Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vegas Post Script

Perhaps nine days of drinking and gambling has taken its toll.  I woke up this morning to find several emails from Southwest indicating the departure time for my flight home had been changed.  For some reason, I thought it was leaving an hour-and-a-half sooner.  Yes, in retrospect, this does not make much sense.  So, I hauled ass to the airport.  Of course, upon check in, I realized that my flight was delayed . . . and I had a solid 4.5 hours to kill.  Good times.

Not sure what to say about this trip.  It was nice to get away from the office for a week.  And, apparently, the weather in Florida sort of sucked the past ten days . . . so that trip would have sucked . . .  On the bright side, it was good to catch up with Coach again, whom I hadn't seen in several years. And dinner with Ms. AC and ggrouchie was solid.   But over all, the week just sort of dragged.  I'm waiting on my MLIFE Tier Credits to balance out from my room charges and, assuming I've hit the 200,000 needed for Platinum, I don't anticipate retiring to Vegas this year (if I fell short, I'll likely come back for a quick weekend over 4th of July). 

I ended the trip down $1,800, which is a fairly decent result, given the amount of mashing I did.  I hit a few big hands over the course of the week, including flopping quads three times on 50/100 hand machines.  This was the best hit:

I played  total of 10 hours of cash, including three sessions at the Excal, which is sort of my current favorite room.  The game was a bit nuts at times.  Friday night, there was a ton of cash on the table and loads of reckless play.  One guy kept going "all in" every other hand, and was winning and losing chips by the hundreds.  Perhaps the hand of the night did not even involve him.  Dude UTG open shoves $675.  UTG+1, who has him covered, calls blind.  They flip -- Q5 against Q6 . . . A five on the flop took down a $1,300 pot.  Pretty crazy.  I ended up dropping $200 my final session Saturday afternoon when I over played KQ suited.  I opened to 12 and a decent Euro r-raised to $25.  I should have folded; but I called . . . and saw a Q high flop.  Euro led for $35, and I raised to $105.  He shoved.  I had about $55 behind, but found a pretty easy fold . . . . Served me right for calling a three bet with the kind of hand that's not likely to crack a big pair.

I had a few decent dinners over the course of the week, including filets at BLT, Gordon Ramsey and Strip Steak:

I also spent a few relaxing days at the pool, kicking back some Coronas and working on the tan:

There are worse ways to spend a week. But there are a lot better too.  I'll be looking to find a better option for the August vacation.


  1. Nice to see some healthy green veggie on your plate.

  2. I am not sure if I will be going back to Vegas anytime soon. For one thing flying is getting to be such a pain in the ass.
    I may be headed to our nation's capital in September. can you suggest an area where I can stay that is near the trains?. Maybe in the suburbs? I don't want too have to drive there any more than I have to.

  3. PPP, I think the KQs hand should have been a call. Against a range of QQ+ and AQ, on a Q rag rag flop, it is an even money call. If there is a backdoor flush and/or straight draw, it is +EV to call. On top of that, call and show your hand is great for your image.

  4. Which of the filets/dining experiences did you like the best?

    1. Honestly, I was not very impressed with anything this trip (are you sensing a theme?) If I had to pick one, I'd prolly go Gordon Ramsey Steak.

  5. http://www.yuisushi.com Next time. Seriously, let's go next time you're in town!

  6. Down $1800 is EXACTLY how I ended my last trip to Vegas, although I was mostly playing blackjack. I doubt I'll be back, since the flight from Ireland is a little long/expensive and I got into a fight with some coked up 'blood' gang member on the strip.

    Nice blog! I've just disovered it but I'll be back for more soon :)


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