The Hero Call

The Scene:  Harrah's, AC.  Saturday night.  9:00 pm.

After a mediocre bone-in-ribeye and a bottle of Stags Leap cabernet at Bobby Flay Steak, I made my way over to Harrah's to play some $1/2 (even though I've been staying at Borgata recently, I prefer the poker room next door at Harrah's).  It was a fairly long session -- about 6.5 hours.  Table was fun; Coronas were cold.  It had been a long while since I've played one of these sessions.

About 2:00 am, a crazy agro sits down at the opposite end of the table.  He's bringing the action.  He's raising nearly every hand; regularly three betting to $35 or so.  At least twice, he's bet flop and turn, and barreled big on the river, only to show down hands like J high.  He's feeding the table.  My entire end of the table is just waiting to get into a hand with this guy. 

At around 3:30 am, I get my chance.  I'm in the game for $400, and sitting on about $320.  Villain has me covered (he's rebought more than once . . .).  I look down at KQ and open to $15.  Villain calls.  We see a flop of KTT.  I decide to let villain hang himself.  I check.  He bets $20 and I call.  The turn blanks.  I check again.  He bets $35 to $40 (details were a bit fuzzy by this point).  I call.  River blanks. I check a third time.  This time, villain shoves.  Against most opponents, I'm probably not calling off just shy of $300 with a K.  But, this was the exact spot I was waiting for against this particular villain. I don't really even think too hard about it. This is his pattern; and he'd not shown up with a hand yet.  So, I stick it in.  And villain flips T7.  Good game.



  1. Yeah - it's tough when the agro actually gets cards! Reminds me of the old High Stakes Poker days when Dwan would actually have a monster...always paid off.


  2. Had the same thing happen once with a former poker blogger who was very good and pretty aggressive. I tried slow playing K-K. Flop was Q-Q-rag. He bet and I shoved. All I remember is that he had Q-something as there was too much steam coming out of my ears as I surrendered my stack of about $225. It happens and it sucks. Piss on those poker gods!

  3. Why do you prefer Harrah's poker room to the Borgata's? I think most find the opposite to be true.

    1. why would anyone prefer the 1-2 in borgata to the 1-2 at harrahs? 60-300 there instead of 100-500 at harrahs and harrahs is comping rooms sun-thurs for 5 hours play, borgata isnt unless uve playing there years and years and have begun receiving mail offers.

    2. the ONLY reason the borgata gets any business is some prefer $2-5 NL or PLO or stud

    3. For me, it's more that I don't like the tables or the chips. The chips are slippery, and the tables sort of fall off at the edge. I find that after a few adult beverages, it becomes difficult to stack chips (assume I have chips to stack). This is what's important to me at the poker table. Also, the room at Harrah's is far less chaotic. And it's nice to be able to take a break outside on the Marina boardwalk, just steps from the room.

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