It's Been a Minute . . .

 Greetings all.  It's been a while!  Hope everyone is enjoying 2020.  I mean, what's not to enjoy? I'm currently sitting in my living room.  Procrastinating. Staring out the same window I've been staring out for the past 6 months.  The view has become stale.  Certainly I'm not breaking ground by declaring 2020 the worst year I can recall.  A confluence of events that have rendered the year simply miserable.  A pandemic on top of a toxic political and social landscape.  A society that can and does fight over everything.  Where whether or not to wear a mask is kindling.  Where social media, designed to bring people together -- more important than ever given today's isolation -- seems mostly to force people farther apart.  And no end in sight. Anyway, life has been . . . draining.   From late March through June, I barely left my house other than to run and walk around the neighborhood.  And even my running took a hit (literally) when I was run down from behind by a

The Hero Call

The Scene:  Harrah's, AC.  Saturday night.  9:00 pm. After a mediocre bone-in-ribeye and a bottle of Stags Leap cabernet at Bobby Flay Steak, I made my way over to Harrah's to play some $1/2 (even though I've been staying at Borgata recently, I prefer the poker room next door at Harrah's).  It was a fairly long session -- about 6.5 hours.  Table was fun; Coronas were cold.  It had been a long while since I've played one of these sessions. About 2:00 am, a crazy agro sits down at the opposite end of the table.  He's bringing the action.  He's raising nearly every hand; regularly three betting to $35 or so.  At least twice, he's bet flop and turn, and barreled big on the river, only to show down hands like J high.  He's feeding the table.  My entire end of the table is just waiting to get into a hand with this guy.  At around 3:30 am, I get my chance.  I'm in the game for $400, and sitting on about $320.  Villain has me covered (he's rebo

I Have a Dream!

Over the decades, I've had a number of recurring dreams.  In one, I'm in school, and finals are approaching; and I haven't been to class all semester.  I realize I'm screwed.  In another, I'm back at the supermarket I worked in throughout high school and college, stocking the dairy aisle.  Rotating the milk and cheese and listening to customers complain that the shelf is empty of their favorite flavor of yogurt is even less fun in a dream... Lately, I've had another recurring dream.  It involves poker. I'm playing NL hold'em.  Sort of.  I think...  And, for some reason, I'm holding an assortment of cards. Like, a lot.  20 to 30 cards.  And everyone takes turns putting a card from their hand up on the board by the community cards (face down).  And,  given the abundance of cards I'm holding, I 'm pretty much always able to make the nuts.  I can always find an Ace in my hand; even two or three of them.  And, if I need the Queen of Hearts for

I'm Back

Greetings. I'm back from a brief hiatus from the interweb.  Turns out, social media can be a brutal place.  Lesson learned.  I'd like to think of this as PPPv.2.0; a kinder, gentler Pete P. Peters.  Hopefully, people will respond in kind. Those of you who remember the original P3 may recall that this blog started out as a poker blog.  Over time, it strayed; largely because I got away from playing.  Last year, for instance, I played a mere 70 hours.  And, truth be told, those seventy hours did not work out well.  But, I'm trying to get back to the grind.  As a result, I'm hopeful that this space will be more poker-oriented -- a place for stories and hand histories and, hopefully, critical discussion of strategy. I've played two sessions so far this year.  The first was at Charles Town, and resulted in a $200 loss.  It was an uneventful session, until I over played AQ about 4 hours in.  I opened to $12 and got a handful of callers.  The flop was J high, and I co