trip.  This year, unlike years past, I had no real strong leans on any plays (although, I do love the UNDER 86 on the Sox; yet, as mentioned before, I don't play unders).  I decided to play a couple of "homer bets" and took the Mets and Orioles.  I then took a few bets for the NL, the AL and the WS:

Beyond this, Thursday was more of the same during the day.  Lots of VP in the morning.  Then, around noon, I decided to hit up the pool for a few hours.  The entire "Garden of the Gods" complex was packed, and , despite it being a Thursday, it was difficult to find a chair.  It makes me rethink my plan to stay at Caesars for a week in May. There's something to be said for the relaxed and laid back pools at The Signature - my usual summer accommodations . . .

Around 8:00, I picked up my "Diamond Celebration Dinner Voucher," and headed over to BLT steak to free roll some cabernet and a filet.  While sitting at the bar, I found out that Man in Black (not his real name) and Alaska Girl were playing poker at Flamingo.  When I finished up, I walked over and found that MIB had saved me a seat next to him at a $2/4 limit game.  Now, I had never played limit hold'em before.  The closest I had come was the $2/6 spread game at Monte Carlo last summer with Coach.  But, regardless, I bought in for $100 and gave it a shot, mainly just to talk to MIB.  $2/4 limit is an, um . . . interesting game.  I ended up winning a decent pot with JJ.  I raised . . . to like $4, which I think was the max.  There were like six callers.  I raised the flop, and got a handful of callers. Ultimately, we got to the river, heads up.  The guy bet $4.  There was like $60 in the pot. I assumed my JJ was no good.  But, um, $4 into $60 . . . I obviously call, and dude mucks.  Sort of hilarious.  After an hour or so, I walked up $50:

Notably, while we were playing, The Trooper97 stopped by.  We chatted for probably close to an hour, before he walked over to Bellagio to get in to a $2/5 game.  Now, I started watching Trooper's VLOG a few months ago. And, frankly, after viewing the first few videos, filmed prior to his departure for Vegas, I wasn't sure what to think.  I mean, he was LOUD AS FUCK.  And he said "FUCK" a lot.  And, I mean, what kind of guy walks around filming himself with a selfie stick all day?  Am I right?  But, as it turns out, Tim is a really nice guy. Like, a REALLY nice guy.  And it seems like he's doing everything possible to make this current venture of his a success, mainly through a lot of hard work and, of course, working a day job (at least for the moment).  So, Tim, best of luck with the poker and the VLOG.  Hopefully we can play a session sometime in June during my next visit.  In the meantime, please click the link above and check out Tim's VLOG for yourself if you haven't subscribed already.

After some $2/4 at Flamingo, I headed over to Caesars to play some $1/2.  I think I sat down around 11:00 and played to 4:00 am, losing $175 in the process.  At one point, I was in the game for $600 and was down over $400.  I basically lost a handful of hands to the same villain, whom I could simply not beat.  First hand, I raised KQ and missed. All low cards on the flop.  I put him on a pocket pair and tried to bluff him off it, firing three bullets for around $150.  But, it's hard to bluff a dude off a flopped wheel . . .

Next hand against Villain (who was seated directly to my left), I had JQ, and raised it.  Flop was 88J.  Turn Q.  He called my flop and turn bets. I checked the river to him.  He bet $65.  I called.  He showed an 8.

Next hand against Villain (and, keep in mind, I was not playing many hands.  And, villain was not playing many hands.  In fact, it seemed like he only played when I opened a pot), I again raised KQ.  And, again, he called.  Flop has 2 spades.  I bet my air, and he calls.  Turn is a spade. I check, and he bets $50. I fold and he shows the flush.  I mean, come on!

At this point, half joking, but 100% drunk, I got up and told him I was getting as far away from him as possible, and took a seat across the table.   A few minutes later, we got into yet another hand. I again open-raised AQ.  Once again, he called.  Flop was A6J.  He checked, I bet, he called.  Turn was a 6.  He checked, I bet, he called.  River was a K.  He bet $85.  I called.  We chopped - my AQ against his A8.  This mutha fucker!!!

At 4:00 am . . . drunk and tired . . . I called it a night.

3 hours later, I was awake and ready for Friday.  I struggled all day, likely as a result of too much booze Thursday night and two nights of virtually no sleep.  But, I was determined to head over to the Hardrock for the Kenny Chesny show at 8:00.   I arrived around 7:00, had a couple of Patron and clubs and, pretty soon, was ready to roll.  And the show did not disappoint:

Saturday.  Last day in Vegas.  And the Final Four.  I got to the sports book at Caesars around 11:00, only to see Richard Sherman and his crew holding court.   I went to the window, and placed the biggest sucker bet I could think of:  Duke/UK money line parlay for $150.  I got two drinks tickets and a dunce cap for my effort.  Of course, mere hours later, UK would fall to Wisconsin, and the book would get the last laugh.  Actually, it was one of many laughs the book had at my expense this trip.  I put together a solid 0-6.  But, in my defense, this included two OT hockey losses, where I had fairly big underdogs on the ML.  I also took Miami in the NIT final against Stanford and, like a champ, passed on the 2.5 points and took the Canes on the ML.  Of course, Stanford won by 2 in OT. Ugh.

Saturday night, I grabbed an early dinner at Sushi Roku at the Forum shops, and then went to see Elton John:

The show was sort of . . . meh.  The best part may have been when Elton called Celine Dion (who shares the theater with him) a "skinny little bitch."  But, I had not gone to the show to see Elton crack jokes.  The music was OK, but not too much energy.  And, the entire time, some bitch in the row behind me decided she had to sing along, off key, and at the top of her lungs, to every song.  What the fuck are people thinking?  It got so bad that I almost left thirty minutes in.  But, ultimately, I stuck it out.  Fortunately, it was a relatively brief 2 hour show.  It got out at 9:30 - plenty of time to crush a Saturday night in vegas, right?  Wrong.  My gas tank was empty.  After an hour of video poker and a liter of water, I called it a trip . . .

Final Tally:  ($1,500 VP) . . . ($400 sports) . . . ($125 poker)  On the bright side, I did win $200 in a quick, ten-hand, session of hit-and-run black jack at the Hard Rock after the Kenny show, while waiting for the taxi line to die down.  So, down about $2 G's.  But, hey, at least he room was comped, right?

And now . . . zoooooom . . . back to reality.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Of course, this is a VACATION, u see

good news. youll be happy to know that I SUCCESSFULLY dropped myself off at the airport this morning at BWI airport.  I feel like BWI airport is the most convenient airport. although it cost me $12 a day just to park my car.  Thats what pisses me off about people like lightning that have a wife or girlfriend who will drop them off at the airport for FREE.  Its so much easier to build your roll and get rich if you don;t have to pay these type of expenses.  and back in the day it was only $3 a day,  but I didn't have a car back then to take advantage of them good prices.  and now I have to long a wait for my plane.  But the good news is that the wifi on my hotspot works good, so i have immediate RELIABLE internet for the next to hours.  and last night was my baseball draft but im not sure my team is good.  And the damn autocorrect on my computer keeps trying to fix things and its annoying because Im trying tp post this IMMEDIATELY because i dont want to waste my battery.  And this is a picture I took with the camera on my phone, which is working good:

And now for the bad news.  My roll is $5,000, and its gonna be a LOT lower soon because i have to bet baseball totals and have other expenses coming up.  u see, my plan is to martingale the 100 hand video poker machine.  even pokerdogg thinks this is a good AP strategy because u can spread your bets between a cent and a quarter and because its video poker, you know you will not lose a bunch of hands in a row.

And now Im wondering if maybe i would have been better off flying out of Dulles airport.