Sunday, February 5, 2017

Charles Town Side Trek

Several weeks ago I spent the weekend playing poker at Charles Town. I arrived Friday night and got into a game around 9:30.  My first hand dealt was KK.  I went heads up against . . . KK.  And lost to a flush.  The poker did not get much better over the course of the weekend.  But instead of making this blog a collection of bad beat stories, I'm going to focus on my Saturday afternoon trip to Harpers Ferry.

Harpers Ferry is a small town located at the intersection of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.  It begins on the rivers' shores and extends up a steep hill, topped by Harper Cemetery.  Most of you will recall it as the historic locale of abolitionist John Brown's raid on the U.S. military arsenal in the late 1850's.  The small town's history and architecture remain largely preserved.  

After 4 or 5 coffees at the Hampton Inn in Charles Town, I set off to take a tour.  My plan was to park at the visitor's center at Harpers Ferry National Park.  And while there is shuttle service that takes visitors the 1.5 miles to the town center, I decided to hike/run it.

Leaving the visitor's center parking lot, I entered a trail into the woods, which winded downhill for 1/3 of a mile to a trail along side the Shenandoah River.

From there, it was just under a 2-mile run to historic Harpers Ferry

The town was lined with historic shops, houses and restaurants.

A walk up to the top of the town gives way to Harper Cemetery.

The trip back down winds past some ruins and provides some of the best views of the Potomac.



  1. Great pics! Harper's Ferry must be awesome in the Fall. But, did you really run cold all weekend? I know it only takes a couple of bad beats to ruin a session. I can remember only once in last few months when I "bad beat" someone. I had two pair 10-9 on a 10-9-4 rainbow board and got into a good sized pot quickly. After the turn I had figured out that I was behind. I was praying for a 10 on the river figuring this was my only chance. I was wrong. It was the nine. I raised $50 dollars and was called by a guy who flopped a set of fours. After I scooped the well earned pot, I heard someone mumble, "you were behind until the river". I didn't say anything. See! Not all bad beat stories are sad.

  2. P3 - do they do any sort of monument to JB? If so, did you get any pics?


  3. One of my Dad's prized possessions was a civil war Harper's Ferry rifle. I am pretty sure he lost it in a card game of some sorts...

  4. How is the weed prices and is there an Applebee's