Monday, August 7, 2017

Back in Action

I've made a bunch of recent visits to MGM National Harbor; but, generally, I end up spending the day mashing that sweet, sweet video poker, drinking $8 bud lites and grabbing steaks at Voltaggio Brothers.  This Saturday, however, I made the trip early afternoon intent on playing some $1/3 NL.

I rolled up around noon, and began the day with a bit of 100 hand VP mainly to burn through some free play.  I ended up grinding $100 to $200 and decided to get some lunch at Tap Sports bar.  By the time I finished, there was no wait in the poker room, so I hopped on the 8 seat on Table 37.  As I was sitting down, the gentleman in the seven seat says, "I hope you brought your Helmut . . ."  Turns out, he was the guy I needed it for....

The table ended up playing absurd.  Mr. 7 Seat (late 40's, overweight white guy) saw every flop over the course of my three hour session.  Literally. Every. Flop.  With the exception of one, which I'll get to . . .  He would limp . . . he would open raise . . . but, usually, he would limp-call.  Any. Amount.  He'd limp $3 and call a $15 raise.  He'd limp $3 and call short stack's shove of $60 . . . He'd limp $3 and call a three-bet.  Didn't matter.  As he was fond of saying, "I like to see the flop . . ."  He also, apparently, liked to see a turn.  He'd call most every flop bet.  Most, but not all.  He could, occasionally, find a fold. 

And, the first hour or so, Mr. 7 Seat could not miss.  He'd river runner, runner flush . . . he'd river trips . . . he'd river a full house . . . Usually, with hands like T 6 off.  And, when he got there, he'd generally say something like, "only way I could play that board . . ."

As a result of Mr. 7 Seat's play, the game in general played big with people trying to get money in against him.  Hands generally played out preflop like this:  $3 limp, call, call, raise to $20 . . . Mr. 7 Seat calls $20 . . . Call, Call, Call. So, pots were often $100+ by the flop.

Ultimately, variance evened out and Mr. 7 seat busted as I was away from the table grabbing an $8 bud lite.  I came back as he was rebuying and commented, "did you play any hands while I was gone?"  He was less than amused....  Over the course of the next hour or so, he added another $400 to $600 as he continued to see every flop.  It wasn't clear to me what the point of his game was.  There are easier (and more fun) ways to pure gamble through a few grand.  In any event . . .

I had little luck.  After winning an early hand against Mr. 7 Seat with 99 on a 952 board, I went card dead.  At one point, I picked up an OESFD with J8 . . . bet flop and turn . . . missed . . . and was planning on betting the river with a bomb bluff, before Mr. 7 seat fired off $120 before I had a chance . . .

I picked up QQ at one point, opened to $15, and got called in 5 spots.  Flop came out 8, 7, 3 rainbow,  I lead, got a call, then a raise, and a caller to the raise.  I ended up laying the ladies down . . .

Then, this hand, about 3 hours in:

Sitting on approximately $275, I look down at KK under the gun and open to $15 (or $17 . . . can't recall).  I get two calls, then older Asian guy three-bets to $50.  It folds to Mr. 7 Seat who . . . you guessed it  . . . calls the $50.  He likes to see flops, u see . . .  So, now I'm in a spot.  If I flat $50, chances are we are going 4 or 5 to the flop, with a $200 or so pot.  I need to 4-bet here.  But, with $260 or so behind, it's awkward.  I end up re-raising to $150, which basically commits me to the hand.  It folds around to Asian who quickly jams (he has me covered).  Shockingly, Mr. 7 Seat says, "this is a bit too much . . ." (um, $400+ preflop is too much to call with ATCs?  Wow.  What a tightwad).   So, now I figure Mr. Asian has AA. But the pot is $500+ and I only have $130 or so left.  Resignedly, I put it in and, of course, get shown AA . . .

Down $400 in 3 hours, and not having much fun given the table dynamic, I decide not to rebuy...

Instead, I play a bit more 100-hand VP before I leave, and win another $300 (making it up $400 for the day), and leave the joint even on the afternoon . . . Easy game  . . .


  1. "I hope you brought your Helmut . . ."

    Since when do you have a pet German? And how did the maniac know about him?

    KK huh? Ho hum.

    1. He's a German Shepard. And a service dog. I bring him everywhere for emotional stability. Without him, I'm prone to panic attacks in both high, and low, stress situations.

    2. But does he kiss on the lips?

  2. MR-7-SEAT gives us action players a bad name...

  3. I think I was at that table when a guy had pocket aces 3 out of four hands in a row! Are you closing in on a rewards status upgrade with the VP points?

    1. I'm at exactly 50,000 tier credits. Need 75,000 for gold. 200,000 for platinum. It's pretty much impossible to grind platinum locally. I'd already be there if I was playing in Vegas, but NH discounts play to an absurd level. I'll be in Vegas for one night next week, so I'm going to try and grind another 20,000 or so to get within striking distance. I'll hit it. Why? Not sure...

    2. I see, that sucks. I remember reading your post where you went to Atlantic City in order earn tier credits. Was it discounted in AC also?

  4. Crappy result, but with the KK hand, for 100BB it's often unavoidable to get all in PF or on the flop. If you've ever read Tommy Angelo's "Elements of Poker," he talks about the notion of reciprocity: switch hands and stacks and play your opponent's hand. Would your opponent be able to get away from KK without seeing a flop? No. You're even on the reciprocity scale.

    However, good on you for considering folding there. I think your setup was nice, but again, for 100BB, you have very shallow wiggle room to get away from them when it's "only $150 more to call."

    My point: you'll get it back when you run down KK with your own AA.

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