Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Moving Forward

I'm trying to move on; trying to accept our reality.  Really, I am.  But he's making it so difficult.
The day after the election, I re-listened to Trump's victory speech.  He sounded Presidential.  He struck the correct tone; his message was on point.  I was hopeful to make the best of what I considered a bad situation.  Maybe his campaign bluster was all an act....
But it's been several weeks, and Trump without a speech writer is still the asshole he was during the campaign.  Putting aside potential appointments like Rudy Gulliani and Stephen Bannon, Trump continues to display the temperament and discipline of a high school bully.  He's spent the past day-and-a-half Tweeting about election fraud, trying to justify his overwhelming loss of the popular vote. 
To what end?  Does he not have more important things to focus on?   Why would a rational adult question the legitimacy of an election he won?  Shouldn't a President have a less fragile ego?  Shouldn't the leader of the free world act less petty?  And why the hell has no-one taken control of his Twitter account
While I want to be optimistic, the President-Elect is making it difficult.  It's hard to have confidence in the President's decision-making when he continues to act like an antagonistic social media bully.  If I were a betting man, I'd wager we, as a country, are pretty fucked . . .


  1. Unreal. Twitter should disable his account as a patriotic act. That is what needs to happen.

  2. I'm not saying I agree with this, but I'll just put this out there as "food for thought."

    Here's what Scott Adams, the genius behind Dilbert (and I say genius because he's much richer than you and I, u see) tweeted out recently:

    "{The people who have been 100% wrong about everything so far are quite sure Trump should stop tweeting."

    1. Damn. it should have been "you and ME." #fail.

  3. His Twitter rants just continue to show what a horrible, horrible choice he was. To paraphrase an Internet meme, the "only man who can stop ISIS" is fighting with the cast of Hamilton and Saturday Night Live.

    On the other hand, of course, he continues to use it as a forum for promoting his lies, such as the ones PPP showed in his post.

  4. Read this and come back and comment (written by a non-Trump supporter): http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/11/16/you-are-still-crying-wolf/

    1. Michael - thanks for posting that. It's an interesting and well constructed argument.

      However, a lot of his argument is built around debunking the idea that Trump is espousing racist views (his argument is that PE Trump isn't using overtly racist language and that charges that he is doing so amounts to "crying wolf") - but a lot of the research on this topic says that one doesn't need to be overt in their racism to generate racial bias. Here's a decent read along those lines:


      Regardless - Michael's link is worth reading.


  5. I'm putting my faith in the bureaucracy and the checks and balances built into the government to keep Trump from doing anything to extremely shit-all stupid. During his appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast President Obama said something about how the best you can hope to do is move the needle a little. The President can’t come in and make broad sweeping changes without the support of congress. I really believe that just because congress is Republican controlled that they won’t go along with Trump in lockstep if he is doing dumb or dangerous things.

    But then I also told my wife when Trump finished second in the Iowa caucus, “Honey…don’t worry. There is no way Trump is going to win the nomination. This will all work itself out in the end.”

  6. Unreal. Twitter should disable his account as a patriotic act. That is what needs to happen.

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