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I'm back from a brief hiatus from the interweb.  Turns out, social media can be a brutal place.  Lesson learned.  I'd like to think of this as PPPv.2.0; a kinder, gentler Pete P. Peters.  Hopefully, people will respond in kind.

Those of you who remember the original P3 may recall that this blog started out as a poker blog.  Over time, it strayed; largely because I got away from playing.  Last year, for instance, I played a mere 70 hours.  And, truth be told, those seventy hours did not work out well.  But, I'm trying to get back to the grind.  As a result, I'm hopeful that this space will be more poker-oriented -- a place for stories and hand histories and, hopefully, critical discussion of strategy.

I've played two sessions so far this year.  The first was at Charles Town, and resulted in a $200 loss.  It was an uneventful session, until I over played AQ about 4 hours in.  I opened to $12 and got a handful of callers.  The flop was J high, and I continued for $25-ish.  One call.  The turn did not improve my hand.  But, my desire to take the pot remained.  I bet $40.  And got raised.  I left a short while later.  Frustrated.

I played again a few weeks later, this time at MGM National Harbor.  I bought in for $300 and, several hands later, looked down at AQ.  I opened to $15 and got two callers.  Flop was Q(s) 8(x) 5(s).  It was checked to me and I bet $30.  An older woman (60's) called.  Turn blanked and I bet $45.  She check-raised to $150.  I fold and move on.

Over the next hour or so, I found a few decent pocket pairs, none of which worked out.  With 88, I raised, got three bet to $35, and called multi-way, only to fold the flop.  A short while later, I raised to $15 with 99, got three-bet to $35, and called to see a T62 flop.  I check called.  Turn as another 6.  I checked, and villain bet $80.  Unwilling to play for stacks, I painfully folded.  A few hands later, I looked down at TT and again raise to $15.  This time, I get 4 folds and rake in a solid $4 or so.

After rebuying, I get set up, and knocked down.  with about $250 behind, I look down at KJ in early position and limp $3.  Probably a mistake.  But, at this point, mind you, I haven't had a winning session in six months (seriously), and am gun-shy.  We take a flop four-ways: J(x) 7(h) 3(h).  Villain from the 99 hand bets out 30.  Only I call.  Turn is J(x).  I again check it over, and villain bets out $60.  I flat.  River is the 4(h).  I check again, and villain bets $80.  I call.  He flips J(h) 5(h) for the flush.  Yes, I probably murdered that hand.  But, if the heart does not come on the river, I double up.  That's the way it goes . . .

Until next time,




  1. One of my favorites is back....

  2. Hey Pete, welcome back. Missed your banter. I was at MGM last Thursday. Played a tournament. unsuccessfully. Had a lot of fun. I like how they have more tournaments now. Got a comped room. It was a decent room, but no coffee maker in the room was a downer. Between the tournaments and the cash games, there is a lot of action in that room. The sessions you described is similar to what seems to happen to me in cash games. I find that by not playing cash games regularly it is difficult to profit. Better luck next time. Look forward to reading about it.

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    1. Welcome back! I don't think you are getting the guy with J-5 with a hearts draw to fold.

  4. Good to have you back on the grind, P3!


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