Monday, September 7, 2015

The Hex

I flew in to Vegas Friday night for a quick weekend, the main purpose of which was to bet some football season totals.   My flight out of Dulles was delayed over an hour, so by the time I landed in Vegas, it was just past 10pm.  The Diamond Registration at the Linq was closed for the night, and the regular check in process took another 30 minutes or so.  By the time I got to my room, I was pretty much done for the night. I went down to the Casino to say "hello" to [Vegas] Rob, who was playing the $1/1 game, went over to Yard House to grab dinner, and then basically called it.

Saturday was spent watching college football.  After dinner, I made my way over to Bally's to play some poker, and ended up cashing out up around $400 in two hours.  I returned to Bally's to play Sunday night.  Rob was kind enough to drive over and slum it with me.  My session started out well, particularly after turning my pocket sevens into quads, and taking down a decent pot plus a $50 high-hand bonus.  Rob send Lightning36 a text, telling him I was running good.  Of course, that's all I needed for my night to hit the tank.  It started with AA in early position.  UTG opened to $6 and I raised to $15.  Mr. $6 called, and I believe one other person came along. Flop was K high (I believe Q 4).  Dude checked to me and I bet $40. Late position folded and Mr. $6 called.  Turn was a 6.  Check. Check.  River put a third club on the board. Mr $6 bet $65 (I believe) and I called.  He flips 66.  OK.  Great call on the flop.  He was ahead of so much, and also had two whole outs.  Love poker.

Later, I raised pre and rivered top 2 with my AJ and lost to a flopped boat 88866.  I lost a few more hands (in similar style), and was eventually down $85 or so when I turned a straight with my 67.  I raised villain's river bet. He called and had also had the 7 for the straight.  Chop/chop. And, with that, I was feeling spewing and decided to call it a night.

Meanwhile, early on in the session, I got word that I'm going to be coming back to Vegas next week for work.  Trial starts Monday 9/14.  Not sure how long I'll be in town.  Trial is estimated to go 3 to 4 weeks.  But, it could always settle.  Also, the need for my presence could be eliminated prior to closing arguments.  So, I really don't know how long I'll be in town.  I figure, at best (or worst, depending on how things go), I'll be here at least through the 20th, giving me two weekends.  I also have no idea what my schedule will be.  I may have plenty of time to play in the evenings during the week after court ends.  Or, I might not.  Hell, I might be needed on the weekends to. I really have no clue. But, regardless, it should be interesting, and I'm sure I'll get some play time.

So, about to jet back to D.C. for 4 days, before turning around and heading back.  Hopefully I'll be seeing some folks soon.

Oh yeah and as for the purpose of this brief trip:  Washington UNDER 6 (+105) and Baltimore OVER 9 (-137), both to win $500.


  1. Oh sure, blame ME for your luck turning bad. Yeah, it was all my fault.

    Hopefully that trial will last six months and they'll need you in Vegas every day. Just hope your sockroll will be able to handle that!

  2. Turn was a 6. Check. Check.

    At least by checking the turn, you save money. If you bet, the pot will be bigger for the river bet.

    Washington UNDER 6 (+105)... to win $500.

    This is easy money. Washington is awful. I bet you had to lay around $1500 to win the $500. Even so, it's a great bet.

    1. Actually, I bet $500 to win like $515. Most books at the line at 6.5, -200, which means six wins is a win (not a push), but you had to lay $1000 to win $500. Venetian had the line at 6, but slightly better than even money . . .

    2. Three comments:
      1. Can you provide more detail on the flopped boat 88866 hand? You said you rivered top two, but were you thinking about someone holding a 6x for flopped trips? Did you get stacked on this hand?
      2. On the "UTG opened to $6 and I raised to $15" - why are you only 3betting to $15? By 3betting, you're letting people know that you have a big hand (assuming you don't 3bet often), but you're also letting people in for cheap (not much more than a somewhat standard open) but 3betting small. You didn't describe the table / players, but I could see a limp with K4s, Q4s that calls and hits 2 pair.
      3. Why did you not continue betting on the turn? From where I sit on the flop, they can show up with many more drawing hands on a KQ4 board - JT, AT, AJ, T9, than made hands - 44, KQ, Kx, Qx, KK (less likely but without knowing the player - I'd expect a 4bet), and QQ (same less likely - I'd expect a 4bet). That turn 6 seems pretty inconsequential - a brick if you will. I'd rather bet the turn and check the river than check the turn and bet the river (if that was your plan), barring a specific read, because you continue to get value from those drawing hands and sticky hands that refuse to lay down their Kx, Qx. Results-wise, it's a great check, but I think you're missing value far more often than value owning yourself.

      One other note: the opener opened to $6: what kind of range do you put him on? Is he a wide opener (i.e. does he raise often)? Is he an infrequent action guy? Results-wise, you can expect 22+, but does he open JT+ from his position? Can you narrow that JT+ range down further or does it expand the other way (i.e. 56s+)? Put yourself in his shoes (and forget about him calling with 66 - he could just have easily flopped 44): after you open to $6 (with your range) and get 3bet to $15... and one player called before your action, do you make a $9 call to see a cheap flop? Of course you do, regardless whether there are other players involved.

  3. Oops - I used the wrong comment box - sorry!