Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dem Desert Pokerz

I'm struggling to motivate to work on any of the many work projects currently on my plate; so, I figured I'd post a quick report on last weekend's trip to Vegas.

I took off from BWI Thursday night with my buddy MK.  The flight was a bit of a party, and, when we landed in the desert at 11:00 pm, we kept it rolling right over to the black jack pit at the Excal.  We played until 3:30 or so.  I got stacked and decided it was likely a good time to call it quits. 

The following three days were a mix of sports betting, black jack, video poker and poker, with some awesome dinners.  We hit SW Steak at Wynn Friday night, Nobu Saturday, and Strip Steak Sunday.  I ran well at the sports book, going 5-1; mediocre at the black jack tables, losing $300; and dropped, probably, another $900 or so grinding VP, which, at least allowed me to hit 92,000 tier credits for the year, and put me well on pace to re-up MLIFE Platinum.

As for poker . . . I played a session at MGM, two at the Excal, and one at the Linq (while Trooper was dealing).  A total of 12 hours.  I ran pretty dead.  I had only a handful of big aces, and the biggest pocket pair the entire trip was JJ.  My biggest hand of the trip was TT from the small blind at MGM.  Someone raised to 10 and got 5 callers.  I was sitting on nearly a full stack. When it got to me, I tanked a bit and thought about raising.  Ultimately, I played them small and just called.  The flop was 676 rainbow.  I checked, someone bet $15 and got 3 callers.  I raised to $75 and it folded around.

Despite the lack of cards, play was so passive each session that I was able to still see a number of flops with hands like 8T, 56, etc.  I lost a couple of decent sized bluffs - situations where I flopped open-ended and bluffed the draw, then fired another bullet after whiffing, only to get called by middle pair, etc. 

In the end, it was a low-variance weekend.  I had one losing session of $26, and three winners, the biggest being a mere $97 . . . I believe I ended up $198 in the black.

MK, on the other hand, flaunted his poker skills all weekend. Dude hit quads three times, including a one-outer on the river to overcome getting his stack in bad set-over set on the turn.  #clean_living.  He also apparently got paid on at least two sets of kings. We discussed the play over some cocktails one evening, and, MK's opinion is that the game plays easier when you hold quads.  Could be true. 

All-in-all, considering it had been a while since my last session, it was an easy way to get back into the swing of the game before dealing with the more high-variance games on the east coast.

And, with that, I'll end this shitty trip report.

PPP. Out.  


  1. MK needs to write a poker book stat . he is a genius!! last weekend to crush FanDuel and DraftKings in football, counselor.

  2. Gotta luv the quads especially when you get paid for them at the showdown. I made quad aces twice in two hours and got paid off by a full house each time. Both slow played from the small blind at an action table with 5 or 6 of us seeing the flop each time. That was a fun night of the pokers...

  3. -$900 on video poker, is MLIFE Platinum worth that much?

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  5. Of course, poker is EZ when you get QUADS, u see.

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