Thursday, January 5, 2017

No; It's Not the Same

Anyone who has read recent blog posts, follows me on Twitter, or has my trust and knows my actual identify on Facebook (shockingly, my parents did not name me Pete Peter Peters) is familiar with my feelings towards the president elect.  I'm critical . . . to say the least.  I find offense by many of Trump's words.  Not personally; and not in the statements he makes; but by the fact that his conduct is, apparently, deemed acceptable to many. 
In response to my criticism, people frequently contend that this is simply the other side of the Obama coin.  In other words, Republicans have complained about Obama for years; and, now, Democrats are lashing out over Trump.  "It's the same thing."  I disagree.
I've yet to take issue with any of the new administration's proposed policies (to the extent anyone really knows what they are at this point).  True enough, I'm sure I'll have disagreements; but this is not about that.   When it comes to policy, I have my beliefs; but I'm not conceited enough to believe I'm always (or, even often) right.  More importantly, I understand that people come from different backgrounds, live in different situations, and certainly don't view issues the same way I do.  Circumstances color perspective on many things.  I enjoy my "liberal bubble;"  I tend to think most things are right inside of it; and I have little desire to live beyond its borders.  But I'm cognizant that others are not in my situation and live, perhaps, drastically different lifestyles with different priorities and different perspectives on what our society should be and look like.  I, for instance, disagree with Trump that The Affordable Care Act must be dismantled.  Do I think there are problems with "Obama Care?"  Sure.  Do I think changes should be made to the program?  Perhaps.  Am I willing to pay high[er] premiums so that others can have health care coverage? Yes.  But I recognize that others are situated differently, and I understand that others believe differently.  And I respect peoples' differing opinions on this and other matters.      
My criticism of Trump is not that.  It's simply about decency.  It's about setting an example.  It's about leading in a manner that we -- all of us -- can be proud of. 
To slightly digress . . . the legal profession is generally a miserable thing.  It's often, by nature, an adversarial setting.  Perhaps largely as a result, lawyers often behave atrociously to one another.  Conduct that would be deemed unacceptable in many settings often seems encouraged in the law.  It's gotten to the point that many jurisdictions require lawyers to take a course on professional civility as a requirement of joining the bar.  Think about that.  Grown adults are forced to endure lecture on how to treat other adults.  The lesson of these courses is that you can be an effective advocate while still treating opposing counsel and clients with respect and civility.  In short, you don't need to be a dick . . .
This is the lesson that Donald Trump seems to have missed.  It's as if Trump looks for opportunities to demean; to offend; to personally attack; to trigger conflict.  Trump talks about bringing people together; yet his words are designed to divide.  

Today was just the latest example:
Then, several minutes later:

Does this seem like a guy who is trying to foster a collaborative environment between the White House and Congress?  Does name calling foster the type of environment that brings opposing sides together?  I'd assume that the vast majority of people reading this would not treat another person in this manner, let alone a colleague.  This behavior is reminiscent of a grade-schooler hurling insults at a classmate.  If a lawyer walked in to court and referred to the opposing party as "Crooked [xxxx]" . . . or to opposing counsel as "head clown," there would be immediate consequences.  For obvious reason.  That's simply not appropriate behavior; and it's not the way professionals are expected to treat each other. 
So, why is it OK for Trump to engage in this type of conduct on a near-daily basis?  If anything, shouldn't our President be held to an even higher standard of decorum than the average person (or dime-a-dozen lawyers)?
And, as for Trump's supporters . . . You may be dissatisfied with the past 8 years; you may believe Obama was the worst president ever; you may believe that Trump's policies will Make America Great Again.  That's fine; and I can respect that.  But, don't we all deserve more?  Don't we deserve a president who both has ideas and will represent us graciously and in a manner that we can all be proud of?    People may believe Obama was a terrible president.  I'm not here to debate that belief.  But I would, however, submit that President Obama was, and is, a charismatic leader who governed with respect and dignity.  And that is the difference.   


  1. Well said PPP. One of the scariest about Trump is his ability to divide people and drive them apart. He has given license to people behaving badly, and proud of it.

    1. Agree, sir. While there are obviously many good people who supported Trump, he's legitimatized this type of behavior within a certain crowd; and this will only get worse as time goes on.

  2. I agree with many of your points. Trump is a jerk and everyone knows it. He doesn't act presidential. However, I have dealt with many jerks in my life and don't have a cow over everything they say because ... they're jerks. He's a blowhard who is now going to be president. The country has rejected the idea of a career politician running the country and now has to deal with a rich jerk in charge. We haven't seen a president like this in our lifetime. However, it appears that there were some like him earlier in our history. We somehow made it through, and will again.

    1. "However, I have dealt with many jerks in my life and don't have a cow over everything they say because ... they're jerks."

      That may be fine in everyday life, but when you have an AssClown with a fragile ego in the White House, the shit he says can have serious detrimental consequences. Example: I buy stock in company XYZ - I've done my due diligence. The company has stable cash flow, growing earnings, solid balance sheet, and good products. But one day President DickNose decides he doesn't like the fact that they source some raw materials overseas and Tweets his displeasure. XYZ stock crashes as a result.

      This kind of childish, petulant behavior is unacceptable in a President. Not to mention the fact he could spark a REAL LIVE WAR with one of his Twitter rants. The man is unhinged.

      As a global citizen, trust me when I tell you we are now the laughing stock of the world - and it's only going to get worse.

      If conservatives want some respect, and ever hope to win the votes of the majority of citizens, they need to stop nominating carnival-barking clowns (Trump) and brain-dead douchebags (Bush 2).

    2. "If conservatives want some respect, and ever hope to win the votes of the majority of citizens, they need to stop nominating carnival-barking clowns (Trump) and brain-dead douchebags (Bush 2)."

      I'm not sure that's the lesson that was reinforced in this past election. "Conservatives" (I contest whether this label fits our incoming President) now control all branches of govt (SCOTUS soon to follow). They control the Gov. of most states.

      The executive branch was the only thing Democrats had a shot at. And, they lost it. Not winning the votes of the majority of citizens has little to no tangible impact on who gets to control our country. The past election refutes the lesson you wish was imparted, IMO.


  3. I agree with your sentiment, but I am also offended by the sheer ignorance of the man. He is, without question, a moron. Anyone who cannot see this must be as dumb or dumber than he is. He thinks Brussels is a country. He thinks the word is "unpresidented." He is embarrassingly stupid.

    Also, is head clown the opposite of ass clown? Just wondering....

  4. Have you heard what the Dem leaders Pelosi and Shumer have been saying? It is just as bad. Harry Reid was the worst. Thank goodness he is on his way out. Trump is not going to walk on eggshells and be politically correct just to please snowflakes. Obama took the country far left. Trump has a mandate to take it back to the middle or further right. It's going to be ugly, get used to it. I follow politics as a hobby and it has been very entertaining since Trump entered the picture. As for ObamaCare, it is a disaster. More inadequate government is not the answer to health care. They screwed it up not to mention is was all lies to begin with and only had partisan support. You have a unique perspective or maybe it is just that you are able to articulate it better then most. I appreciate it.

  5. And Vegas DWP is a nice kind guy.

    Reading his "name calling" I think he is more like Trump than he would like to admit.

  6. You seem like a self-absorbed jackass. "Herp derp... cabernet with filet." and "whaaa, people brought their 13 year olds out to a Casino for dinner". You're a straight up fucking loser. Enjoy spending your life alone, cuck.

    You're as flaming as the Jew lawyer who harassed Ivanka Trump in front of her young children. Children younger than the ones you were bitching about being out for new years eve. Then the tool who was vulgar as he lashed out a mom in front of her children, tried to played the victim. Too bad he was so stupid he outed himself on Twitter that he was stalking Ivanka. You seem just like the douche. Enjoy being a washed up twitter loser.

    It's clear that you're beyond envious of the life Trump has built and lives. In comparison to Trump, you're barely living a motel 6 lifestyle while eating at cheap casinos. Where do you get your desert, the strip club? The strippers boner isn't a banana split, but I'm sure you'd love his bananner to split you after your fruity glass of wine, Peter lover.

    Keep acting the way you do on twitter and maybe you can hide an embarrassment just like the Ivanka harasser. Until you have such a public meltdown, enjoy Trump living in your head rent free. Your twitter is mostly comments on Trump attached with f bombs. You're triggered as FUCK.

    1. PPP, why do you allow Anonymous comments?

  7. Peter lickers future... getting tracked down and exposed by Jesse Watters for being an SJW sissy.


  8. Counselor, the choice wasn't between Trump and Obama. It was Trump or Clinton, aka one of the most corrupt people ever to grace American politics.
    The dems can't grasp the fact that they put Trump in by their arrogance in rigging the primaries for Clinton. Any candidate other than her would have likely been a shoo-in vs Trump.
    Instead they want to blame Wikileaks, Comey, the Russians, angry white men....anybody that allows them not to peer into the mirror. Until they "get it", realize they have saddled the country with Trump, they'll continue to make the same mistakes and get the same results.
    And yes, Trump screwed up his Brussels geography, just like someone thought they speak Austrian in Austria.

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