Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blogger Bragging Rights

Breaking news.  The preeminent ranking of poker blogs has hit the press:

Pete P. Peters is honored and humbled to hit the 5 spot.  This moment truly makes all the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile.  I don't do this for the recognition or the awards; but, it feels great nonetheless.  I'll likely celebrate this weekend with a medium-rare filet and a glass or three of  delightful Alexander Valley cabernet.

Of course, I'd be remiss to not congratulate fellow blogger Rob.  His fine publication also finished a well-deserved top ten.

Finally, some of the other, lesser known, blogs linked on my blog roll (to the right) also got mentioned.  Tony Big Charles got a middle-of-the pack, average, ranking.  And my good friend Lightning also squeaked on to the list for some recognition. 

Congrats to all the bloggers mentioned.


Monday, April 18, 2016

[__Insert Clever Title__]

I'm too lazy to think of a good title for this post.  I'm barely motivated enough to even write this post. It's Monday.  I hate work.  It is what it is.  Let's just move on, OK?

So . . . I drove up to Harrah's Saturday to play some $1/2 and, basically, to just get away from D.C. for a day.   Nothing really memorable occurred.  I did have the pleasure of playing with a rather detestable, totally face-punchable, chick during my early evening session.  Her boyfriend sat down at the table first.  I was in the 4 seat; he sat in the 8.  He was a good player; somewhat friendly on the surface, but kind of a douche just a tad bit deeper.  His girlfriend on the other hand; what a treat. 

At some point, the 2 and 3 seats opened.  Guy immediately claims the 3, and then calls his girl over from another table to grab the 2.  She sits down.  She kind of pretty  . . . at least from a distance.... I mean, she'd be a god damn star at a mens' prison; and she was kind of "hot" for a girl in a poker room.  But, when you really looked at her, she was just sorta "meh" in a chick-from-Long-Island kinda way.  But I digress.  Girl sits in the 2 and immediately starts loudly joking / complaining about her guy having position on her again.  They debate back and forth whether he should, in fairness, switch seats.  FUCK.  These guys must be really good players.  They know about the importance of position in poker; and they want to make sure everyone else at the table hears about it.  Scratching the surface, guy's inner douche starts to become visable . . .

Girl sits down with $100 in chips and immediately starts playing on-line on her Ipad too.  [Yo]u see, when you are THIS good at dem pokerz, one game at a time is never enough.  And, girl lets everyone know, making unnecessarily loud proclamations to Below-the-Surface-Douche (hereinafter, "BTSD"), like: "Hon; LOOK WHAT I JUST DID TO THIS GUY!!!" as she shows him the screen.  And BTSD would respond with things, like, "wow - that's like what you did to that guy at Borgata the other night!"  

Girl then proclaims, again, loudly, of course (because, if the entire table didn't hear it, was anything really spoken?); "I've played with pretty much everyone here . . . except THAT guy" (pointing to PPP).  Um.  Wow.  This chick must be a seasoned pro.  Glad I have position on her!  

BTSD and girl then start discussing how much it sucks that no $2/5 game is running.  BTSD repeatedly says things like: "Come on, guys, lets get PLO going . . ." and, when he raises pre-flop and gets no action, "Come on, guys, let's play some poker here!!!"  So glad I drove up to AC for a relaxing weekend of poker.  I almost ask for a table change.  Not because they are too tough to play against (I actually took some chips off the dude by being patient and waiting to trap); but because they were annoying as fuck. 

But, then a funny thing happened.... girl started playing poker; and it was hilarious.  First hand she played she limp-called $20 and got heads up to the flop.  She checked dark, and called a flop bet.  She checked dark again, and called a sizable turn bet.  By the river, she only had $25 left.  Dude bet the river; she stared him down; and folded.  Interesting.

Girl rebuys.  And basically repeats the same exact hand; only this time, she does not check dark.  She just checks.  In other words, she limp calls a big pre-flop raise, check calls flop, check calls turn, and fold river with about $25 chips left.  So pro.  Interesting note: she was up against guy in 9 seat (across the table).  On the river, guy (nice enough kid) asks her: "how much do you have left?"  She just stares at him.  Which is fine, of course.  Kid is straining to see across the table and asks again.  This time, girls says, "what the hell, man; I'm not hiding my frigg'n chips; they're right here!"  Kid says, somewhat sheepishly, "sorry, I just could not tell if you had greens."  She didn't.  Kid then says, "I put you all in."  Now, at this point, both girl and BTSD race each other to be the first to point out to everyone that "this is not a bet."  Ok.  Fair point.  But, it was the condescending way in which the point was made that struck me wrong (and I'm not even in the hand).  They repeated it two or three times, and openly laughed at him.  I mean, what a FOOL!!! Guy improperly verbalized his bet . . . at a $1/2 table . . . on a Saturday!  Sooooo OMG!!!!  Anyway, when all was said and down, kid simply moved in a stack of $50 which, of course, had the effect of putting girl all-in, and she promptly folded . . . not wanting to stick her last $25 into the $175 or so pot.     

Girl rebuys.  This time, she limp calls $25 preflop against the poor kid from the last hand....  Flop is all low card . . . like, 9 high.  She checks, he bets, she calls.  Turn is a 2.  She checks, he bets, she call.  Have we seen this before?  River is a 6.  She checks, he bets, she calls.  Kid shows TT . . . and girl proudly slams down 62 for the runner, runner two pair.  And then, she and BTSD laugh and laugh and laugh.  Now, I was not paying 100% attention, and I'd like to think she had some sort of str8 draw two and was not floating flop with 6 high, and calling on the turn with a pair of two's, and waiting to suck out with two pair on the river.  But, the way this pro played, who knows . . .

At this point, I hate them both and get up to take a walk.  It's almost filet and cabernet time, so no sense seeking a table change. 

I come back 10 minutes later, and girl and BTSD are both gone.  I didn't care enough to ask what happened.  I assume she got stacked, pouted, and stormed off, prolly commenting on the way out about how she can't play $1/2 with people who SUUUUCK at poker . . .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chuck Redux

I was supposed to be in Vegas this weekend.  I cancelled because I was afraid work would blow up and was not sure I'd be able to take Friday off.  I made a reservation for Atlantic City, instead.  Then, work blew up.  So, I figured Id make a quick trip to Delaware Park for the Saturday noon tournament.  But, then, Friday, work blew up some more and I had to cancel that too.  Luckily, after working most of Saturday, I took off for a few hours of cash at The Chuck.

It was an interesting session.  Within the first hour, I had JJ twice . . . TT twice . . . and KK.  And, I lost them all.

The first JJ was somewhat standard.  I was sitting on a full buy in, and opened the action to $12.  One call.  The flop was K(h) T(x) 3(h).  I lead out on the flop, and he called.  The turn was a third heart, and I check folded.  Somewhat weak, perhaps, but I was not looking to go to war on my first hand played.

A few hands later, I was dealt TT.  I raised to $12, got two calls, and was re-raised to $45. Fold.

Fifteen minute later, I look down at JJ again.  I'm sitting on about $270 at the time.  I raise to $12 and get a call from a regular, who was sitting on well over a grand, and had just made two huge bluffs to take down nice size pots.  My impression, at the time, was that he was a maniac who did not care much about his chips, or was simply abusing his stack.   The flop was 7 T 4.  I bet $20 and he called.  The turn was a Q.  I checked.  Now, I did not check because of the over card.  I checked for two reasons.  First, I sometimes take this line with a big pair against an opponent I think is floating.  I think (I hope) it makes my flop bet look like a C-bet, and, hopefully, induces a floater to try and take a stab at the pot on the turn.  Second, and of less importance, the check helps with pot control.  On cue, maniac bets $75.  Yes, $75 into an approximately $65 pot.  Hhmm.  Again, my read at the time was that this guy was a bluffing maniac.  If I call $75, I've got $163 behind.  And I'm certain that this villain is getting a large river bet in.  So, if I call the turn, I'm basically committing my stack.  Now, I really don't give villain the queen.  I really have NO IDEA what his range is here.  I decide to stick it in.  My thought being (a) I don't want to fold JJ in this spot.  If I call, my stack is going on on the river.  So, I might as well be the aggressor.   Villain snaps and tables AQ.  Ouch. 

Villain, by the way, starts telling me he KNEW I had JJ because I checked the Q.  He kept saying, "I was gonna call your hand . . . I was gonna call your hand."  Um.  OK.  Again, that was not at ALL why I checked the turn.  Of course, under the circumstances, the way the hand played out, my check possibly screwed me if it did give him that read.  Otherwise, perhaps I'm able to get villain off top pair if I continue to barrel with my JJ.  But, given his stack size, and given his style, it's doubtful.  Anyway, on with the game.  REBUY!

First hand post rebut - TT.  I open the action to $12, get 4 callers, and give up when two over cards hit the flop.  No sense C-betting into that mess.

A little while later, KK UTG+1.  I open to $12 and get 4 callers.  Of course.   The flop is A Q 7.  It checks to me and I check and it checks through.   The big blind checks the turn to me, and I check and it checks through. River blanks.  Big blind checks to me.  Fuck it. I check.  AND IT CHECKS THROUGH. I think my KK is good, and I'm going to at least scoop $40.  Then, Big blind tables AJ!!!  Ugh.  Weird hand, but likely lost the minimum. 

At this point, I was down about $340, when my night began to turn around.  And it started with JJ . . . again. . . against the big stacked maniac . . . again.    Aggro limps, I raise to $12, random dude calls  . . . aggro calls.   The flop was 7 6 T.    Agrro leads for $25.  I flat.  Random guy mucks.  The turn is a K.  Aggro checks, I check through.  River is a 6.  Aggro checks.  I start cutting chips. He starts in, "if you want a call, make the bet small . . ."  I go with $50 (into approx. $80).  He tanks and calls with A T.    Got a few of my old chips back . . .

From there, I opened QQ to $12 and got 5 callers.  I expected another disastrous hand, until a Q hit the flop.   I also hit a set of threes and stacked QT on a QT3xx board.  And, finally, I turned broadway with KJ suited on a AQx flop.  It was 5 ways, and pretty poor player bet $15 . . . I took a stab at it and got lucky . . .

In the end, I caused out $665 after a fairly quick 3:30 hour session . . .

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Hand of the Devil

My run-good at Charles Town continues.  Last trip, as you may recall, I dropped two buy-ins in an orbit -- KK to turned flush . . . set of 2's to a four-flush board . . . KK to AA all-in on flop.  This weekend was better.   I still can't win a hand.  But, at least I lost less.

1st hand:

Sitting late position, approx. $340.  UTG limps . . . Dude raises to $7 . . . call . . . call . . .  I call with 55.  Small blind raises to $15.  Call . . . . call . . . call . . . call . . .  I call.

Flop is 5(h) 3(x) 7(h).  It checks to me and I bet $45.  UTG calls.

Turn K(h).  I'm looking at UTG when the card hits.  He gives the "Um, FML . . . A fucken heart" look . . . My read is he hates the heart.  I bet $65.  He tanks.  And calls.  

River blanks.  He checks.   For some reason, my gut tells me he has me beat.  I check back.  He turns 6-4 off.  Of course.

2nd hand:

I've just topped off with $100 green chips from my pocket.  Sitting on about $280.  A guy, sitting on about $600, and playing tight, solid, opens to $10. I look down at 66 and call.  Guy behind me, sitting on about $180, calls as well.

Flop: A 6 Q rainbow.

It checks to me; I check; guy checks through.  Turn is a 9.  Raiser again checks.  I bet $35.  Both call.

River is a Q.  Raiser checks a third time.  I bet $75.  Guy behind me just calls.  Raiser calmly raises $210 on top.   Now, he can't be bluffing.  He KNOWS guy behind me is putting the rest of his stack in.  AA and AQ in his range.  He's gotta be folding / or flatting AK, AJ, KK, etc.  I decide there's NOTHING I'm beating and fold.  Guy behind be calls on cue, and raiser shows AQ.    GG.

In the end, I dropped $123 on the weekend (7 hours of poker).  Could have been worse. Maybe, someday, I'll actually win a hand or two . . .


P.S.  Several hands after my 6's full, another dude lost a flopped set of 6's to a flopped set of A's.    666 . . . the hand of the devil...