Saturday, June 13, 2015

Eight Days In The Valley

Saturday.   12:30 pm.  Sitting at at the airport awaiting the flight back home to Dulles.   It's been a hell of a week.  Fun, of course.  But I'm ready to leave . . . 

I got in to town on Friday, around 7:30, and barely had time to drop my bags off before meeting up with Lightning and Rob  for dinner at Tap at MGM.  It was somewhat bitter sweet, since lightning had only a few more hours left on his trip before zooming back to reality.  Nevertheless, after months of texts and tweets, it was good to finally catch up in person.  Of course, Rob graciously bought dinner with his poker comps.  It's a funny thing . . . by all appearances, Rob does not live a flashy lifestyle.  He seems like just another regular guy.  But, from what I hear, if you count his poker room comps among his assets, he's actually a millionaire.  Nice to see him stay humble despite his great wealth . . .

After dinner, we got a quick session in at MGM Grand:

Rob and Lightning both wore red.  I assume this is because they are both old as fuck, and this made it easier for them to recognize each other in the crowded casino.  Sort of like the shit senior citizens in Florida put on their car antennas so they can find their cars when they leave Publix . . .  A bit later, Stump joined us at the table to sling some cards.  It was a fun start to the trip. 

Over the course of the week, I met up with Mr. Ben several times, for some late night drunken black jack at the Excal, and once for a session of $1/2 at the MGM.   If you've never hung out with Mr. Ben in Vegas, you are missing out.  Always up for a good time, and never short for quality stories . . . I also met Mr. Ben's wife one evening.  Although, by the time she showed up at the black jack bit, I'm pretty sure I had lost the ability to speak.  I'm sure she was impressed.  The "Babbling Barrister" . . .  In any event, sir, it was a pleasure as always (although, my liver hates you more than Jimmy the Dealer!)

In addition to spending time with Rob throughout the week, I also had the pleasure of playing a late night session at MGM with Stump and this Vegas legend: Grrouchie.  If either of them raises pre flop, and the flop comes down 7-high, chances are one of these gentlemen just crushed the shit out of it.  One of these days, I want to see the "opening hand-range" chart these guys follow.  But, until then, I'll just keep my head down at the table when they are around and Nit-Up like a champ!  In any event, it was fun.  Grrouchie made a bit of cash before heading home to get a "nap" in before going to work at 6:00 am . . . and Stump managed to keep a smile on his face despite taking multiple bad beats . . . Class acts all around.  Looking forward to the next time, gents (which, I assume, may also be the next time grrouchie actually gets out of the house (congrats again on the kid).

Ultimately, I ran well at the poker tables through the week.  While I'll eventually post some interesting hands, suffice it to say that I am finally in the black for the year:

My luck was not quite as good off the felt:

$2,500 in the hole on the Devils Game!  Damn!!!  I've apparently lost my golden touch . . .

Anyway , it feels like I haven't been home in a month.  Actually, that's not that far off.  Between the 5 days I spent in Miami at the end of May, and the past 8 days in Vegas, I've been home 2 nights since May 29th . . . While I always hate leaving Vegas, I'm sort of looking forward to getting home!

And, I'll leave you with a taste of my daily view at the pool:

One of the many things I love about Signature.

Thanks again to those who took the time to hang out.  It was fun!  Until next time, 



  1. Next time don't let your boss eff you in the butt so that you have to change your vacation times. Too bad we only got to spend a few hours together before I had to leave for the airport.

    I hope you don't have any pets at home ...

    1. I have the skinniest, meanest, dog on the block . . .

  2. Great write-up. I particularly enjoyed the observation about preflop raises by Stump and Grrouchie... :)

  3. It's true I would be wealthy man if you counted my built up supply of poker comps at MGM into my net assets. However, keep in my mind those comps are only good for extremely overpriced meals at the MGM. If they were converted to cash, I might surpass TBCs sockroll. As it is, I'm only rich if i wanted to live off of Stage Deli hot dogs the rest of my life.

    Damn, I'm pissed I missed tht game with you, grrouchie and Chris.

  4. Nice article sir. Thanks for the kind words. Pt1 of mine is now up. MrsMrben is very impressed with your words as it the first time you have strung a sentence together in her presence. Lol jk. Ben

  5. Love the pics! Congrats on being back in the black for the year. Welcome back home - let's get together for a sess at the 'Shoe!